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Being a Faithful Witness

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But once again, I've missed y'all greatly as I was going last week. Preaching in Searcy, Arkansas preaching, for our dear brother. And today, I get to stand again, filling in, for brother ways. He is doing a lot better. As I talked to him last night, I pray, you still doing well and wait, if you're listening, we miss you. And we love you and looking forward to being back, but it is an honor to stand in this Pulpit. Once again, this morning I want to talk to y'all about being a faithful. Witness being a faithful Witness. And as we get started this morning or some things, I want us to remember, Paul is writing this letter to Timothy from prison. And one would think that prison is the last place that we could expect words of encouragement. And Paul begins this letter by sharing Timothy of his continuing love and his prayers and he reminds Timothy of a spiritual Heritage in the responsibilities. This time I pause in prison, it is in his last days he has been sentenced to death and Paul here in chapter 3 warns that Timothy that hit his teaching will come under attack as men desert the truth for ear scratching words and then on the chapter for Paul and courage is Timothy to preach. What do you preach? Preach, God's word. Keep preaching. As a result of Paul's missionary journey and the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, local churches were formed. These Believers met in homes or wherever they could gather to continue. And the apostles teachings and to live out their Christian faith. Among another among one another as well as among the unbelievers as well. Why is Paul writing this letter? Will you see when Paul visited Ephesus after his release from Roman is Roman house, arrest that you read about in Acts chapter 28 minutes, cover that the church I've been played with all kinds of spiritual problems during his absence the city itself with all this corruption and idolatry was a spiritual Battle Ground for the congregation of believer. Today, We Live in such an environment. Do we not everything that we see attacks? The moral capacity of what God has given to us through his scripture? Everything we see today attacks what God has laid out as the foundations for us as Believers. Satan is using every Avenue that he can to attack us and turn us away from God. Paul having faith Lee done. All he could do to develop and teach the truth of the Gospel throughout his ministry. Paul is cancer near the end of his life that his faithful disciples would entrust these truths to other Christians who was in turn and trust them to others. You see that is our purpose to glorify God. And how do we do that? We do that by sharing, what God has taught us. Paul is encouraging Timothy to stay on course. I sense this truth least the Goblins by Pony Believers to Jesus Christ, they was the most valuable of treasures. You see the local church leaders are not only to Faithfully teach true to their congregations but also to sternly resist all attempts to undermine pollute or attack the one true gospel. So with that in mind will read our texts. 2nd Timothy chapter 2, Starting verse 1.

Our Bible says you therefore my son be strong in the grace, that is in Christ, Jesus. And the things that you have heard from among many witnesses. Commit these to a faithful man who will be able to teach others. Also, you, therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. No, 1 engaged in Warfare, entangled himself with the Affairs of this life that he may, please him who enlisted him as a soldier. And also, if anyone compete and Athletics, he is not crowned unless he completes according to compete, according to the rules, the hardworking farmer must be first partake of the crops. Consider what I say, and may the Lord give you understanding in all things. Remember That Jesus Christ of the seed, of David was raised from the dead. According to my gospel, for which I suffer trouble as an evildoer even to the point of chain, but the word of God is Not chained. Therefore, I Endure all things for the sake of the elect. They also May obtain the Salvation, which is in Christ Jesus with eternal glory. This is a faithful say for if we died with him, we shall also live with him. If we endure. We shall also reign with him if we deny him, he also will deny us and if we are faithless, he will he remains faithful. He cannot deny himself. Let's pray, they're my father again, we come to you this morning. Father is seeking you out, father glasses. You just buying site from this place and Bonnie from our hearts and their minds father. And and just casting far away from here, father. And father, I pray that you fill us with your Holy Spirit, father and draw as to what you wants to see you in your Father, we love you in Jesus name. I pray. Amen. So as we look at being a faithful witness. The first thing I want to point out this morning is he must be faithful. It's kind of hard to be a faithful witness without being faithful, right? Cuz we look at the first one. We read again, you therefore my son, be strong and the grace that is in Christ. Jesus. And look at how he starts his chapter here. He says you, therefore, he's saying, you then have? I got your attention, you then he's calling Timothy to careful. Attention pay attention. Timothy says, you then my son be strong in the grace. That is in Christ Jesus. You see, Paul was concerned for the future of the church and also for the well-being of Timothy and he calls him, my son showing his deep affection for Timothy, his disciple and procedures to exhort him to be strong. Please tell Timothy to receive strength and to be strengthened here and look, here, we must understand that the source of all that strength is not within Timothy. He did not tell Timothy to be strong by believing in yourself. No, he didn't. He did not say be strong for me. My son. He did not say that he said be strong and what Grace be strong in the grace. The source of strength is in Grace and what we know that Grace is unmerited favor and we know that Grace is a gift. It's freely given from God and the source of Grace is in Jesus Christ. Now that we know what, we get our strength from, right. We get it from Christ, we don't get it up of our own. The source of strength is Grace in the source of Grace is in Christ. Jesus, Timothy is to stand out sharply for Spiritual strength and he's going to do it by putting his trust in Jesus Christ. Why does he need to be strong for grace? And we look at like yes it is because if he stands against a general backdrop of failure, which is his human nature, it is only that only by the grace that is in Christ Jesus that he is able to secede at all.

You see our Salvation is by grace and since you are saved, also in is any strength that we may have to be faithful in these days of such spiritual Decline and World eclectic a and this these are days of spiritual Decline and moral Decay video games, Facebook Twitter, whatever the case may be news. I said, every time I'm up here, I'll say it because it's true, anything that Satan can use to distract us to turn our emotions against each other. He is going to use

These Are Spiritual decline in, moral Decay days. We see that through the politicians that we elect politicians that want to. Like I said this morning and Sunday school, they want to rewrite what the Bible says, by firming to homosexual marriage, to affirming to this new gender, whatever you want to call it. God described marriage in the Bible, God has described. What gender is in the Bible this morning? We talked about how God's word is trustworthy. It's never changing. It's true, it's pure, it's holy and just but these people do this so they can have votes. So they can keep their jobs and have that money, that they so much enjoy.

You see the only way we stand today? Is that we stand by grace alone?

Look in your birth to the says in the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses. Commit, these two faithful man who will be able to teach others. Also, this is one of the reasons why Timothy had to be strong because he had to carry on the ministry brothers and sisters each and everyone of us are the carry-on, the ministry. Paul was referring to the time. That Timothy was ordained to leave the church and the presence of many witnesses. Paul had taught him that there that there probably taught him the correct teachings that he was to pass on. He didn't say here are some good teachings and keep them for yourself. No, I didn't. But instead, he charged Timothy, with the task of passing it on, we are to share the good news with Timothy Hutton, trustees, tastings to Reliable people, who must also be qualified to teach. Who are those people? Those are the elect. Those are the people that God has chosen, who is called, who God is called to himself. How did they hear it? We know, people only hear the words to the preaching, they hear God's word and God's word draws into himself.

You sing that many had deserted Paul. When you read about his imprisonment, It may be hard to find people, you can count on these people also need to be qualified, which means they had to be blameless without reproach man who were not living in sin but striving to leave and Lead. Holy fly. It takes strength to disciple people, it takes strength to carry on the ministry and Timothy had to study to show himself as one approved. Maybe sometimes it seems that his disciples weren't getting it, right? I sometimes only maybe two or three showed up and sometimes maybe no one showed up at all. You see, the work is not easy, being a faithful Witness. We heard last Wednesday about the missionary, Andre DeWitt who was in Africa, trying to help children get adopted. He, he tells the story. How they walk through fields and find these children. Being abandoned, babies, babies, being abandoned in the fields, No, here in the United States that can be dropped off at the doorpost of the fire station. But these kids are getting left in fields and there finding them. And he told us how the government was against adoption, that was for foster care. Not adoption. and you also told us that with every family that when child gets adopted through them, the child leaves with the Bible, And he gave us. An example of a family that was led to Christ through what God has called him to do and opening these orphanages. Being a witness being a faithful Witness And all corners of the Earth. Listen to Dave, we need to be more Faithful Men. We need more faithful man who will stand up and commit themselves to the truth of the Gospel, man who will unashamedly teach younger men? The truth that Paul, it taught, young Timothy, and we taste them. We need to teach them the whole Council of God, not my opinion, but what God has written in his word. And in his word only we must understand that as our spiritual climate has been darkening for many years and the need for those who will share the truth. The chosen man becomes increasingly vital. I don't know if you noticed today, but in our society today every aspect of our life, that requires dedication and hard work is lacking. We're lacking for nurses. We're lacking for mechanics, relaxing, for police officers. On the wall, were like four police officers. The World Turns it. Back on them two years ago, right?

The desire is not there. But as we going to text, we're going to find that one thing. God's word will not stop.

Verse 3. You therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. And did you notice that you there for again? And this verse Paul is still making sure Timothy is paying attention to what he is saying. This verse points out that our human nature is weak and we are prone to failure. We must endure hardship as a good soldier. Jesus Christ. This makes it plain and clear that hard times lie ahead and Timothy must be ready to endure them to suffer evil as a good soldier of Jesus. Christ, was Paul doing now? He's in prison and prison for what for sharing the gospel.

Paul tells Timothy here to join with me in suffering like a good soldier of Christ. Only one thing we can be sure about as Christians is that there will be suffering, there will be suffering. Some people may have the idea that once you become a Christian Life goes on easy street from there, but let me be the first to tell you, that is not the case. The metaphor Paul uses is, as of a good soldier of Jesus Christ. And this indicates that we are in a war and I can tell you, you can look back through the entire Bible. Anybody has written the Bible, they were in battle spiritually. Whether it be leading the nation or some personal Endeavor, they were fighting their own flesh, they were fighting a spiritual battle.


Our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in Heavenly Realms. We see that the season 6, verse 12, my dear loved ones, please listen to me. When I say that Satan is real, he is the demons are real and evil is real and it is present.

These are the forces behind the scenes of The Suffering world. But Christ is fighting against it, not with worldly weapons. But with his word and maybe I should say is fighting it prices already defeated Cuz he has he is Victorious and we are called to be soldiers of Jesus Christ. Not just ordinary soldiers, but good soldiers. This is part of being a faithful Witness. Here's another and another encouragement.

Is that we slept together for the cause of Christ? You see good soldiers in the sense that we like the best and good soldiers, in the sense that we do not inflict evil but we patiently endure. All this for the cause of Christ sometimes and worldly suffering, we may feel as if we are suffering all by ourselves. But when we suffer for Christ, we are all sharing in the same suffering. She crossed tells us that he is with us. Always even to the end of the age. You are never alone. We are never alone. Listen carefully here. The fact is, there will always be suffering until Jesus comes again. So even if you manage to escape from Christ, you will not escape from suffering. Only Christ can give us strength and hope to all of our suffering. Sr praying for his calls is a completely different kind of suffering than that of the world. Suffering for Christ brings enjoyment. It brings Joy. It brings hope Why? Because we have a treasure laid up in heaven. We have a Victorious home to go to this life. Here is just temporary first four. It says no one engaged in Warfare entangled himself with the Affairs of this life that he may, please him who enlisted him as a soldier. This verse is pointing out that effective service for any situation requires avoiding entanglements and remaining on Coors who in here is easily distracted. I'm on my way, there's a few.

I like chasing squirrels, my wife and my kids can tell you that. It's a hard habit to break.

The verse here is pointing out that effect of service for any situation requires avoiding entanglements and remaining on Coors, Paul himself may have been chained to a Roman soldier in his imprisonment, and he would have noticed that the soldiers disciplined by his obedient to his commanding officer. Did you know that a Roman soldier was not allowed to get involved and doing anything personal? Such as running a business running his household or running his farm, while he was on active duty. The only thing, the Roman soldier could do was exactly what his commanding officer told him to do. And we also know that from previous chapters in the Bible that if a soldier was to let a prisoner escape, what did it cost at Soldier? It cost him his life.

Soldiers had great responsibility back then. If he didn't get involved, it would affect his ability to be a good soldier and carry out his commands and stay. At his only objective was to please his commanding officer for Timothy this, man, that he should give his whole time and its whole life to Leading the church and not forsake, this duty to run a business, or Farm run a farm or anything else. His duty was to serve his commanding officer. Was the commanding officer Paul. No. His commanding officer of Jesus Christ.

So what does this mean for many of us who are students teachers business holders, Architects doctors, social workers mechanics, whatever School teachers. Whatever the case may be, what should we do? Should we leave our dogs? I'd say no unless God has called you to full-time Ministry but technically there is no such thing as a part-time Ministry. The great commissions given to us and Matthew 28, it tells us go therefore and Make Disciples of all Nations, baptizing them in the name of the father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that. I commanded you and behold, I Am With You Always to the end of the age. the first thing we see there's go therefore, and make what Disciples disciples. What is a disciple? A disciple is someone who receives instruction from another person as Christians, a disciple, is a follower of Christ. A follower of Christ is one who believes in the teachings of Christ and imitates. The teachings of cry. For example, of a follower of God, of Christ, as a follower of Christ, we should cling to his sacrifice. What is the sacrifice? He gave his life We must believe in his resurrection and we should possess the Holy Spirit and live to do the work of Christ. So to make a disciple means that we are to train people to follow and Obey fries. And then they will train people to follow and Obey Christ. And they will train people to follow and Obey cries and they will train people to follow and Obey Christ. You see the pattern here you see that is our responsibility. It's not just the pastor it's not just the Deacon it is everybody. Everybody that believes in Christ has this Duty.

So you have to serve God in your vocation in your location. You serve God at work, you serve God. It's cool. You served made it home, wherever you may be, you are to serve God, even if it means you stand, right?

Obey his commands do not let anything hinder your faith in God. Do not get entangled in sin or greed or unbelief. That would cause you to fall away, do not let things like family friends or work or a Habibi reasons that you would abandon the faith. And here's the most important. One. Do not let your attitude be. The reason you abandon your face, bad attitudes. Get us nowhere. Right. And never got me anywhere. Made me look like a fool. Thank you.

You see a good soldier makes every effort to please his commanding officer. And our commanding officer is Christ himself. This is extremely too difficult to do in DayZ with the Temptations that we have. There's so much that we can get entangled within our daily lives, right? We must stay focused and doing what God has called us to do. The second point this morning as we look at being a faithful Witness, I should have named of the faithful witness surprise, but being a faithful witness. We must understand the rules the rules.

When you make up your own points, it's kind of hard to come up with name something. I don't know why he like using letters and using the same word on every point. I'm not that good yet. But we must understand the rules. The rules are very simple. It actually is one rule. We must practice. What we preach.

We heard that time and time again, that we not. You must know what you were doing first five. And also if anyone competes in athletics, He is not crowned, unless he competes according to the rules. You see everathlete straws for one thing. and that's the completion of the competition that he or she has signed up for your back in these days that the athletes that performed in these games,

They went through 10 months of training, they had to show that they done 10 months of training to even participate in the games. They have rules to follow, you know, the weight limits and they had as far as waiting out what they could live, but how much they weigh and their abilities. And they had to prove them before they could compete, they had to be What's the word verified that they can do what they can do? And my words. They had rules. I had to follow. Paul would later tell Timothy about himself and 2nd, Timothy 4 verses 7 & 8. By saying I have fought a good fight. I have finished my course, I have kept the faith henceforth. There is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge shall give me at that day and not to me only but unto them also that love is appearing. And I want you to understand when we're talkin about athletes here and we mentioned that their goal is the completion of the competition. Of course, the main goal is winning the crown, right? But we know that not every athlete that competes will win the crown but we want to focus on completing completing. What did Paul say? He says I have fought the good fight. I have finished. My course, I have kept the faith henceforth. There is laid up for me a crown of righteousness and this is the only place here and you'll forgive me, if I mess this up.

That everybody gets a crown.

Everybody gets a crown when they follow Christ and they do is he's commanded they fight the good fight, they keep his statutes. They keep his Commandments and each and everyone who does will receive a crown and Glory a crown of righteousness. What Paul was sharing is that the only athlete to compete in the competition are rewarded and the reward for an athlete in a competition. Yes the crown the trophy would be a plus but the actual reward is finishing the race.

That is those who are ready, they have practice, and they're trained for the championship and they play fairly and they win. Fairly, you see, Paul was a winner because he had kept the rules, he laid down in the word of God and some day, he would receive his reward and Jesus. And Paul is telling Timothy here, that's the important thing is that you obey the word of God, no matter what people say Obey. God other and don't Bay obey, man. Paul is telling telling Kimmy that you are not running the race to please people or get Fane you are running to please one person and that is priced. So listen here, we cannot be slack in our prayer. We cannot be slacking or meditation of God's word and expect to win the crown. No, we must be diligent. We must exercise in the world. We must be ready at a moment's. Notice you see, it's always shorter to run across the track rather than around it, but only those who run around in our crowns. I hope I haven't made it up. We must resist the Allure of modern high pressure organizational procedures with all their emphasis on mass production and numbers. And we must follow the simple rule book of scripture. If we want a crown and noticed, I called it a simple rule book because it is

the Bible does not contain hard truths. Raise my people say that contains hard truth is because they don't want to admit their shortcomings, according to the Bible.

We cannot sacrifice personal feelings over obeying, God's word, God's word mistake, preeminence and everything that we do. First six. The hardworking farmer must be first, protect the crops. There's another metaphor unlock the soldier in the athlete. The job of a farmer is not glamorous. It is dirty. It's sweaty. It's repetitive, it's hard work. So you can't plant a seed and expect it to bear fruit tomorrow.

You can't, the farmer has to break up the soil, he has to fertilize it. Anybody supposed to seed and he Waters the plants. I must also pull out any weeds and get rid of the pets past in the bugs. if a farmer gives up or does not do, The hard work in any of these duties more than likely, he will not receive a crop. Right there will not be much of a harvest. If any, at all, you see the same as for the church, the pastor in the church member ought to be hardworking farmers. And their own spiritual fields and their two applications that can be added to this that you can use for this this relates to our personal life. And it relates to other that we meet, remember, whatever a man sows. He shall also reap if you sold to your flesh, you shall reap corruption. If you sold to the spirit, you shall reap everlasting life. If you sold the garbage, you get garbage. If you sold a fruit, you were more likely reprove.

Pretty important stuff, right? Show the flesh. Reap corruption. How many people today? Believe that God made them perfectly as they are from birth. Actually believe that I've heard people tell me that the last I seen, the Bible says that we are off. Worthless. No one is righteous. No, not one, right? except by who, Christ, Jesus.

So, being a farmer's hard work, it takes a lot of preparation and planning and it could be full of disappointment at times. There's always the unknown right? The droughts. You can't prepare for everything brother and sister. I can tell you is prepare the way God has told us, he will see us through. We talked about our strength and the grace. Our strength comes from Christ.

The application is this, it could be sharing the gospel with people you meet are invited to the church. The biggest thing is to know that your testimony may be the only Buick rice they have ever known. so, we have to let our lives so shy Be a faithful wife, be a faithful Witness. Living on the verse 7. Consider what I say and may the Lord give you understanding, in all things Paul was telling Timothy to reflect on what he just said, probably about the three examples notice for me, one more time, you'll see through the example of the soldier, the athlete in the farmer, we can see how we can be strengthened in the grace that is in Jesus Christ. And please notice that. All three of these activities require effort. And do understand that the strength does not, come passively. But it comes to us as we serve the Lord, you see God always gives us what we need when we need it. How do you become stronger naturally? Of course, we exercise. Write a weightlifter is going to lift weights, as bodybuilder is going to build his body by continue lifting weights. You put the time and he put the work in, but also notice that is it is not our efforts at strengthen us, but the grace of God in Christ Jesus, he strengthens us. Jesus is the one who gives us the strength to make the effort. We must not forget that Jesus is the source of our strength. So, what is the grace for the gift of God in each of these jobs that Paul has mentioned here for the soldier? It is the pleasure of obeying. His commanding officer, that is the reward in itself for the athlete. It is the Victor's Crown and finishing the race for the farmer. It is the Harvest of the crop. These are the reasons they, they, they eat preserve through their trial person. I'm sorry, these are the reasons they eat persevere through their trials because their goal is to obtain the reward from the Lord. They are in. They are strengthened because they trust that their efforts are not in vain. We will be strengthened through serving and trusting in Jesus Christ because of his grace to us and nothing else. Do our efforts may be feeble. We are weak. And he still rewards us not because we deserve it. Because but because he is gracious, he is faithful.

The third point on show you this morning to be a faithful witness. We must understand our position with Christ. Verse 8. Birth date. Remember that? Jesus Christ of the seed of David was raised from the dead, according to my gospel.

When you break down these versus there's a lot to see you can see remember that Jesus Christ, that's one section of the seed of David. That's another section was raised from the dead that's a section. And according to my gospel, Paul here is making the points that Jesus is nice as Humanity.

Suffered shame and Death on a cross for all of our sins. Each and everyone of us. Hebrews 12 verse 3, tells us consider him who endured such hostility from Sinners against himself that she become weary. And discouraged in your souls. Also noticed here. Another clue that helps us understand what Paul told Timothy to remember. Jesus Christ in this phrase, raised from the dead raised from the dead raised. There is the chance. That means he was raised from the dead and in the past and he continues on as the Risen one, The past tense verb. He was raised. It's already happened. It's not going to happen. It has happened and he continues on as the Risen one. So you see Jesus's resurrection is unmistakable and it's undeniable. If Christ has not risen. Our faith is worthless.

Another clue that we can look at this first of the phrase of the seed of David. This phrase is important because it has stork leave alidade. Jesus as the Messiah. Jesus is the very one that was promised to be the seed of David. And we see here just like we study this morning. That God's word is trustworthy When God Says something, he doesn't. This is even all dated back again to Genesis 3 15. This Jesus is the promised seed that will crush the Serpent's head.

Jesus is the Fulfillment of God's promise, who is coming back to reign as king of kings and Lord of lords. And I'm so thankful for that. And there's one more phrase to look at here before we move on, and that is the phrase, according to my gospel. Did you know that this book contains my gospel? They contains your gospel. It is our gospel.

This phrase does not mean that Paul invented the gospel. No, it does not. It does, it does mean that the gospels was revealed directly to him by Our Risen Lord and was entrusted to him as a treasure. Which we are, we are to guard.

As Christians, we are to a pole to every statute that is listed in this Bible. Did you know that every single one we are to defend it. And it's hard to explain when you go to the fender guard position against an unbeliever. Until you've done it yourself, and you actually laying on the strength of God brother and sister, I can tell you, you will not fail. You will not fail, you will not feel remorse for pushing someone away. You will not, you will feel Victorious for standing up for what God has said, because you done it. Thus saith the Lord, remember everything that Jesus was tempted with, what did he say, according to scripture. There's an importance there. According to my gospel.

Our position with Christ. Be that the Lord Jesus Christ. Is at the heart of the Gospel. He is crucified. He is risen and he is the Lord of all, amen. the four thing I want you to look at with me this morning as we look at, Being a faithful. Witness is what we must understand that. God's word is Unstoppable. God's word is Unstoppable. Verses 9 through 10. For which I suffer trouble as an evildoer. Even to the point of chains, but the word of God is Not chained, therefore under all things, for the sake of the elect that they may obtain the Salvation, which is in Christ Jesus with eternal glory. You see those Paul was changed. He said, God's word was not change, right? And we remember the stories in the Bible, where Paul them were held captive in the earthquake came, the chains were loose in the gates were open and all the prisoners in that prison stage. Remember, they had heard paused declaring the gospel in life. God drew them to him. They had a hunger and not one of them left. You remember the soldier was going to kill us that cuz he figured they was all free. What did Paul yell out? Don't do it. We're all still here. The gospel cannot be stopped and we'll go out to reach the darkest corners of the earth. Sometimes it was even going to prison. So I hate that. Even criminals can hear the good news.

Praise the Lord. That's why we need to be strong because God may send us into the dark places to bring light to us. Is that not what it means to go out and make disciples.

I'm out here telling you this morning that you have to go to bars and do whatever. But I am thinking this morning, we should be an unashamed and share the gospel. Every chance that we get.

You know what's ironic? That even know. Paul was held captive, his guards became his captive audience. Some people will run away if you try to tell them about the gospel but them guards could not because they was chained to him. I can see Paul. Hey, I know you're supposed to let your orders and that's why I told you not to listen to me, but I'm talkin and I know your ears work, right? The gospel was spread in prison. And also because of his persecution. Those people even all the way up at Caesar's. Palace would hear the gospel. And God can use even persecution to spread the gospel. Hope you understand that many will tell you that, in times of persecution, is when God really reveals himself. He shows himself. I could think back at 9:11 when the towers were hit, we was attacked by the stairs for the jetliner liners and I can remember church house is being full. I don't think there was any church house in the nation. Look at it now.

That wasn't a great time of need, right? Persecution. I know they wouldn't persecution for the Christians but it was hard times.

Paul says in verse 10 therefore I Endure everything for the sake of the elect that they too May obtain a the Salvation that is in Christ Jesus with eternal glory. So here we can see pause Hearts. He was more concerned about others than himself. This is another reason we need to be strong and do her so that others may be saved salvation is the outcome of the gospel. God wants to send the gospel to all the world so that all people will be safe. And noticed that here, that this is more than just a elevation. There is eternal glory. We have eternal riches. We get to be with our Lord and savior. For eternity.

We receive eternal glory on top of our Salvation. So not only will we be raised from the dead, but we were given an Indescribable glory and this is truly the grace of God. Being a faithful witness number 5. Final point I'll try to hurry up. Got three minutes. We need to remember that Christ is eternally faithful Christ is eternally. Faithful verses 11 through 13 says, this is a faithful saying, or if we died with him, we shall also live with him. If we endure. We shall also reign with him. If we deny him, he will also deny us. If we are faithless, he remains faithful, he cannot deny himself. And here we see the promises of God. Verse 11, it shows us the resurrection. This is a faithful saying for if we died with him, we shall also live with him. Some people might view this as a morbid statement. Nepal revealed and eternal spiritual truth, and reminder to his son Timothy. Those who have died to self crucifying the old man and his fleshly desires have been delivered from the penalty of death due to sin and promised eternal life of Christ. So, was that insurance? What could one possibly face? That would hinder our faith? Should be nothing. Those in Christ are promised a triumphant Resurrection Life throughout eternity. And then look in your verse 12, it points out a responsibility a responsibility. It says, if we endure, we shall also reign with him if we deny him, he also will deny us. It's a responsibility.

Christ, does not have favorites. You either are or you are not. If if we indoors, we shall also reign with him. If we deny him he will also deny us. You see while the gospel is available providing salvation to all, who believe we must embrace the gospel by faith unto salvation. If we are to expect to be delivered from sin and condemnation, those Eliza transform the Christ. Those who live whose lives are transforming, Christ being willing to identify with the surfing or promised life with him eternally. And that is a promise, those who deny the Lord in the truth of the Gospel will be denied by him and cast out of his presents forced to face the wrath of God for our sin. so, you see salvation is available to all But it must be revealed, but it must be received by faith. First, 13 shows us that Christ is the only one who is reliable.

If we are faithless. He remains faithful, he cannot deny himself. Paul wanted Timothy to to be deeply settled in his face. All would not respond favorably to the gospel. Many people would deny it. In fact, many were ejected and persecute Timothy because of his faithfulness to the gospel, just remember the days of Noah. He was the only one in the world that we found favor with God. Right for 120 years. He preached what God told him to preach, and he pays that salvation was found in the ark. Remember, and that floodwaters were coming and they