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The Ghost of Shame

The Ghost of Christmas Past  •  Sermon  •  Submitted
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Good Morning

Before your seated greet someone next to you and tell them your glad they came today.
Good morning! Welcome to Freedom Chapel. My name is Pastor Terry and I am the lead Pastor here at Freedom Chapel. If you are new with us this this morning thank you for joining us. Please fill out the welcome card in your bulletin or online by using the QR Code.
If you are sitting near an offering bucket would you please grab that we are going to take up this weeks Tithes and Offerings.
We have three ways to give Online with the QR Code or Church Center App, In the Bucket, or in the black boxes at the back of the room.
No matter what way you choose we want to thank you for your continued faithfulness in giving. God is doing great things through your giving.
Let’s pray!
Before we get started I want to remind everyone that we will be having service Christmas Day. I have had a lot of people ask me. We are not going to cancel service on Jesus’ Birthday. Instead we are going to do a whole family service here in the sanctuary. This will be a time of remembrance and thanksgiving as we Celebrate the humble beginnings of our savior Jesus.
Last week we began our Christmas Series Ghost’s of Christmas Past. I really felt that God did something powerful last week as many people made the decision to start letting go of offenses. Next week we are going to talk about labels and how they tend to haunt us. This week we are going to talk about a very painful topic. We are going to talk about the Ghost of Shame.
Today, is going to be a little heavy so prepare yourself. Shame is a deeply painful emotion.
What's so interesting is this time of year, around Christmas time and the holidays, a lot of people seem to battle shame from the past even more than other times of the year.
Craig Groeschel puts it this way.

Shame is a soul crushing, identity warping emotion. It's a soul crushing, identity warping emotion.

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