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Charlie Boyd - Losing Your Life to Find It

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Makr 8:27-38

No one told me that I must deny my lief on earth here and now

Focus of Chritianity = Life of Discipleship

Bareing Your Cross = Have to learn to deal with the sufferings and problems of life

What does denying yourself, picking up your cross, and following Jeus really mean?

Mark 8:29 - "Jesus, You are the Christ, Messiah, Sent One from God."

    • Focus shifts here from "Who Jesus Is?" to "Now, what did Jesus come to do?" and "What does it mean to follow Jesus?"

Mark 8:31

    • It was not optional that Jesus must die and rise again.
    • All the reasons why this was necessary are not given right here at this point.
    • Peter did not understand it.
        • Peter thought Messiahs don't die
        • Peter's agenda was in line with Satan's like out in the dessert when he tempts Jesus
    • There are two ways to think about Jesus dying on the Cross and rising from the dead
        • God's way
        • Man's way
    • Discipleship is bringing your agenda in line with God's agenda
    • Once the disciples understood who Jesus was, He taught them what MUST happen, and what He came to do.
    • The Disciples had to give up their plans for Jesus and the plans for themselves
        • Had to learn to let Jesus lead
        • Not saying this is the formula for salvation, but look at the order: Mark 8:31 => Cross, Mark 8:34 => Deny your plans for your future and follow Jesus.
    • "Bonhoffer - The Cost of Discipleship"
        • When Jesus calls us, He gbids you come and die.
        • Life your life as a dead man walking

Mark 8:35 and Mark 8:37 - Living for Christ

    • Your core identity, the quality of your inner life
    • Find your true self and identity in Jesus
    • Nothing you build in this world is actually valuable if you build it based on what you think the world values. Jesus say what works, is following Him to find your identity and build yourself. This is what real is really of value.
    • Mark 8:35 - Saving your life on your terms causes you to lose it. Finding the life that Jesus gives you saves it.
    • This life only comes by understanding more and more who Jesus is and what He came to do for you.
    • The explosive power of a new affection.

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