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Charlie Boyd - Who Do You Say That I Am?

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Mark 8:27-31

"Living the Cross Centered Life - CJ Mulhaney"

1. Who do people say Jesus is?

2. Who do you say Jesus is?

3. Why did Jesus say He had to die and must die?

1. Who do people say Jesus is?

  • Mark 1:1 and Mark 15:39 are the bookends of who Mark says Jesus is
  • John the Baptist knew - Mark 1:7-8
  • Demons knew - Mark 1:23-35
  • The disciples needed time to figure it out.
        • They had preconceived ides of who the Messiah was supposed to be.
        • They thought the Messiah would purge the Romans via a revolution
  • Mark 8:27
      • City was named after Caesar
      • "Gates of Hell" located here
      • No Pharisees lived here because of all the idolatry and pagan worship that was located here.
  • Mark 6:14 - Some thought Jesus was John the Baptist, Elijah, a prophet
      • No one said Jesus was the messiah
      • Thought Jesus was another looking for the Messiah yet to come
      • Jesus preached/taught in a way that left the door open "Kingdom is near"
      • "Vintage Jesus - Mark Driscoll" discusses who Jesus is today
            • Makes Jesus an extension, projection of what and what we are
            • Playdough Jesus
            • Anyone who you want Him to be

2. Who do you say Jesus is?

    • Most important question that Jesus asks that we all have to individually answer
    • Peter said, "You are the Christ!." - Mark 8:29-30
        • Greek = Messiah, the Annointed One
        • You are the someone else we are looking for
        • All the lessons finally learned and what Jesus wanted the Disciples to see and understand.
    • Mark 8:30 - "Tell no one", why??
        • This confession is the first touch
        • The Disciples did not see clearly what type of king, Jesus was going to be.
    • Mark 8:31
        • Jesus taught the Disciples over several days
        • Jesus told them plainly, "I am going to die and raise from the dead."

3. Jesus must suffer and die, why??

    • The Disciples needed a second touch to see Jesus clearly
    • Why He came.
    • How all was supped to work.
    • This didn't register with them until it all happened
    • They didn't believe it until they actually saw Him face-to-face; This is when they saw Him clearly

Resurrection is the second touch

    • Mark doesn't go into the theology of the Cross; He just keeps the story simple.
    • Mark just wants us to see clearly who Jesus was.
    • If you see who Jesus really is, nothing can stay the same
    • You can't live the way you want, you can't mold Jesus into what you want.
    • C.S. Lewis - "One thing it can't be is moderately important. If it isn't true, then it isn't important. If it is true, then it is infinitely important."
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