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A Threefold Promise and a Fourfold Requirement

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Preached at Hot Springs Baptist Church; Speaker Unknown

I. A Threefold Promise:

A. Hearing

    Hear from the Lord (Ear of God) (Chapter 5, 6)


    Will Not Hear:

    1. Sinner (until saved, child of God)

    2. Sinning Christian (when you are NOT right with God)

    He will hear you IF you are right with Him.

 B. Forgiveness

     Our Lord is ready to forgive (God will forgive) (Isaiah 52)

     ASK for forgiveness.

     He will forgive you, if asked.


C. Healing

    Healing is only completed IF the infection is removed.

    Remove infection and healing will come. Learn to trust each other.

    The healing process is completed only when infection is removed.


II. A Fourfold Requirement:

A. Humility

       Humble yourself (humble yourselves; need to humble yourself)

       Humble: the bending of the neck

       The ability to RECEIVE the Holy Spirit


B. Prayer

       PRAY (pray; need to pray)


 C. Seek God's Face

      Find God's Will (look where Jesus is looking)


 D. Repent

      Confess (turn from your wicked ways)

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