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Matthew Chapter 19: 30 to 19(unfair dies at the cross.) the first will be last. Gods’ generosity. Our understanding of what God does.

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Matthew Chapter 19: 30 to 19(unfair dies at the cross.) the first will be last. Gods’ generosity. Our understanding of what God does.
Last time we left the story after Peter asked Jesus about what he and the disciples would get, for leaving everything and following Jesus, Jesus explained that ones that would follow would judge Israel, and get 100 times more that what they gave up. And Jesus answered the big question from last week, they would inherit eternal life. (What must I do) That is a big reward.
Today Jesus explain that it may not look like what the disciples are imagining, that suffering and trials will be what lies ahead, but Jesus will try to point them to that, and that there is no room for pride or resentment of other believers. But let’s read the text. PPT Texts
That is unfair, did you ever say that? Or feel that way? Or in our house that is snyd, or I feel cheated. That is unfair that they got that… Sometimes it is not even remotely related, that person got to go to Fårup, or they got candy, or whatever. (My comeback is often what is your name? Okay so you are not that person).
Okay you are not a kid anymore but what about, in school, you may think that person does not deserve that grade, I am better and or I worked harder and longer, he got the same grade as me and did not do the work. I am a better player…
Or at work, man I worked so hard on this project, and the other people to credit for my work, and they got the raise and recognition? (Who was I working for? Man or the whatever you do, do it to as unto the Lord, not man.).
We lost the game that was unfair, we played better, we were the better team, but we lost that is unfair, and or the referee was bad/unfair.
Even reading this text, I know that I would have complained if I worked all day, and someone got paid the same as me… I properly would also complain that I have worked in the sun and so on… What about you? What happened as we read?
Jesus lay’s our hearts bare as we read… what came out? Envy, selfish motivation, pride?
But Jesus also led the disciples to reflect on who God is… How different how glorious generous.
The fist will be last and the last first, Okay Jesus a bit more explanation! With this saying, sometimes I think I understand I get it yes. Then when I am to explain it for my self and others, I am like it means that oh year that… Man I just had it… But just looking at the words and the context we have been in for some time now, Jesus is pointing to some form of reversal, the first will be last, ok…
Looking at what comes Jesus is telling the disciples it will take time before the end, and others will join and they will labor with you, some soon, some a lot later, and they will be rewarded by God like you, don’t complain, God is the one that does the work, you may have to live a long life, with many trials and tribulations, and the one only saved just before death, or just before the end, God will let him enter eternal life like you also, who, suffered, persecution, hurts, splits, all kinds of trouble in this world, you don’t sit in a better seat, like you don’t own, the church or internal life. God does and by his grace and mercy, generosity.
I know you don’t think this way, but do you sometimes think a person at work or someone you meet needs to go to hell? That some people are not or should not be saved, because of the horrible things that they did or said? That is not fair… God they are horrible… or you are frustrated that others a blessed, you compere you self with others?
But I think God would ask what is your name? I created you to be you, stop compering you self to others, and rejoice when I bless others, praise me for my generosity. Stop complaining, it shows envy, pride, and that you are more concerned about what you get that who I am? (What about me?)
Who are we to be frustrated at people God saved, because they have not suffered or served as long as us? Not saying that you have ever, thought about that. That it is unfair that you have to suffer here, while others are not severing and living for them self and then God saves them, and they change, and that you or we are like the older brother or the first workers, hey I deserve more, that person did not work as hard as me, he did not even help out most of the time. That shows a poverty of heart, we have not understood the great salvation and generously of God.
As a summing up of the teaching Jesus takes the disciples aside and explains for the 3 time that the son of man will be delivered over to the chief priests and scribes, condemn to death, - and the Gentiles will mock and flog him and crucify him. – But on the 3 day he will rise from death. Jesus adds some details mocked flogged and crucified, are new information for the disciples, / even in the 3 times Jesus adds info for the disciples, but the good news, is that Jesus will rise again the 3 day.
Explain how this works together.
Generosity of God…
Injustice, crime, human trafficking, that is unfair and screams to heaven… it does… like Ables blood. The problem with us saying that something is unfair, we see it form our eyes. We are not unbased, we are not objective. We are looking at what we did and now it relates to us… When we cry unfair, or think it, what would God say, what would Jesus say? I know that is why I died, because you could not, unfair dies at the cross, because I died, and rose again. (Should we not care, yes we should but there is a big difference in shouting from our own unfair, or living a life that is lived for Jesus, looking to what God finds just).
Jesus becomes the lowest of the lowest, gives up everything, his life, God gives him most of all glory with him on the trone forever from God, to be the most glorius of all. Explain the good news of Jesus. a call to repent and follow Jesus, look at our hearts, turn to Jesus rejoice in his salvation, gurard our self from hardness of hart, rejoice in all that Jesus dose. Also for everyone ells.
Are we so amazed at how garner’s God is, that our pride, compering, selfish motivation, dies at the sight of the glory of God, and how Jesus, laide it all down, to honor God, and to set us free if we believe and follow. Jesus example.
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