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On the Appointment of Elders at Rome

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Father, we praise you today for your wisdom and knowledge. We praise you for your manifold wisdom in planning the church from eternity. We are thankful for how the church is to be organized, and we thank you that through your Holy Spirit we now have men who have been appointed as shepherds over your flock. Please bless brothers David, Jere, and Tommy as they begin their work as elders. Bless Joani, Wanda, and Julie as they enter a new role as well. We ask your blessings on their families. Bless all the members at Rome. Give us a spirit of humility and submission to these men, who now oversee us and watch for our souls. Above all, we praise you for our Chief Bishop, Jesus Christ. In His name, we pray. Amen.

Acts 20:28

Take heed to yourselves
keep growing personally—read, attend the elders track at PTP
Your model is Christ (Jn 10:11, 14)
Take heed to all the flock
We need your gentle leadership
Don’t Scatter the Sheep
Lost sheep are wandering out in the cold Into the wilderness far from the fold Where are the shepherds are they asleep Wake up you shepherds Don't scatter the sheep With love go and get them To Jesus give He'll feed and bind the broken They then can live He'll water the thirsty The lambs He will keep Make haste you shepherds Don't scatter the sheep You heal not the sick ones Feed not the flocks Bind not the broken Bruised on the rocks You feed your own family The best you do keep Woe be to shepherds Who scatter the sheep

To the congregation

Be a good sheep
Listen to them (Jn 10:27)
Know them (1 Thess 5:12)
Appreciate them (1 Thess 5:13)
Are you in the Good Shepherd’s fold?
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