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Dealing With Militant Unbelievers

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Dealing With Militant Unbelievers

We live in an age where unbelief has taken on an attack mode. Many do not just not believe but are militantly attacking the concept of God, Jesus, and the bible.  Most of these attacks are not new but a rehash of what has been said before. 

Many in their attacks on the bible consistently attack the concept of inspiration by claiming contradictions.  Others want to have the early church made up of many different ideas on Jesus (with the idea that ALL such beliefs were valid and acceptable). 

One of the biggest objections come from trying to shoe-horn the writers of the 1st century into the methodologies of 21st century writers.  Our way of dealing with history has to be theirs. Our way of writing biographies has to be theirs. 

Dealing with such ‘contradictions’ has been standard fare for apologists for many years.  Many tend to be rather easy (a complete misunderstanding of the Bible, presuppositions in reading texts, etc.) 

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