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December 4, 2022 - Be Patient with One Another

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There was this call Herbert who was so very slow because a lot of traffic but her but always vote below.

You should talk to her when you get to work.

Word for you. When Herbert was much younger he often got in trouble for getting that he was a snail, he did things on the double, keep crash to every spider. I kill one day her birth father.

Call 411.

As you can. Well, imagine there's some of you may find yourself.

Think about this title song and take a patient at patient. Don't be in such a hurry when you get impatient.

How many you remember that song? The rest of you will not forget it. Now it just gets in your head and it starts rotating at the weirdest times usually out. And I got to tell you this be I don't I can't remember the last time I was late to church but it was today.

I don't really I get excited. When my my message. Preach three times already and I just have to tie it together to show you how it all fits together and I'm just ready. And you guys are busy having cupcakes and talking to each other over there. And and and and oh I got to tell you. This is the best one. Yet I have a new job. I I got I got hired on as the Director of operations for western Canada for Marketplace care Canada which means it's the same company I've been with and I get to do some administration at it. Basically, I get to connect with the encourage the encouragers and stay connected to the companies that were working at and I can't wait to get started, but Home office down in Texas, created a computer for me and got it all set up and I lost access to everything on my own computer until this new computer gums. And it's coming Friday and Friday is my busiest day all week. I don't know. Either. It's just it's one of those things that just kind of like

You have to smile God sometimes because I know God is laughing up in heaven because he will not allow me to teach on anything that I haven't. Currently relearn. You know, I can't take Mana from yesterday and serve it to you today. It's got to be fresh today. and, What? I think I have to share is something that I've had to be learning. And relearning.

Because I think we have patience wrong.

We'll get to that in a second. We the scripture tells us to be patient to each other. Fusions 4123 says, therefore I a prisoner for serving the lord beg you to lead a life worthy of your calling for you have been called by God. Always be humble, and gentle, be patient with each other making allowances for each other's faults because of your love. Make every effort to keep yourself United in the spirit finding yourself together with peace. Can I pray?

Heavenly father, I thank you. That you are at work with us and you are going to finish the good work. You started in US. And Lord give us the confidence today to know that proof that you will finish the good work. You started in US. And Lord, let give that revelation, we need to know that we can ask that same hoop on the others and be confident that you Lord are going to finish the work. You started in that and you are going to work well. In your name we pray. Amen.

So, scripture tells us that we should be patient with one. Another also tells us that we should be patient in trouble, Romans 12:1, I don't know. Where is that 12:10? 11:50 does love each other. With genuine affection, take the light in honoring each other. Never be lazy. But work hard and serve the Lord enthusiastically rejoice in our confidential patient in trouble and keep on praying. We need to be patient when we have trouble, we know that God is patient with us 2nd. Peter 39 says, The Lord isn't really slow about his promise is something that no he's being patient for your sake. He doesn't want anyone to be destroyed. He wants everyone to repent. And we know the patience isn't something or we should know patience. Is it something that we can just do it ourselves with ourselves? It's not just simply a choice for us to make Colossians 3. Colossians 1:10 to 12 Where is 1:10 to 12?

The way you live. Then the way you live, with always, honored and pleased the Lord, and your lies will produce every kind of good fruit. All the while you will grow to learn to know, God better and better, we pray that you will be strengthened with all his glorious power so that you will have endurance and patience you need. You will have all the endurance and patience you need me. He may you be filled with joy always thanking the father. Always thinking father he is an able to share the inheritance that belongs to his people who live in liked.

Now. We may think we know everything we need to know about patients. We learned that song when we were a kid. We made. Think we know everything about having patience. And that's really the problem that we face right here. The problem with patience is that. We don't have a Christian or biblical view of patience. Most of us have a stoic view of patients. Let me explain Have you ever heard the joke? And I know I've told this joke, you never pray for patience because God's going to make you wait

that's not Christian, that stoicism it's not a Christian attitude. Okay, stoicism was the school of helles. The Hellenistic philosophy that started in the third Century BC by Xeno he started a school in Athens and it fry for 36 years until the third Century, a deep and Marcus. Aurelius was emperor of Rome. He was a stoic and it it. What happened was, when Christianity became the state religion, stoicism was kind of absorbed by it. A lot of things. Christian writers were writing really appeared filled the stoics, you know, treat all hardship as discipline. You know, the testing of your faith produces endurance. I have run the race, I have finished. The course, these kind of statements would appeal to the store scism in and Christianity. Basically, co-opted it was his immune to it.

But there's a difference between Christian thought and stomach fat. And as I've been studying stoicism, there are some drastic differences that have infiltrated. The church. One of them is the word patience in the understanding of patience. We're still Alex, patience is a fundamental virtue one that arises from yet. Also sustains the reason Detachment crucial to stoic ethics, basically it's a shut up and suck it up and Buttercup attitude. Suck it up, buttercup. You do you deal with what you can deal with and you don't worry about anything else. Orbitz, Orbitz real is what's in front of you? That's the weak spot.

That's not biblical patience.

Yes, we're to treat all hardship as discipline. What is because we have a good father who cares for us and is working out all things together for good. It's because of God that we can have patience. It's because it's a fruit of the spirit Heath brokers in us. It's because he is the one who is patient with us and we can respond, and patience to him. Let me, let me explain. I'm going to look at two portions of scripture Romans, 5:1, to 2. And then I'll go to James 1:2-4 Romans 5. That's jeans. Where the heck is Romans. I'll be right there. Romans 5. 122-125. Therefore since we have been made right with God in God's sight by faith, we have peace with God because of what Lord Jesus Christ, Our Lord has done for us. Because of our fees Christ has brought us in to the police of undeserved privilege, where we now stand and we have confidently, and joyfully look forward to sharing and God's glory. We can Rejoice too. When we run into all kinds of problems and trials for, we know that they helped us develop endurance. The word there is patience overtime as we have, it will develop patience over time these problems and endurance, patients overtime, develop strength of character and character strengthens our confidence hope of Salvation, and this hope will not lead to disappointment for. We know how dearly God loves us. And he is giving us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with his life. Now, James tells us same thing in a few different words here. James 1:2-4 your brothers and sisters when Troubles of any kind. Come your way. We consider it an opportunity for great joy for you. Do that when your faith is tested your endurance, that's the patients over time. Has grown has a chance to grow. So let it grow for when endurance that's patients over time is fully developed. You will make you made perfect and complete eating nothing. So what The word in Greek is a hypo. Why I pulled over and it is steadfastness consistency, endurance, and patience. If that's what it's used for its patients over time and it's patients that we we call patients. Patience is the evidence of Holy Spirit working. But Pat, but biblical patience is not a passive tolerance of things. We don't like, Get that. it's not a passive tolerance of things, we don't like, According to these two scriptures biblical patience is an unyielding defiant. Perseverance in the face of aggressive Misfortune that it's a kind of courageous. Biblical patience is not a passive toleration of things. We don't like it's up a new building divided. Defiant perseverance. What does that mean?

It means we hold truth to the word of God, regardless of how our situation is. It hurt me, we hold true to which we hold to the testimony of others even when we don't see the same thing happening in our lives yet. Patience is agreeing with God, the way things should be. It is seeing wanting his kingdom to come and his will be done on Earth as it is in heaven. Patient is not sitting back and just not responding. That's the Lewis ism.

He shouldn't.

Is unyielding, defiant perseverance.

So you can take that definition then and think about what was said this morning already, what does it mean for my life? What does it mean for hearing? Holy Spirit and how he's going to leave me? What does it mean for his promises to come in and be seen? I get to talk about what it means to have patience with each other.

What does biblical Patience mean? How we treat? One another? That's a great question. I'm so glad you asked cuz that's what I worked on all week.

That's how we're to treat. One another, not a passive Toleration for things. We don't like.

You know it like they don't they just put up with you.

It's not fun.

But the people who root for you and cheer for you and encourage you and help you along the way, maybe they are not fullcoll in there during a boy. They are supporting you in so many ways.

If God is good and I can trust him to finish the good work, he started in me.

I can trust him to finish the good work. He started in you.

If you don't think he's going to finish the good work, he started in you, you need to stop and get a revelation from him and understand that that he is God. And he is good and he is for you, not against you, he is going to work things all things together for good on your behalf. You need to have that Revelation before. You can have patience with others. But you can get that Revelation because that's the truth of what God has for us. It's it's it's the truth that that He's not done with me yet. My story is not yet done. And he's the author, not me.

When you have that Revelation, when you experience his race, in that way, you can extend that Grace to others.

Patience is not a passive Toleration for things. We don't like it's not a passive toleration of seeing their selfishness and others.

The word that I've used to help us. Remember what patients really is is tenacity? Patience is tenacity. And we're going to use that word to understand what patience is today. Patience is the authentication of love. Patience is the evidence of Holy Spirit working. Patience is never not forgiving. Patience is always being slow to anger. Patience is correcting, an encouraging patients is inviting and extending these patients is Thanksgiving. Not complaining. Patients is yielding to God's time. Let's get into that today. Yucca plant Acacia of love. 1st Corinthians. 13, 46 says love is patient. Love is kind, love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It doesn't demand its own way, it's not irritable or keeping a record of drawing. It does not rejoice with Injustice is but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. Remember the word for love used in 1st Corinthians? 13 is agape o. And a copy. O is that love that the decision. I make that choice to love that way. I make that choice to be patient to be kind, not to be jealous, not to be boastful. Not to be proud, not to be rude, not to demand my own way. It's a choice that I make not to be irritable and keep no records of wrong even driving and Edmonton. It's anyway.

Where to do everything in love is 1st Corinthians, 16:14 tells us. When were patient with each other, we are showing love to each other. We're not showing love, you're not showing love. If you're not showing patients.

The question we can ask ourselves, is it my choosing to love when it's difficult to love?

And it's easy to love. It's easy to love when it's difficult. You make that choice to love.

the international tea helps us to remember that if the evidence of Holy Spirit working, Galatians 5:23 to 24 with the Holy Spirit. Produces this kind of fruit in our lives, love joy, peace, and patience and kindness and goodness and faithfulness gentleness and self-control there's no law against the Saints. Biblical patience is a choice but it's not something that you can work up in yourself or sustain over time. You need Holy Spirit to grow it in your life. And guess what he is growing it in your life. He will finish the good work. He started in you. You are more patient than you were before and if you're not take time to evaluate that because that's the time to repent and confess.

Because we need to be patient for Words each other.

If we try to be patient on our own strength, it's it's only a passive tolerance for things. We don't like

Who is this about Christianity?

Biblical patience is unyielding. Defiant perseverance. It's not something that we can work up on our own. It's it's we need Holy Spirit to make that alive in us. We need him to remind us of his promises. We need him to remind them of remind us of his truth. We need to him to remind us of the testimonies of others. We need, we need him.

Question, you can ask yourself, isn't am I more or less patient than I was in the past? The Holy Spirit answer that for you. and if you need to confess and repent,

An internationally reminds us that never not be forgiving, never not forget you forget I forgot it a word in there. Never not be forgiving Colossians. 3 12 to 13 says, since God chose you to be his holy people. He loves you. Must clothe yourself in tender-hearted. Mercy, kindness humility, gentleness and patience make allowance for each other's faults and forgive one another and forgive anyone who offends. You remember the Lord forgave you so you must forgive others.

You can't be patient and not be forgiving. You can't. When when do we have patience for each other? We forgive one another.

And you need to know that when you forgive, you forgive with your whole heart. What do I mean by that? Your whole heart is a decision. It's a, it's a action and it's the emotion. So, to forgive with your whole heart, you make the decision to forgive, you have an action to bless the person that offended you in a Safeway. And then the feeling needs to come. And if you don't feel like you forgiven, There's a lie that you're believing.

And we can help you route out that lie. So you can actually feel like you're forgiven like you are forgiving.

Question, you can ask yourself for rascally spirit. Is there anyone that I need to forgive

Union tenacity reminds us to, always be slow to anger. Noticing all of the spelling mistakes, LOL. It'll come out better in my book anyway. James 1, 19, 19 says, understand this. My dear brothers and sisters. We you must be quick to listen slow to speak and slow to become angry. Human anger doesn't produce the righteousness of God desires. So get rid of the filth and evil in your lives and humbly, accept the word that God has planted in your arms for. It has the power to save your souls, don't just listen to God's word. You must do what it says otherwise you're only fooling yourself Proverbs 19:11 tells a sensible, people control their temper. The earn respect by overlooking wrongs.

When we condemn anger at the, we condemn anger and other people that we tend to justify it in ourselves. And yes, anger itself isn't sin. But anger can lead to all kinds of sin.

If your neighbor tells us don't be angry, it says, never be quick to anger.

You can't be quick to anger, and think that your patient.

Patience is not pass with alliteration for one another, but unyielding Defiance to see God, finish the work. He started in each other.

so, sometimes that means, Well, I get to that, we need to address what we see in each other. Because we love each other and we want God to finish the work, he started in in each of us.

And it shouldn't be a comfortable conversation.

You're not in the right place. If you think you're going to enjoy putting someone in their place.

We'll get to that in a bit question. You can ask yourself is have. I've been smooth the anchor lately.

And we're there already with c. Patience is correcting an encouraging. Why do I say that? Because both will Timothy and 2nd Timothy 2:4 preach the word of God. Be prepared. Whether the time is favorable or not, usually correct review. Could encourage your people with good teaching.

If you ever found, you have more patience for strangers and you do for family members

Be that way.

We need to have patience for each other for everyone.

Yeah, we're going to go there anyway.

I was taught the best way to correct. Someone is by asking questions.

my Uncle Gordon talked me this, and He taught. Me by using it on me. You know, he'd often ask what do you think God thinks about that?

Any disguises going to matter in a hundred years?

Some things do send matters in a hundred years, but almost everything else. Nothing.

you know, we've when you're being corrected with questions, even though you're not being condemned, Right, because you're allowing Holy Spirit in there. Lauren, Holy Spirit. 32. Point the things right out to start searching.

Paul uses questions in his books, like most of the time they're rhetorical questions, but even rhetorical question, get you to think.

1st Thessalonians, 5:14 says, brothers and sisters. We are urging you to warn those who are lazy. Encourage those who are timid? Take care of those who are weak and be patient with everybody.

Don't enjoy putting people in their place.

Question you can ask yourself is have I been question that I'm going to have a man asking questions, or demanding conformity.

Dia, Internacional de helps us to remember that. We are in patience means to be inviting and extending fees.

Isaiah 26:3 says you will keep in perfect? Peace. All who trust in? You all whose thoughts are fixed on you. Isaiah 4818 says, oh, if you'd only listen to my commands that you have peace flowing like a gentle River. Righteousness rolling over you like waves. In the sea?

Pieces proof of your Authority. We get keys by trusting God when we trust God we know these. If we don't trust God we have no peace.

Peace begins between us and God. When we have peace with God, we can extend that peace to others.

I told you that I had a self-proclaimed atheist, come to me in it. Grab my arm and say you have to pray for me. I need your peace.

Doesn't happen unless you have peace to share.

You can't have patience without peace and patience with her peace is the pass of Toleration of things. We don't like. Stop typical patients biblical patience is unyielding. Defiant perseverance that comes to us that that we can live in peace. That defiantly defiantly, trusting God. in spite of my circumstance, in spite of my situation in spite of what Life is showing me. I trust God to know that he is good and he is taking all of this and working it for my good. And when I know that, I know that, I know that I got peace to share with others.

It's crazy piece. It's peace that passes understanding. It doesn't make sense.

2nd Thessalonians, 3:16 Says now may the Lord of Peace himself Did you peace at all times? And in every situation, Lord be with you all.

Question, you can ask yourself is do I have peace that passes understanding? Are you others comment on my piece so they're both good questions.

We get into something good too sweet. Gets better.

The second 10, thanks and tenacity, helps me to remember that. I Thanksgiving patience means Thanksgiving and not complaining. Philippians 4:6 says don't worry about anything instead. Pray about everything. Tell God what you need and thank him for all that he is done.

The Journey of patience will be a short one if you choose to complain.

You can't complain and have patience.

And remember we need to give thanks with her whole heart again. What does that mean? It means you make the decision to be grateful. There is an action, the Gratitude and it's called appreciation you show someone or something how you appreciate them. And then, that feeling comes. I like to describe it as peace. I know that I'm thanking God. When I have peace

either it at the thing about it to it doesn't have to In no particular order you can give thanks with your whole heart because you show appreciation and then you you make the decision and then you feel, you actually feel grateful and other times you start feeling grateful. So you make the decision, then show some appreciation and other times you don't feel it but you make the decision and you show appreciation and then yet the feeling comes. It just it's that's what we do when we give, thanks with her whole heart.

Gratitude, is the attitude that makes patient last and extends Asians out. We need. Keep on being grateful.

You want to lose your patient? Start complaining. Do you want to show patience? Give. Thanks with your whole heart. question, we can ask ourselves is ever, have been thinking or complaining

The final letter in the word tenacity, is why. And of course, we have to talk about yielding to God's timing. James 55. James 578 says dear brothers and sisters, be patient as you wait for the Lord's return. Consider the farmers who patiently wait for the rain to fall in this and in the The fall and in the spring.

The eagerly look for the valuable Harvest to ripen. So too much. You think? So too much should be patient. Take courage for the Lord there for the coming of the Lord is near.

I want you to understand, patience is not not putting the work in. Patience is not in action.

A farmer needs to plow the field. It needs to sow the seeds. They need the water. If it'll rain isn't coming, they need to put the work in.

We have to do our part. If it's listening to Holy Spirit, we need to slow down and listen to Holy Spirit. But then God does his part and he actually speaks and shows has some really cool stuff.

When we do our part, we wait with expectation for God to do his part.

I don't know. I had this Revelation a while ago. And it just made life more fun.

I don't believe it's I do have a part to play.

When I'm praying for people to be healed.

But honestly, it's God, that does the healing. So I know he sent his disciples Otis and told him that he'll but it was really in doing the healing through that, right? It's not me. So if people don't get he'll, that's not me so that I can pray for more people than the more people. I pray for the more people I see healed. So it's not me. It's God's. Okay, God, what do you want to do? It, it changes it from me, praying to see results to meet praying to hear Holy Spirit. And when I pray to hear Holy Spirit, God, what do you want to do? What lady we're praying for. and, What was it? It was something to do with your feet. That was on the floor. I remember that. And she had gone to get blood work. And thus, her words, not mine. The stupid technician kept on, missing the van and she had all of these bruises up their arm because they couldn't get the right thing. And this stupid technician is kept on saying this stupid thing and I said time out and be forgiven the technician

Hey, should I forgive so, we go through the whole thing and I said, okay, you got to forgive forgive and she forgave and I went to pray for the feet and I noticed there was no marks on her arms.

And I showed her that and she was like, she looked at her marks on her arms and then her feet than hurt. Wake me up God, it's not like that. Anyway.

Patience is not in actions. When it comes to having patience with others, you need to remember that. Sometimes we plant, sometimes we water sometimes people we haven't planned or water but it's God that gives the increase. He's the one that's going to finish the work. He's the one that's going to finish the work in us. He will finish the work in others.

I came across a verse today that I do believe is for somebody here. Someone supposed to be for all of us. I want you to hear this verse. I want you to be encouraged in the waiting, so I think sometimes we need to wait for someone else, forgot to change someone else. It's we need to be grounded in the word of God. We read the word of God until it speaks to us. And yes, this worse I'm going to read was specifically for the people of Israel when they was it when they were taken from the Promised Land. But when I read it, it spoke to me and it might speak to you. And whenever speak to you, you grab it and you hold on to it. Because patient isn't an action. Patient is not.

Toleration of things we don't like.

Patience is grabbing those things that God speaks to us, maybe it's a testimony. Maybe it's something from the word, maybe it's something he speaks to our heart but we hold on to those things. We we go back over our journals that we wrote years ago, and we, we see what he's worked in our lives. We hold on to those things. Jeremiah 31, 16 to 17 says this, this is what the Lord says. Do not weep any longer for. I will reward you system for

Your children will come back from the distant land of the enemy. There is hope for your future, says the Lord, your children will come back again to their own land.

If you have kids, were walking away from the Lord or are not are not in the right relationship with God anymore. You click you pray. These verses you find them and you cling to them. And that's how you have patience in the journey. That's how you have patience for them. Because you realize that God is working in them and he will finish that good work.

We will be tested in our relationships with others in our own health. And in what we were in from what we do, those other places, the enemy will stretches and rapists. And those are the places that God will form Jesus and us

So, whatever you are going through, whatever seems to not be coming through. whether it's your finances, whether it's your family, whether it's your related with your health, you need to be in the word of God. You need to be hearing the testimony of others. You need to be hearing, reminding yourself of what God has said to you. And what kind of other things that God will speak to you? Maybe it's a song on the radio, maybe it's something. Someone said, maybe it's a hug. Someone gave you on the way in the church today, I don't know who in the Holy Spirit. I said, you know, it's God.

Biblical. Patience is unyielding. Defiant perseverance in the face of aggressiveness morejon. It's a form kind of courageous.

Whenever you have to wait for God's promises. Find a verse or find a testimony or find where he spoken to you in the past.

Hang on. Hang on.

Question we can have is have I been patient? God's timing.

He's the Potter. I'm the clay. I'm just the work of his hands.

So have you been passively tolerating things? You don't like thinking that? That's what patience is.

Remember patience is unyielding. Defiant perseverance.

It's perseverance regardless about our situation.

It's beef rising up to know the God is going to do. And do well, what he's going to do?

When we have patience with each other, we realize God's going to finish the work. He started in us, he will finish the work. He started in you. So, we don't need to demand or away or insist on our preferences.

And I hope you remember that. Patience is tenacity. It's the authentication of love. It's never not forgiving. It's always being slow to anger is correcting an encouraging. It inviting an extending piece. It's Thanksgiving not complaining, it's moving to God's timing.

You stand with me and closing, I'm going to leave you with a blessing. And it's a good one.

From Romans, 5:15.

It says me, God, who gives a speech? Gives this patience and encouragement. Help you live in complete harmony with each other, as is fitting for the followers of Jesus Christ. We pray


Some of us have been on a long journey. And we have been stretched beyond anything we could ever imagine.

Lord, some of us. We look at our situation and end and we have to admit that our problems are bigger than our God.

Lord, I Thank you like in moments that we've had the day. We realize how it's a little bit better of how big you are. And how great you are and how good you are.

So Lord, I pray for a release.

in anything that we've given up hope, and because we've given up patients in,

I prefer bodies to be healed and lives to be restored. I pray for relationships to come into right relationship with you. And with each other, I pray, Lord God for finances. And with what we learn, with our hands to become an order, we may, we receive all that we need.

Bored. Release the floodgates on us, as we recognize, we can trust you in everything.

Lord, I pray.

Your peace would flow like a river around us and through us.

the Lord that peace would lead to Patient real patient patient, that indoors

I pray. Lord God.

But even if the answer isn't forthcoming, we would know that the right answer is coming.

Words, Speak Life and speak, hope and speak. Truth to us today in your precious name event. Hey man, you may be seated.

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