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Lessons from Acts 8

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Acts 8

Church faces opposition – but continues faithful.

Philip – one of the 7, apostles laid hands upon – became an ‘evangelist’ –

Samaria – history,  problem of leaving Jerusalem as per 1:8 – now opening to ALL NATIONS


1.      God’s way of spreading the gospel –

a.      Jesus Prayer --  believe thru their word – John 17:

b.      Faith by hearing – Rom. 10:17 –

c.       Preach – the commission --  Mark 16:16---

2.      What He preached…

a.      ‘the Christ’.  Esv vs. 5

b.      The good news – gospel -  12

c.       The kingdom of God…  God fulfilled his promise – our KING is HERE

                                                                 i.    Mark 1:14-15

                                                               ii.    Col. 1:13

d.      The name of Jesus Christ – the authority and character of Jesus, the Messiah

                                                                 i.    Jesus – Jehovah saves – Matt. 1:21

                                                               ii.    No other name – whereby must be saved – Acts 4:12

                                                             iii.    All we do – in the name of Jesus … Col. 3:16-17

Why believe…

1.      Testimony –

2.      Confirmation by signs / wonders -- 

a.      They had seen false wonders – but now the real thing…

b.      EVEN Simon – the doer of false wonders – now the real thing…

c.       However, the emphasis here is on the Word of God: the people gave heed to the Word because they saw the miracles, and by believing the Word, they were saved. Nobody was ever saved simply because of miracles (John 2:23–25; 12:37–41).[1]

3.      Note their attitude:

a.      Paid attention to what was being said – 6

b.      Received the Word.. 


1.      As per preaching ‘the name’ -  Matt. 28:18

2.      As per preaching the gospel – Mark 16:16

3.      Such happened WHEN the believed… 

4.      Men and women … 

Such was WATER baptism – into the NAME of Jesus –  (had been baptized – NOT receive HS)

Such then was the baptism of Acts 2:38 –

Such then was the one baptism that was for the remission of sins… 

Receiving of such miracles – through the laying on of the apostles’ hands…  


[1]Wiersbe, W. W. (1996, c1989). The Bible exposition commentary. "An exposition of the New Testament comprising the entire 'BE' series"--Jkt. (Ac 8:4). Wheaton, Ill.: Victor Books.

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