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So Blessed You Forget?

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Luke 17:11-19
Grace doesnt wait for you, but Grace comes to your containmanated state, or containmanated place.
God showing up to be close to you when you are suffering with something that give reasons for distance. You and I are struggling with things that should keep God at a distance but God chooses to get close you.
God should be with the son and holy ghost onlyyy. But the company God chose didnt chose him, rebelled against him, stood against him, were at a containmanted place with contaminated people. To make change in the lives with folk who are struggling with his wrath.
The fact is that we are still struggling with something that should keep God away. He wakes our sinful self up, gives us strength knowing we going to do something sinful with it, get money knowing how much our sinful deeds cost etc. and yet he still blesses us with his presence. Thats a good reason to give GOd a shout on a wednesday night not just a sunday morning. That GOd will keep the Contaminated Company.
When you get in his presence you should maxmize the opportunity to make a call for pity.
Jesus shows up at the hospice location where they are keeping and containing people struggling with leprosy…. The bible says he dont introduce himself… they already know who he is.
These men who stood saw and spoke made a request…. Yall missed it.. Men who were struggling with a deadly disease that had them in quaranitine, They were struggling with a skin disease that eats up the flesh. While carrying a sign around their neck announcing they are unclean…. Text says… they Stood they SAW and they SPOKE!
Tension in the text… how did they know it was jesus and they were isolated… away from society??
Maybe it was Jesus popularity??? Name was famous and spread around town..
Maybe they heard of his fame when they were well but never called on him.
In text there is at least 1 samaritan its possibly 9 jews… ( dont like each other)
United in their pain and Unaimous in their plea …
Look at what they asked for….
THey asked for Mercy and not Medicine
They are not in denial of their sickness. They accepted who they are and what they have. They didnt ask for healing but for Mercy.
We come to GOd sooo fake. Lord i did it and said it and what i have i deserve it. But since im in your presence have mercy in other words… can you minimize the consequences.
Jesus response was go to the priest… in other words Jesus took away the suffering all together.
Levicital law was to go when you are clean.
Jesus can do more than what you askkk.. More aboundlety then you can ever think or ask.
The cure was in their act of obedience. In some things you cant give pray fast your way out…. You have to OBEY your way out.
Your Cure is when you start moving…. Your miracle is in Motion.
Lets goo.
The response wasnt unanimous as the miracle. Ten got it but 1 of it.
Ten of them got his power,, 1 got his presence.
Every want the power and the show, but few want to presence the meditation etc.
Why did the one come back…
Sense of reflection -
he walks and his hair grows back, walk his skins clears up, his strength coming back…. He had to stop at the progress and go back and thank him. In the progress.
You must make regular stops of gratitude.
I dont have it, but thank him for the progress. It was a long day, but yet you saw another day.
Gratitude you are in the minority - Jesus asked where are the nine… Im not accountable for the ungrateful ones. This suggest they got the miracle and still messed God.
Now i know why we arent grateful. You dont know who gave it to you.
God does things not so you can receive it and go on… but god does things so you can get a revelation about him. Oh God can do that. God you showed up here also. There is truly no place you cant go.
Sense of Reality -
Came back because he is a samaritan. He realize hes the one guy Jesus shouldnt have healed. Im not part of the abrhamic covenant. Im a half breed. I can see why the jews were healed but ME???
Mean he looked past what im not and look at what i am. SOmetime the people who are the most grateful are the ones who are least deserving. Listen that why i can shout like i do… Because i know reasons WHY he SHOULDNT have blessed me.
You can only thank god for how good hes been when you realize how bad you have been.
Healed your body v.15
Saved your soul in v.19
I asked for neither
You only shout for what you asked for
I looked back over my life and i can see somethings i didnt ask for and God gave it to me.
My baby alix… people love to buy her gifts…
Because from our perspective
Gratitude is thanks for things that is already done..
But luke 17 shares with us
Gratitude / Thanks is an opendoor that can bring other things into your life.
He will add just because you are appreciative whats on the other side of gratitude.
ANbody committed to being that ONE? That one who remembered where your blessings come from.. THe 9 is gone… Will you be committed to stand here by your self.
I can lifted my hands all by myself. I can shout all by myself. Because im really to bless to forget all that the lord has done for me.
The more i thank him.. The more he might do. Thanks may bring more stuff.
Nobody was there when he healed you. Etc.
Bless him all by myself. Psalmist said it,,, I will bless the lord at all times.
Ive got good news.. You have some stuff that you dont deserve, some blessings while being naughty. Another day you didnt earn. Thats good news.
Here’s the danger: you can be so taken with enjoying the good news about you, that you forget to celebrate the good news about Him.
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