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Sunday Message - "Ya Missed one devil"  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  23:37
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I have come. To give.

I have come. To give you, thanks.

I have Coronavirus.

To give you Great and Mighty God.

I have come. To give you.

I have.

Do we give you? Thanks.

Lord, I have.

Will give you greater minds, you have done it.

I have come. Do give you brain.



Do give you a jingle. You have done it. You have done it, you have done it again.

I have.

To give you.

To gave you. Lord, I have come. Joe gave you, I know you got

I have come.

Yes, yes, yes. Hallelujah

To give you.

Do I read a mighty God?

I have gum. You gave you a Great and Mighty God.

Great and Mighty, Girl.

I have.

You gave, you know?

You have done it again. You have done it.

You have done it again. You have Johnny.

Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Thank you. God, hallelujah. Thank you. Lord God. You have done it again. Great. And Mighty God. You have done it again. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Maybe I'll Stand please.

And I just want to let you all see a great Pastor that God has chosen to put on this establishment right here. And I know he have establish his kingdom here, new life because she is giving us off an honorable man to put here. So this is all Pastor our own Pastor, Stephen Birch and this is your congregation.

Amen. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

man, I tell you brother, Chris

Brother there my brother side. God bless you all. You've touched us today, every single one of us in this room, you will, what's up our minds and our hearts, the Lord. Hallelujah. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. Hallelujah. Why we're standing heavenly? Father, I stand before you this day. Not because of anything that I have done, but only because of your grace and your mercy is for which I am grateful. And right now God, I'm asking you that you can grant me favor. Oh Lord. As I present the holy word, oh Lord. I ask that you increase in me so that all may know that it is a blessing to be saved. Hallelujah, I know that your word will not return void. I pray that you were brakes changed today. Oh Lord, I pray that it sets the captives free. Oh Lord, I pray that it come fix. Someone's had a whole load make someone over today. Whole Lord, Use Me. Oh, Lord, For Your Glory and the precious name of Jesus. Sea Christ. Amen. And amen. Hallelujah, you may be seated. Oh, I thank God for today. Thank God for today.

Praise the Lord. You know. My message today.

Do before that at 8, just want to thank lady p.

For just being my wife. Hallelujah. We're coming in. Sunday of Advent, we're breaking into the holiday season. and could you imagine if you if you could just imagine Where brother Joe was in when the scripture was being red, or, or where he was in place winners of the scriptures being read today. Here, this guy is everything. And a messenger comes. It says this madam. Sabean's fell upon him and struck down all your servants with the edge of a sword. A little while he was giving them that terrible message, a fire from heaven and burned up all the sheets and the servants.

And while he was still given brother, Joe by message the child-rearing cow transformed three groups in Mentor right on all. The camel tall is camels and took them down the servants with the edge of a sword.

And why was this man was still delivering the message? Your sons and daughters reading and drinking wine in the eldest brother's house and behold. A great wind came across the Wilderness and struck the four corners of the house, and it fell upon the young people and they're all dead.

And yet. And Joe Burrows, tore off his robe, shaved. His head and fell on the ground and worshipped.

what kind of man is that when Devastation is taking over your life and everything, you've known, Everything you love. Taken away from you.

My God. My message today hits. You missed one of them, you're missed one members to have a Revival like a choir of 100 singing in harmony. Or a bank account with six figures. It doesn't take perfected preaching. Orwell look East rated.

Or talented singing Tabernacle. It doesn't take off. Oh well, manicured lawn. Stained glass windows in a labrador, danait interior. Revival just takes one individual who is able to work through them? Is he the devil had his mission planned? You see the devil has brought it in the house. Did the rides away. You desired a way to a nest assassinate. God's anointed one.

Who possessed truth in his soul? If I could just get it. And make her fall.

I will destroy God's plan. To propagate truth.

But with his limited knowledge of how God works. With his ignorance of the human ability of reproduction. The devil was shot. When God has an answer to the fall of Adam and Eve.

What son was born named Abel? And he made sacrifice and offerings to the Lord.

if I can just destroy able,

So Cain killed Abel.

But Seth was born.

You see the men began to call upon the name of the Lord, Haverhill worship God by himself and others to help worship god with him. Is it your Bible has many stories of the devil. Trying to knock down kill the lineage of the people that would one day.

Birth into this world. Is he a child? Would be both God and human. Wonderful counselor Prince of Peace Mighty God the Brighton.

We love singing these songs. Shepherd's are tested Our Redeemer Jesus.

Aren't you glad the Old Testament? The drama continues to unfold, Moses's Story, the devil. Thought he had it but he got away.

I would have liked to been there when when pharaoh, Was sitting on his throne.

And he said, what's your name?


Draught House.

But is he I came out of his plan. I came out of his scheme. I came out of this trap. Who sent you?

I'm telling you, Delia, sure miss one.

And the one you missed is God's answer to Revival. You see in the New Testament? Come on, follow me along here, it's the devil, here's a pounding on the door.

What's your name? The Church of Jesus Christ.

The drawn-out ones. God have a sense of humor. Hallelujah. We came out of his plan. We came out of his.

Marvelous Light. we came out in the park, we came out of heaven, we came out of sinful nature, we came out anymore,

and what is your message?

5 people go.

Our God is alive.

He's surely alive. It's just like we saying earlier, I can feel him in my hands. I can feel in my feet. I can feel it in my heart, I can feel it and like we saying, I talked to him this morning and my hands, I can feel it.

He found me when I was lost in my hands and my feet, feel it in my heart, yes, God is God.

You know, Karen Harris the kills, all the children under 2. And I tell you, I would have liked to been in the king's court. 28, 29 years later. We're one of the King's Men came into the cord. You need to go down

Is raising the dead. You need to calm down.

Not done yet. It's all right, go ahead. Hallelujah, you need to go down to the river. Somebody's walking on water, Hallelujah.

Oh yeah. So the enemy tries moving in again and missed one.

He had the crowd on his side.

You see in Jerusalem? He knew Jesus was in a vulnerable position. The strategy in the scheme from the beginning was to kill Jesus.

and as the blood dripped, Who has the sweat poured and has the body convulsed.


As a spitter. Drift from his face. Jesus Dones.

Bike riding out. It is finished.

With these words, with these words, the Earth.

The clouds turn black. Hallelujah.

He was not taking a step backward for retreat.

There was a declaration effective.

Thank you, Lord. She's three days. Nervously waiting.

He watched a missed fundal.

Began to breathe. And a king began to rain.

Close enough now to see some it's 7:17, 76 America, the English language instead of the German language. In 1923. Gave Adolf Hitler leadership over the Nazi party. DC in 1960, Richard Nixon lost the presidential election by less than one vote. In the year 2000. It was one Electoral College vote, which gave President Bush. The presidency.

I say that to say this, I'm this Sunday.

There's one full Heaven is waiting to hear.

It is the one you are going to cast today.

Are you going to veto? The power of God in your life. I pray, not.

I want you to cast your vote for eternal life.



Thank your teeth. Hallelujah. Jesus. Thank you. Thank you, Lord. Hallelujah.

How much each one when you leave this church today? To know the tide of my messages today. When you're missing out there.


Hallelujah. Yes. You mix 1 devil

Amen. Hallelujah, hallelujah. Thank you. Jesus.

Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Thank you. God.

Thank you, Jesus.

Thank you, Lord.

Hallelujah. Thank you. Lord.

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