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Jonah: The Reluctant Prophet // Jonah 1 // Pastor Jose Brevil

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We start a new series this morning, and the Book of Jonah in the Book of Jonah. So, as you know, has our church, our commitment, is to study God's word book by book, chapter by chapter verse by verse and even word by word when that's possible. So let's start a new book as we go on this journey, as you study about, the prophet Jonah to learn from Joe. Now in Jesus name, we pray amen. Amen. Jonah. Jonah is a prophet in the Old Testament and the title our message. This morning Jonah, The Reluctant Prophet The Reluctant prophet, and in this series, would we going to See, we're going to see God's unfailing love for us. So I got you will get to see God's unfailing love for you and for all people in the world. So Jonah only has a four chapters so that will take us to the end of the year, how each week we will be looking at one chapter in The Book of Jonah. And today, we're going to look at chapter 1 of Jonas that we going to look at chapter 1 in the Book of Jonah is what you call a minor Prophet minor prophet. Minor Prophet. Does that mean that they have a little message? It just means that the book is small, k e t o 37 chapters where you have the other ones. Like Daniel has like 12 chapters. But like a minor Prophet because those books tend to be very small and enjoy. What we are going to see is that God's love God's love for everyone? Would we going to see in the Book of Jonah is that we will see that God loves everyone. The Book of Jonah is a book about God's will about God's will. And how we respond to God's will. It's also about the love of God and how we share it with others. So we're going to be talking about God's will. We're going to talk about God's love, how we respond to God's love and how we share God's love with others. So, let's start chapter 10 verse run. So the book starts with the prophet Jonah running away from God. So the lord gave this message to Jonah son of amittai. And get up and go to the great city of Nineveh announce my judgment against it because I have seen how Wicked its people are. But Joe and I got up and went in the opposite direction to get away from the Lord, he went down to the port of Joppa where he found a ship living for tarshis. He bought a ticket and went on board hoping to escape from the Lord by failing to tarshis. So the bookstore, it's with a preacher running away from God. you see a preacher God is asking him to do something, but he refused to We're not talking about, you know, just just just, you know, anybody we talkin about, somebody was supposed to know better. Somebody was supposed to know God's work but God clearly calling. Joe no. But Jonah says no. God says go. Jordan says no. See you to give you a picture of Tarsus on the left there whenever so you'll see dropper there on the map at the bottom left. So instead of going to Nineveh, he went as far away as he could. He was supposed to go up but it decided to go down from Joppa and go down to Tasha. So Jonah, The Reluctant prophet. And what we're going to see this morning is that weekend that run away from guy? Never realize that we cannot run away from God. There's a ride. Go to Nineveh the great City and call out against it for their evil has. Come up before me. See, none of that was a very Wicked City. Those people were known to treat their prisoners of War, very badly. They will take their prisoners of War, as they would kill them, and they will lay them out on the street. They would take the bodies, piled them up, let them dry on the street so people can see what they have done. So that no other countries would even think about coming to attack them. If I was the captain about set ABC 7:00, the capital city of Assyria and Assyria was a great fire pit at the time. And they were ruthless. So maybe Jonah had a point they're doing. I did not want to go, probably doing it was scared. We will see in chapter 4, the true motivation for. Why? Jonah did not go. She probably hear those people. They were scared. Those people were also worship the other gods. They worship idols, for whatever reason. Jonah did not want to go, but in chapter 4 tells us that Jonah did not want to go. Because Joe, and I did not want the people to be safe. Joe and I did not like them.

But when God calls you to do something, whether you like God's plan or not, God is calling us to do what? To do it. God is calling us to be obedient but here Jonah thinks that he knows better than God. God says to go but I says no.

And that's never a good thing. You see whenever there's a problem. God will raise up someone to address it. If it is you will you answer the call or are you going to sleep? That's my question for us this morning whenever there's a problem. God will raise up somebody to address it. Are you going to rise up and answer the call? Or are you going to flee? Like Jonah, Jordan thinks that he knew better than God, God gave him a mission but got but Jonah didn't think that was a good plan. You see whenever we fail to answer the call, it is because of a lack of love for God. And for people notice here, Wicked city as I told you, but would took the initiative to restore those people. Look up which of the initiative.

Did you see the ninevites? Calling out to God? That's why the Bible says, while we were yet, sinners God died for us. God always takes the initiative. Even when we not walking with God, God is still thinking about us.

Pictures of Crazy Love.

Easy. The song that says Reckless. Love. God's love is really Reckless. The ninevites as wicked as they were. But God took the initiative, God, call his prophet Jonah and says, go preach to those people because I love them. Because God says I created them to God is saying they are mine too. See. That's why we got to love everybody. It doesn't matter what they've done to us, but God says, we got to love some people. We have to love everyone because that's what God does. God. Initiates member God is the source of love. God, initiates, love, God. Goes after those would do not care for him, God is the God will goes after the one leaving the 99 so that God can rescue that last one. See God love. We will never fully understand God. Love the ninevites as much as he loved the Jewish people as much as you love Jonah. An invoice 3, but Joan of rose to flee to tarshis from the presence of God. Foolish. Can we get away from the presence of God? So he went down to Joppa and found a ship going to Tasha, so he paid the fare and went down into it. The go with them to Tasha's away from the presence of the Lord. So many times you see our way from the presence of the Lord are to be at the bay the fair and he was just going down away from what God calls him to do. See, the lesson is only a fool thinks he can get away from God. Only a fool thinks he can get away from guy. Cuz God is where Everywhere God is omnipresent, God knows everything and he is everywhere. Look at some 139 read, it read me. It says, where shall I go from your spirit? Or where shall I? Flee from your Jonah was a preacher, right? Do you think that joint? I know some 139.

But for some reason, Jonah forgot. If I Ascend to Heaven you are what right there. If I make my bed and in Shield, you are if I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea,

Even there your hand. Shall leave me your right hand, shall hold me. If I say surely, the darkness shall cover me and the light about me be nice. Even the darkness has not talked to you, you know that God does everything you do in the dark. That's a scary. The right. That's a very scary thought. Even the darkness is not dark to you. The night is how

What is tonight? It is clearly a wide-open to God. The night is as bright as the darkness light to you. So you don't like there's no secret with God. When you go before God, you can go on a shame and you can be naked on open to God you tell him everything that's all right because he already knows. There's one thing that God does not know about you. So, when you go to God In Prayer, you can be fully and completely honest to him and none of us can run from God. Verse for but the Lord hurled them great win upon the sea. And there was a mighty Tempest on the sea so that the ship threatened to break. Remember that God is everywhere and God is all-powerful, he can do everything so you're running away. What does God do? Let me bring some bad circumstances in your life. Let me bring a storm in your life. So God, hurled a great win upon the sea and there was a mighty Tempest on the sea so that the ship threatened to break. For some of us the storms, in our lives are because of our sins.

We don't clearly it's not every storm in our life. Because remember, Joe, did y'all do anything? Nothing. But did you want to do something?

Because of Jonah's Action. Now God's send out a storm. You see when we think we're running away from God, we just calling out problems upon ourselves. Anytime, we're running away from God, we're just calling for problems Upon Our Life. You see everyone and everything are at God's disposal. The sea is a garbage disposal, even that ship with a guy's disposal. Everyone and everything are a God's disposal and that's why it is so foolish to go against him. You cannot go against what God Said to Paul in the book of Acts when Paul was going around Saul at the time before he became Paul was persecuting. All the Believers God says, you cannot kick against the goads. You know what that means? It's like it's like a horse. If you don't like what that thing to put in the horse with, no horse. Try to fight you just pulling that. Dresses. You just hurting yourself. Anytime you're running away from me, got to stay anytime you being disobedient. Guess what you are hurting yourself? Just like when the horse is trying to go. Runway, what you do keep pulling that the horses do what it's supposed to be. The guy that sings don't be like a horse, being obedient be like a horse. That is that has been trained and just do what God tells you to do. So that doesn't have to pull over. Adapting to hurt you. So Paul said God said to Saul, you can't kick against the goads. Everyone and everything are God's disposal, and that's why it is so foolish to go again. God in the ad, you will lose You know, that God always win. God always wins. Any of your other ideas. Always win 5 raids.

What did those people do? Jonah brought that problem on the ship as we will see you later and each cried out to his God and they hurled the cargo that was in the ship into the sea to lighten it for them. But Jonah had guns down into the end of parts of the ship and had land down and was

did the very storm that was design for Jonah to get his attention, had no effect in his life.

The very storm that God sent. To get his attention, had no effect in his life. While everybody was scared, he created a situation where everybody was trying to do something about it but Joe and I went to sleep

Jonah went to sleep. You see is amazing how some of us sleep flew. The very storms that God have, that has been that I've been designed just for the wake us up so that we would turn from our ways.

Have you seen more people turn to God from covid? Oh, people just become worse.

God, create a situation so that room that we will see, like, only God could do such a thing. The only God, I search Power all people all the nations with all their powers, nobody can control it.

Everything had to shut down but instead of people running to God, now I'm doing life all by myself. I'm just doing my own thing. Do people get worse? Instead of running to God, we get worse. We just keep running because we know better.

See the very storm that God designed to get Joan his attention. Had no effect. Jonah, went to sleep. That's how stubborn that we can be. When we decide to do, whatever we want to do.

And this is not the way to live. Converse exit. So the captain came and said to him.

Are you kidding me? That's what the captain is saying. They're jfb version. That's the Jose Fred reveals Bible translation together. Are you kidding me? It says 0 rise. Call out to your God. Perhaps the God will give a talk to us. That we may not perish. Is it a fun when you being rebuked by unbelievers? I've never been reviewed by an unbeliever.

It's shameful. Unbelievers, know how you're supposed to act on your neighbors. Know how are you supposed to behave? They may not like your goddamn

And when we go out, when we go so far out, some of them will rebuke us. It's amazing that the people that God used to rebuke us. Just like God use the captain right here to rebuke Jonah like really found you sleeping.

You must be kidding me.

See, it's not fun when we being reviewed by an unbeliever. And you seem desperate situation called for desperate measures measures. The captain and the crew they were reeling to do. Try anything with no certainty of getting positive results, that's the thing with all other gods, they have no certainty. That they are. God will answer. You see you see the captain says maybe your God will answer, is he ready to try anything in this situation and what caused all that, commotion? Jonah. But he didn't care one bit. So our choices affect others. We need to be careful our sin affect other people. Well, we don't care but people are being affected. Seven verse seven, it says and they said to one another come, let us cast lot. That was a common practice that's like throwing dice that we may. No evil has come upon us. So they cast, lots and lots fell down. Who then they said to him, tell us has come upon us. What is your occupation? And where do you come from? What is your country? And of what people are you do people say is men, you've done something really bad. What did you do? What did you do? And I love Dad. Jordan, never answered that question. When they say, what is your occupation Jordan? Never answered. The question, look, look at your response in verse 9 and he said to them, I am a Hebrew Hebrew people, and I fear the lord, but he's God. The god of Heaven Will made the Sea and the dry land, then the men were exceedingly afraid. So if you say so, View. God makes the sea and now you are at. So you that means the sea subjects that I got. So then fan were exceedingly afraid.

You see, that's why I sometimes you got to be careful what you worried, you know. Remember, I shared with you and I was wearing a church t-shirt, but I was not as kind as I should be feeling. Like when you find yourself in compromising situation, you may not want us to say what you do. see, like I know, I know a pastor since you don't wind up when he gets in the airplane, he doesn't like to say, the pastor will tell people, he's a writer, you know, he's an author has people already have their expectations, so high

Joan. I hear is messing up and join that could not say what he did. Then the men were exceedingly afraid and said to him, what is it that you have done for the man? Knew that he was fleeing from the presence of the Lord, because he had told them, You see, we need to be careful. Running away from God is not a solution. And people do not know how God knows what we supposed to be doing. You know what divided and gone too far when even non-believers know that we should do better?

when you see a non-believer, rebuke, you You can be sure that you've done really far.

So we got to be careful, we got to listen, not only to fellow Believers but when somebody was an unbeliever, they know us and see how messed up that we have become and when they are rebuking us, that means that we are really out of it.

It's really bad. We've gone too far. When unbelievers know what we should do first 11, then they said to him, what shall we do to you? That does seem a quiet down for us, for the sea, grew more and more. Tempestuous was the god of the sea.

C4 and he said to them, pick me up or hurled me into the sea than the sea will quiet down for you. For I know it is because of me that this great Tempest has come upon me, Jonah, rather commit suicide than to do what God has called him to do.

Turn the ship around and head to Nineveh.

Going to the parade and say, God forgive me, one stuff, both ends. I am going to take another boat and head back to Nineveh where you want me to go, right? That's how far that we can have gun. See when we go far from the present of the look. I wouldn't mind is so messed up and will do anything.

Speak Jonah Hill, rather commit suicide than to be obedient. To God's words. God says, go to Nineveh Jonah, says no. And Jordan are still unwilling to do what God tells him wild to see listens to God. While the boat is subjected to the wind listens to God, but the preacher would not

That's how far. We can go. It's amazing how we refuse to repent, despite our knowledge of the word of God, on a particular matter read, rather be damned

See, a lot of us are just like Joe. Now we know what God calls us to do, but we refuse to do it.

Jordan would rather die than to see the ninevites. Just save. We're starting never the last two, men. Rode hard to get back to dry land, but they could not for the sea grew more and more tempestuous against them. What is a tell us? When we're running out of a guy away from God, we can get out of it. If you want to get out of it, you better turn to God. Only God can get you out of the mess. You created? Once you run away from him. See the man. Tried hard to save, Jonah.

But they were unsuccessful. Therefore, they called out to the Lord. Now, you know that mess up. God's plan. Even in our own, willingness God can still use that to save people. Look at this.

You see, oh, Lord, in in, in, in in capital letters says, therefore, they called out to. The Lord does Jonas guide. That's the god of the lord of the old Lord, let us not perish for this man's life and Lynette on us innocent blood for you have done it, as done as it, please you. So now they getting big gaming faith, in the true, God from God. God's agenda remains intact is to make disciples wherever we go while Jonah refused to make disciples and never guess what he was doing, making disciples while he was being disobedient on his way to Tosh.

You want to fight God?

Have fun. You just trying to inflict pain on yourself, but God's plan will remain intact. God's purpose is still going to go as planned.

You see the story here in Jonah also is is when we see when unbelievers are more righteous than believers.

Did you see that? Do I need to read the text to you again? Nevertheless, the man rode hard to get back to dry land and they could not for the Seagram more and more to save Jonah.

Jonah told him what the solution was killing him.

But no, they did whatever they could to save Jonah. That's when the unbelievers puts us to shame. when they're acting more righteous than we,

And that's what we see here in this story and discontinue to happen today. When you will meet somebody who is not a Believer, but the acting better than Christians

When unbelievers are more righteous than Believers. See, the did not want him to die. Too. Did not want to be murderers. They did not want to have his blood up on them selves.

See when God's judgement is upon us, no one. Will be able to help us despite their best efforts.

Pondering this one when God's judgement is upon us, no one will be able to help us despite their best efforts.

We cannot run away from God.

Who's running away from God. Now, for whatever, that God is calling us to do, whatever we see, clearly in his word and not doing the consequences are great. Cuz when God's judgment comes, no one will be able to help you even your grandmother. I know you don't think that grandmothers are superheroes, right?

But you see when God's judgement is upon you, no one can help you cuz you have to face God. Now, because you were the one being disobedient, got it. Alright, let's wrap it up verse 15, so they picked him up and hurled him to the Sea and the Cici's from its raging. You're not know what he was talking about, right? But there were other ways, but Jonah choose the suicide route. Because Jonas heart was hard. For the people of Nineveh, he did not want them to be safe and he just wanted to be disobedient till the end. Just like some people tell you, I will never forgive that person until I'm 6 ft under. I heard people say that. Some people will go down to the ground and not forgive. Where did being directly this? Obedient to what God. I called him to do. Because God says, we need to forgive

so, the victim of a throw-in and this and it stopped the wind listens to God, this see listens to God every creature listens to God, except

Did we refuse to listen to God than the men? Feared? The Lord Howe.

I love God. God has a sense of humor? Doesn't he? I told you, God's plan will always come to bed. It doesn't matter how you messed up. How, how you just messed it up? Gottesman will always come to pass. His plan is to save as many as possible, make the seiples, he's playing his to save that which was lost.

Do that, didn't go save those people in Nineveh. In his Disobedience, got used it to save the people on the ship. You got to love God. Then the men fear the Lord Howe said with me and they offer sacrifice.

Sacrifice, I'm coming to church. They're making sacrifices, I'm giving they making sacrifice now cuz nobody becoming obedient the offer to sacrifice to the Lord and make them so they making commitments. It got I'm going to be committed to, you will even a world now with none of us meant wants to make any kind of commitment.

They just received God, right? How long is that? Weather conditions for 50 years. Why do Christians all their lives? They started making commitment to God. The moment they receive Christ. See, they feel God exceedingly. That means they, they really took god, seriously, and the problem we have today, a lot of us. Don't take god. Seriously, God says do this, but we going to go the way of Jonah. We're going to do our own thing.

But they still got exceedingly that mean they took God's seriously. They offer sacrifice that mean they started doing the things that they needed to do. They were loving God sacrificially just like God loved them sacrificially and they were making vows, they were making commitment to God. Those Sailors, put us Christians today to shame. Where we might have been working with Kyra, might say we're Christian for the longest but we don't take god seriously. We don't fear God.

Brakes. A picture of God we will, we will sacrificially do the things that God tells us to do whether we like it or not.

And what would make commitment to God? About the things that God asks us to do. We want to do what God tells us to do. An inverse 17. And there, it says, and the Lord appointed a great fish to swallow up. Jonah. And Jonah was in the belly of the fish. Three days and three nights. I wonder how it feels to be inside a fish.

Wow, I should actually come and teach me. Skinny. Pretty smelly. Got appointed a great Fish Little Fish. You know, somehow doesn't matter how they clean it. There's always a little smell to it. My grossing you out yet.

Becky York stuff, I let's move on. But God appointed a great fish in a lot of people see Jonah as an allegorical, a story in the Old Testament, the book of Kings Bible referred to join as an actual profit and Jesus referred to join as an actual profit did. This is just like Jonah was in the belly of the fish for three days and three nights even so the men on men will Remember that see this is Noel allegorical story. This is a real story. Real events that actually happened. That simple. What does Genesis 1:1 says? In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth. Do you believe this? Serve God, created the heavens and the Earth and he created all the animals. He created us, graded, Evan, can God create a big fish that can swallow people?

True story. This is no Fable. This is this this is a real story. Real thing that happened said, God appointed a great fish to swallow Jonah. You see, we don't have to go as far away from God like that. So that God, God has to appoint a fish. Do Takis give really nice like an unpleasant experience. But God can do see verse 15. The problem that was causing their trouble was spiritually nature and the same is true for some of our problems. Some problems, we need a spiritual solutions to your problems now. Okay. Remember, don't remember job that all your troubles are consequences of sin, but many of your troubles are consequence of sin. They are spiritual issues. And you need to take a good look to really think examine yourself.

Corinthians 1st. Corinthians access to do the same thing. Also, we need to examine ourselves and see whether we are in the face on that. We need to examine ourselves and look at the problems in our lives. Is it because of sin? Is it? Because of something that we are doing, that is causing that issue into our life, especially if we see the problem, keep repeating. It keeps recycle over and over. That means, God is trying to teach you. Something that would never learned. This is our guys work when things go. Like, the same thing keeps happening in happening, in happening, in happening, in happening, in happening. We never break free from it. This is a spiritual strongholds. That's what the Bible called. Spiritual struggle. So, pay attention is the same thing over and over. It might be a spiritual issue. When you have a spiritual issue, it calls for prayer and fasting, and in a call for you, to become obedient to what? God calls you to do but I know but a lot of our problems are because just we act like Jonah okay? Because we don't do what God calls us to do. See God is still Sovereign despite our Disobedience, he will accomplish his purpose with or without us. Still. You will do it with or without us. So when you keep running, God will make it very unpleasant for you. That's the last lesson. From the tax now but I have some when you keep running very unpleasant for you some more lessons for more lessons from Jonah and then we'll call it off today. Number one, don't run away from commitment. One away from commitment, don't run away from mittman's, you need to learn to make commitments and keep your commitments. Don't run away from commitment, just like Sunday morning, you know, that's your time to come to church, make commitment and keep that commitment when you make a commitment to meet a to help somebody make that come in. A lot of us when somebody, I know you don't want to make any commitment. I'm not sure will. Let me get back to, you know, if somebody needs help you can meet that needs, it meant to help and keep that commitment commitment and cheap those commitment. So don't run away from the culture, teaches us to do exactly the opposite. The cultures telling us don't make any commitment, but God is telling us we should not run away from commitment. We have to make meth John Maxwell, put it this way. Spot someone who runs from commitment and you will find a person who lacks character spot. Someone run through commitment and you will find a person who lacks character Rick Warren says, the same thing making and keeping commitments builds. My character is not what you make that commitment, you got to be honest and you got to keep that commitment, but you never gives you any opportunity to be honest. You with me? We have to make commitments and keep commitments gay. Just like if we need help with something, you need to volunteer.

Do you need to keep commitments? It helps to build your character. It helps to build your character number to there are consequences for avoiding commitment. There are consequences for avoiding commitment, there are consequences for avoiding commitment. It was clear from Jonah Jonah, refused to make a commitment to God and do what God told him to do. And God made it very unpleasant for him. See running from God will cuss you see you, remember, Jonah, paid, the fare, going to Target. So it's not like he's paying the fare to go software. He paid the fare and still he didn't get where he wanted to go. Did he? What's the price of a lot of us are playing and then it has specks on our life where it makes us waste more time than we actually had. They do not waste more time. He wasted way more time. Set up just taking that ship and go straight to Nineveh but Jonah running from God custom time the fair Get a lot of us are running away from God. We spending money in our time. Do you think it affected his health?

It was not in a good place. K you being thrown into the sea? I'm sure you drink some water before the before you get swallowed up. That wasn't the see. That water was what? Salty. Running away from God, affects your time. It affect your money and I fixed your hell and I bet your peace. You think Jonah was a piece.

And it takes away your drawing. Are you with me? I need to learn to make, McMillan cheap commitment. And we are paying the price. There is a cost for not following what God tells us to do the thing. Also, when we fail to make commitments to God, everything just goes down, and down, and down, and down, and down. See, it only goes down when you live a disobedient life in verse 3 it says he went down to Joe pie set up going up to Nineveh. Okay. Then it says he went down to the ship and Jonah going down to the end up part of the ship and had Lain down. There goes all the way down to Texas and say that but I just thought it was interesting that everything went down. Okay, so you were being so make commitments and keep commitments. Remember there are consequences for not making commitments. Number 3, our choices or sends I would disappear and can be just like Jonas actions, were damaging to the sailors. Can be damaging to them. We can remember Jonah slept for that very stone, that God created to get his attention. So we should not become desensitized to the tragedy as we have caused. A lot of us become very desensitized to the very thing that we have cause to happen. So our choices, our sins, they are damaging to others.

I got two more eventually number for we will have to obey eventually we will have to ebisu might as well start now.

Whatever you're not obeying got in right now. Eventually you're going to have to obey or suffer the consequences gay. So why wait to get in such an unpleasant Place? Whatever you don't obey, God. And right now, eventually you're going to have to obey.

And then lastly, God can still use us if our impulse, phobians grows stronger than our reluctant. God can still use us if our impulse for beans grow stronger than our reluctance and we will see that at the end of the story. So, in a nutshell, the message is simply this. I know you heard that word now in a nutshell, That means, you know, I'm the preacher is losing them to whatever God calls you to do. we will not always understand why God calls us to do certain things that he does not ask us to depend upon our own understanding or logic, remember that he does have access to I depend on our own understanding allergic, rather he calls us to walk in obedience to what He called us to obedience to what to Hughes word. So don't make it necessary for God to inflict pain in your life for you to follow him.

God loves you and he wants what's best for you, amen. Father, thank you for your grace. Thank you for each one of us here this morning. Teach our hearts help us to be obedient. Help us to be more like you. Help us to walk, according to your ways. Not according to hours.

Help us to learn from Jonah to be obedient today. That was to be reminded. We can that run from you. We cannot run away from you. You are totally in control of all that we face.

The father, help us to know. The trust you. Live. According to your ways?

That hours.

Let me just speak to your heart right now. Let me just speak to your heart.

Cuz you still have your eyes closed. You I had files as I just want to speak to your heart to see, most of us are more like Jonah than we think.

More of us are like Jonah and we think all we would be reeling to admit.

Most of us won't commit to anything.

Have some questions for you this morning.

God says to seek him first.

How many of you are actually doing that right now? How many of you are seeking him first?

listen to some self-evaluations how many of you are actually seeking God first? God says to love others. Just as he loves us.

How are we doing with our love for others? How are we doing with our love for others? God says to forgive others just as we have been forgiven,

Are we as forgiving are we as forgiving?

God says we need to encourage one another daily.

Who are you encouraging on a daily basis in your life. Who are you encouraging on a daily basis?

God calls us to be generous givers to his work and to the needs of others. How is your giving?

God calls us to live at peace with everyone. What are you keeping at Bay? Who are you? Keeping at Bay? God says, to trust him with all our hearts.

How are you doing with trusting God? In every aspect of your life? Are you doing and trusting God in every aspect of your life?

God says to share the gospel with unbelievers on a regular basis as we go.

When was the last time you share the gospel with someone? When was the last time you share the gospel with anyone?

God says to welcome one another and to outdo one another. When was the last time you invited someone to come along with you for worship. When was the last time, you asked somebody to come along with you to worship God cuz he wants his house to be fool.

Nice. The guy says, to be joyful always

Are you living as such?

Are you living with joy? Always?

The Bible says to pray without ceasing. How's your brain? How's your praying? Oh Father, maybe we'd do all that. You have called us to do. May we all live at peace with everyone. It will all be loving me. We all live with joy. May we all be generous me, we all love like you love me. We all be encouraging new. We all live in harmony and unity with one another. May we all pray for one another. The father help us to be obedient and trust you with all our heart for you. Say, trust in the Lord of all our hearts, lean, not on your own understanding. And all are ways to acknowledge you, and you will direct our staff. Our steps, you say to Delight ourselves in you. And you will give us. The desires of our hearts. Oh, Father may we go today. And live, as such may. We make commitments and may we keep commitments.

We love you. Father has restated the series on Joe. May you grow us? Can you grow us into obedience? Thank you, Lord. Fuel Grace. Grace Grace, God's grace. Gray.

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