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Who is God?
Hallelujah, welcome here.
If you miss my first welcomed the second one is just as hard felt.
Glad you're here this morning.
Hey man, it's no mistake.
You're here this morning you believe that there's a reward for making time for the Lord.
There's a reward.
He's a rewarder of those who diligently seek him a man.
So some of you it took the villages to get here this morning and then you had to get up yet to get ready, had to get things in place so that you can be in church on Sunday morning.
Hey man, and God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him.
So I hope you came ready to receive a reward this morning a man.
It's not what it says, so we should expect a reward.
Hey man, from his word, which is truth and pure.
Amen, hallelujah.
Well, I'm not going to preach this morning so I'm sure you guys have heard enough of me for a while anyway.
Amen, know a man's love good, that's good.
Praise God.
But no we have our brother and, and the newly-appointed Elder Kevin is going to come and share the word with us this morning.
Why don't you guys give Jesus a nice handclap as he comes?
I'm just a little guy.
You know, the mic stand is the right height, but this thing being up here makes me look like I need a mic stand that this day.
Sunday school children.
Go to church.
Be blessed.
Well, good morning church.
I love this church.
This morning, I'm going to share with you, the Lord, put on my heart, and it the title of my message.
Today is hear the word and accept it.
So turn your Bibles to Mark 4. We'll get there in a minute, but I'm going to I'm going to share a little background to hear because it's kind of if you, if you think about it it's kind of Almost funny anyway.
So it marks 3. Jesus goes to church.
He's at the synagogue.
And the Pharisees didn't really like him.
So they were looking for ways to basically calling out for doing something wrong, get him in trouble, ways to hurt him.
And there's a guy in church with a messed up hand, that was all withered and and he couldn't use it totally unusable.
And so they they were watching very closely.
watching Jesus to see if you would, if you would heal this guy on the Sabbath because that was somehow that was wrong for a guy to get healed in church.
And so Jesus knew what they were doing.
But of course, I think I kind of think, you know, Jesus like to do some of that stuff sometimes just to let me know.
He's going to do it cuz it's right.
But I think he also sort of enjoyed the conflict a little bit with those guys.
So Jesus heals this guy and it says that the Pharisees immediately started plotting with the herodians to destroy him.
It's sort of like when Jesus said to them, I've done many, many good works of four.
Which one are you still need me?
So okay, so these down at church now that the the religious leaders are going to destroy him.
So he leaves his synagogue and he starts walking down the street and there's so many people, I think one of the reasons they hated Jesus because everybody else loved him.
And they want it's not for themselves but there's so many people pressing into or Jesus trying to get to him.
That Jesus says to see one of his disciples, you better go get a boat or they're going to crush us.
so, after that, No. That's that's the stage, right?
There's a huge crowd.
The next thing that happens.
Is demon possessed people.
As he walks down the street.
Demon possessed, people will throw themselves on the ground and go.
You are the son of God.
so then, After that.
He was he was just trying to go have lunch right after church.
You you leave church, you go have lunch.
He was going to try to have lunch.
So now he's now he's having lunch, he's trying to have lunch and everybody pressed as in to where he is.
There's so many people that he can't even says in the Bible says he can't even eat bread.
And his people heard about that and they said he's out of his mind.
The Pharisees said.
It's still better than having a cord though.
So the Pharisees say so Jesus is people say he's crazy, we got to go get him, we got to take him out of here cuz he's he's nuts his own people and then the Pharisee say he's casting out demons by the ruler ruler of demons.
He's he's working with Satan.
And then Jesus Jesus's response to all of this stuff going on is let's go back to the Sea.
I'm going to preach You can't make that up.
This is like a day in the life of Jesus.
In his ministry, has to Mark 4. And Jesus is in the boat that he told him to get cuz he knew he was going to go preach.
And he knew there was going to be a lot of people.
So now he's in the boat.
They told him to go get, he's out on the sea and he says, listen behold the sower went out to sow and it happened.
As he showed that some seed fell by the wayside and the birds of the air came and devoured it.
Some fell on the Stony ground where did not have much are Earth, and immediately, it sprang up because it had no depth of Earth.
But when the sun was up, it was scorched because it had no root it withered away and some seed fell among thorns and the Thorns grew up and choked it.
And it yielded no crop.
But other seed fell on good ground and yielded.
A crop that spring up, increase and produced some 30-fold, some 60 and some 100.
So what was Jesus's teaching about?
You don't, you know that saying where people say, you know, there's two kinds of people in the world and then they say, two kinds of people and somebody else will have another one that's two kinds of people.
There seems to be a hundred different versions of two kinds of people in the world.
Jesus is basically saying there's four kinds of hearts in the world.
And he's talking about the condition of people's hearts.
The first.
The first time the word was on there that it didn't, it didn't get a chance to do anything in that hard.
The second time it's spring up right away, but I got burnt and just got burnt and it just it had nothing in it couldn't live.
The third was kind of like my garden.
It was full of weeds and missed opportunities.
That hinder the growth right last year in our garden.
It was so hot last year and we don't really have.
I mean, I have to string 6 garden hoses together to get them.
I got So, we didn't water that much cuz it's a lot of work.
And I posted on Facebook a picture of our cornrows last year because they were just completely overtaken by weeds.
And I said, an enemy has done this.
That's what my garden was like last year.
And that's like, that's the heart.
That's what that's the condition of that heart where it where Thorns grew up in, just choked it.
You know, we're going to talk about that in a second.
The force was like, Eden's Garden.
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