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Jesus, The Friend of Sinners

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November 27,2022

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Mark chapter 3 verse 7 says.

But Jesus withdrew with his disciples to the C and a great multitude From Galilee, follow them and from Judea and Jerusalem in, I do Mia and Beyond the Jordan and those from tyre and sidon a great multitude when they heard how many things he was doing, it came to him. We told his disciples at a small boat to be, kept ready for him because of the multitude, lest they should crush him. For he healed many. So that, as many as had afflictions pressed him pressed about him to touch him. And the unclean spirits whenever they saw him fell down before him and cried out saying you are the son of God. But he sternly warned them that they should not make him known. Let's pray together. Are gracious and kind heavenly father will what a privilege it is to come into this place? And father, just too. Hear your word. Being red. Reminds us Lord of your sovereignty in your control.

Over this entire universe. And that is something that we can rest in something that we can be confident in not of ourselves. But in you, father, I pray as we enter into this time of worship of listening to your word being preached. Father, I pray that you would give us listening ears and hearts that are receptive to hear it. And I pray, Lord, that you would give those that are here, that is lost those who are lost and I'm saved. Father, I pray that you would speak life into them today through your word and by your spirit we pray and Lord May each believer. Each Christian leave here with much more rejoicing and which we came in Knowing that we are saved only by your grace. And For Your Glory. And that would give you praise and honor. We ask all of these things in Christ name and all of God's people said, amen. We've been talkin about the the past several weeks about this mounting hostility between Jesus and the Pharisees. We know, it started back in Chapter 2 and compare them. And I want to go over it again. Just as we know that the key to learning is repetition is the key to learning. So I want to go back to Hobart again starting in Chapter 2, their in capernium. This conflict started when Jesus forgave the paralytics sin, you said it a paralytic, son. Your sins are forgiven into the scribes and Pharisees, then they accuse Jesus of blasphemy. Something that was punishable by Death. And the next we see another hostility that is when Jesus called unto himself a Despicable tax collector named Levi or we would know him better as Matthew cause this Center to be one of his followers and this to upset the Pharisee. And then to add upon that Jesus sat with went to Matthew's house and ate and drank with Sinners. And of course, a pair of so you saw this as something very scandalous. And then they observe that Jesus and his disciples did not observe their man-made traditional laws regarding this thing of fasting. And so, from their perspective, Jesus was really not a teacher of the law. He was saying a dangerous fraud, at least that they were trying to formulate that in people's minds. I didn't finally, we saw the last couple of weeks. There was the Collision over the observance of the Sabbath. Because Jesus and his disciples pics and 8 Grain on the Sabbath day. And because Jesus healed a wizard man's hand, that was the final straw. Both of these acts that occurred on the Sabbath days where I counted unto the Pharisees as a unforgivable breach of the Sabbath law. And so now blinded with hatred. They beat the pious separatist Paris. He's formed and then an Unholy alliance with the Godless world leader Odeon as together. They plotted for Jesus destruction, we saw that last Sunday and inverse number 6, where it says that the Pharisees went out. This is just after Jesus healed, the weather man's hand, the Pharisees went out and immediately plotted with her rodians against Jesus, haven't they might destroy the Lord, Jesus Christ. Now remember the Pharisees, and the herodians were enemies one with another. They did not like one another one bit. But now we find that they have something in common. What is that? They're their hatred for the Lord. Jesus Christ. Hey, listen is never good. When you have two entities like this, the Pharisees and herodian working together plotting together, those enemies now uniting themselves together especially in a way that is so evil. But though our passage of scripture has such a black backdrop of evil of evil plotting and scheming. Listen, there is a bright light of Grace all over this passage of scripture. I pray that we see this today and I pray that this is a great reminder for us as we live in this Evil dark world, that is always plotting. That is always scheming about We will see even in these dark days, the Light of Christ Grace and the Brilliance and beauty of our God who is Sovereign Over All. I want to notice three things this morning. First of all, I want you to I want us to see the popularity of Jesus, the popularity of Jesus verse 7 houses.

But Jesus. Withdrew with his disciples to the Sea. And a great multitude From Galilee followed him. From Judea and Jerusalem in idumea and Beyond the Jordan and those from tyre and sidon. So it was a large multitude, it was a huge crowd, a great multitude of people. It was so great. One reason it was great, was because during this time. In Galilee, at this time, it was densely populated. It was heavily populated by some commentators insist that tens of thousands of people were present at this time, a thousands. And then this number is then Amplified by hundreds, more who had come a hundred made, a hundred mile Journey from Jerusalem and Judea and many more have come even further from out of media. And then you add to this those who travel from the coastal cities of Tyre and sidon. And so you have this, then this picture here This is why Mark tells us of the geographical details of where this large crowd had traveled from. If this was a massive response here, he gives us these details because we must remember that people who have traveled so far. Will not be so easily denied. Okay. So this was a, a large group of people who have traveled, a great distance to see Jesus. And to be with him, there are waves upon waves of needy, people who are absolutely demanding, the attention of the Lord Jesus Christ. In the Bible tells us here that so great was the crowd. That Christ was in physical danger, for says a 9. So we told his disciples that is small boat should be, kept ready for him because of the multitude lest they should crush him. It's a one of Jesus disciples, he just Hubbard Hubbard close by in a small boat a much. The same way we would keep a car at hand with the engine running just in case Jesus needed to get have a quick getaway.

this is, This crowd had escalated into a very, very dangerous situation. Jesus and his disciples, we're on the verge of being trampled to death. That's the idea here in Jesus even says this you have a boat ready just outside of the shore that if they come any closer, I can get in that boat because listen, they're going to crush me.

We recently heard of such tragedy.

You think about something that just happened in South Korea?

It was a Halloween celebration. Tens of thousands of young people in the city streets. Overcrowded somebody for some reason, panic. causing thousands then to really just like sardines find themselves in a situation where they could not breathe. I didn't they pass out to them. People just trample over them. 155 Souls went off into eternity, just the other day that this is just a few weeks ago, because of being trampled to death horrible way to die. It is really a death by suffocation. Horrible way. And then, we think about a similar scene that took place in London in 1856. Charles Spurgeon was preaching at a massive Auditorium there in London. Some 10,000 people We're in attendance. And soon after the sermon began, some God hater. And some person who hated Charles Spurgeon. Yelled out into the crowd, fire fire.

Which led to a major panic.

And in that Panic, seven people died. I miss affected Spurgeon tremendously the rest of his life. Listen, I tell you these things to paint the picture of how very dangerous, the situation was for the Lord. Jesus Christ and his disciples and I tell you this to paint a picture for you to show you just how massively popular Jesus had become. Which in reality is one of the Pharisees and the herodians sought to kill him. They saw him as a threat. To their power. And so they plotted together to destroy the Lord Jesus Christ.

But I really want to focus on this morning is on two versus two things that we seen two verses. That leads me to the second Point. Not only do we see the popularity of Jesus, but we see V perception of the crap. We see the perception of the crowd. I think it's really amazing. How it was the religious Pharisee. Those who were the teachers of the law, they were the experts of the Old Testament. Haven't they were blinded, they were the blinded ones as it come to recognizing the Messiah, but it was the common people. Who saw Jesus and his lordship. They saw and recognized. That he was the Messiah.

I notice.

The crowd came to Jesus and eight and the latter part. It says they heard. How many things he was doing? The crowd heard, how many things? How many great things? How many miraculous things, how many wondrous things that Christ was doing? This to me, this is a very interesting statement. Again the multitude her, the crowd, her, what did they hear? Listen, they heard of the miracles of Jesus, they heard of the great things that Christ had done. All the stories of Jesus miracles and his Works were spreading like wildfire. Crowd had heard with their ears of all that Christ that done. I no doubt heard from the people, they knew who had been healed themselves And here's the thing. The crowd, not only her. But the crowd believe the statements of these people. They accepted the statements of these people as fat. I can just imagine a lame, man. Told how he had been made whole. I can just imagine how the blind man declared with his eyes. That he can see. And how old is different one version works just passed by from mouth to mouth from person to person. And these people, this crowd is great multitude, believe them to be true.

I know that even those of you who are here, Who are not believers, who are not. Converted. You believe what is recorded in the scriptures concerning the Miracles and works of Jesus. You don't deny those things. You accept them as fat. Even though your unsaved you accept them, you acknowledge that what is written about. Jesus is true.

I know that every person that is here, has heard the many things that Jesus Christ has done. You've heard. Other miracles. you've heard these things, maybe even from a child heard these things that is you believe that the scripture is true And you believe that the Lord Jesus did it. Heal the sick. You even believe that. Jesus Christ raise people from the dead and cast out demons.

And you even accept. The great gospel promised that he is able to save to the uttermost those that coming to God by him. You have been told.

Or maybe, you know, a great centers in your life, whose hard Parts have been softened by the grace of Christ. You've heard of folks are you know, of certain individuals whose character has been changed by the spirit of God. Whose lives have been renewed, whose sins have been forgiven. You have heard of such works of this.

And, you know, it to be true.

Maybe you've even seen with your own eyes, the effects of the gospel of Christ.

Maybe the stamp of Grace was stamped upon the soul of your brother. And you seen the change that Christ has made.

You seen with your own eyes. maybe the grace that has touched your mother, or father, or even a child,

And you know, many such cases, and you believed them to be genuine wonders of God's grace. You are filled with admiration. You are filled with a measure of desire to be yourself saved. And maybe you've often said something like this for the Lord. Please, please save me. Convert me today, I'm tired of being spiritually disease. I'm tired of being Unforgiven. I long to be made right with you. I longed to Touch the Hem of Christ, garment and be healed.

Heal my soul lord. I'll listen, you believe. To a point. but that is why you ought to believe, even so much the more believe unto salvation. Listen for you to believe in Scripture. Is great. For you, to believe the testimonies. of those to whom, you know, and to those of whom you have heard that have been changed by the grace of God, And yet not believe yourself unto salvation is like a man who believes that a certain medicine has a powerful cure for the same disease that you have. But yet you yourself, choose not to receive the medicine. Is there by the way? That's foolish. It is foolish. It is so foolish that there's not a bigger fool in the world, and the person who believes the word who believe the works in Miracles, but if not receive the work and the Miracles of what Jesus did for others unto himself, it's not a bigger fool in the world in that.

and it Grieves me that so many of you do not proceed to this saving point, but rather you are content and just lingering in on the borders of faith.

Another words. You see the river of the Tree of Life? You see the river of the water of life and you really wish to drink from it?

Because you're sure that it would absolutely quench your spiritual thirst. And yet, you are in danger of perishing even in the sight of the flowing stream. So I pray the Holy Spirit. What awaken your soul?

Who's the number one of you who have who are here and yet unsaved have heard. Of the many things Christ has done.

And at least, you believe those things which you have heard and rightly. So

But in order for you to be saved, you must cast all of your face cast, all that you are cast. All your sins, Upon Jesus and Jesus alone.

Listen to me. You should never be content. With just hearing the content of the gospel and thinking just hearing the content of the Gospel is enough to save you.

Never be content with just understanding, just a bit of the Gospel. Oh no. Listen to me. You must believe the gospel.

You must cast all your face upon Christ and him alone.

Want to mention something else. Concerning this crowd, no doubt. These that came to Jesus. Those that made such a long track to get to Jesus, they came to him. Knowing and admitting to their own. Sad miserable condition. Some of them were full of pain. Some of them were so diseased and they were in complete misery.

Others suffered poverty because of being blind or being lame. And they were anxious to be delivered from their from their disability and the poverty, which came with it.

And being convinced. That their cases were similar to that, which Jesus had already healed, but they felt an eager desire to see what he could do for them. In their mind, they were thinking this, hey, I know Jesus healed. A blind man. I'm blind. Jesus can do the same thing for me. And it came to Jesus. They knew very well of their pitiful condition and because of that, they came to Christ. Now, listen to me this morning, I can call Sinners to Christ. Until I lose my voice. I can call center Sac rice until I turned blue in the face, but no one will come. But only those who feel they need him. These people came to Christ and traveled such a journey to come to Christ because they knew they needed Christ. And you will never truly come to Christ. Until you see your need to come to Christ.

You need him.

Listen. Lost Sinner. There is a disease upon you. Which had already brought you down to spiritual death, and will bring you down to Hell before long.

It doesn't matter how moral you are.

It doesn't matter how kind of a person you think you are or how good a character you think you are. Jesus must save you. He must save you or you will be lost forever.

So, the question is this? Do you know this? Do you know this? Do you realize this? if so come at once to the savior,

That's the invitation. All those who are poor, sick and needy.

The Jesus. You said brother? Why you don't know what I've done? You don't know of my sad case. All listen to me. No matter how bad or how sad your case is, remember that Jesus has dealt with many cases just like yours and even worse than yours. Think about how. I was reading this morning about King, Manasseh, king of Judah. Who is one of Israel's most most evil King so they ever had? He was evil. He make King Ahab blush and he led the children of Judah into seeing and into debauchery and into all kinds of evil and if anyone who had ever thought was too far gone King, Manasseh would have been that such of a person that we were thought that. But the Bible tells us in 2nd Chronicles chapter 33 that King Manasseh, humbled himself greatly before the Lord and the Lord saved him. and then, we think about, How the Lord saved saw? Later became the Apostle, Paul, the great persecutor of the church. Two arrested Christians. Who had Christians men and women arrested in sentence to death.

If you live during that time, you thought there's no way saw could be saved as matter. Fact, when Saul was saved a lot of Christians who didn't trust him, no longer they could throw a 100 lb Rock. They didn't believe it. the friend, we can't believe it because we have seen with our eyes 13 books of the New Testament that he wrote with his hand, the same man who used his hand to slap Christians is now using his hand to write most of the New Testament. We know this he saved Saul and Paul. He also saved Adam, The first man. That's the one who plunged the entire human race into sin. He saved Adam. So listen to me, if he's saved man. Asks if he saves saw and if he saved Adam, who threw the entire world into seeing, he can save you

and with that, I say,

You must not plead with you. To turn your face, turn your soul, turn at your prayers. Turn your cries toward Christ. Not toward yourself, not towards someone else. This crowd of people, we're not trying to see the Disciples of Jesus. I know they came to see him. They came to see Jesus not his disciples. You turn yourself to Christ alone, and you receive his great salvation. as a great sinner falling upon great grace in Jesus Christ, I listen, why would you not come? Why would you not come to Christ eat at this very moment? Call upon him. Jesus said what? Profit a man. Big should gain the whole world. And lose his own soul. Profit is at. if he could somehow gain the entire world,

He was still have nothing if he did not have Christ.

Spurgeon said it so well. He said that the unsaved person, the unconverted person has nothing. He has nothing but a coffin on his back. And will soon have grave dust in his mouth. no matter how much he requires in this world, Hey, listen to me. If you're here and you're lost. That's a picture of you.

Whether you realize it or not, there is a coffin on your back. You're carrying around a bird. And soon, listen to me, you're going to meet the Lord Jesus. There ain't going to be in Grace is going to be in the day of judgment. I noticed quickly. The pity of Jesus Christ. We see the popularity of Christ, we see the perception of the crowd, but notice the pity. Jesus Christ.

we noticed that all those who came to Jesus for healing, Were healed. A man, never healed. Not one of them was rejected. Not one who came to Christ was rejected, John 6:38, Jesus said all that. The father gives me shall come to me. And those that, to me, I will in no wise cast out. That's a promise. You come to Christ, you will not be rejected.


Why would you not be rejected? Because Jesus, save sinners. And saving Sinners is his specialty. Saving centers is his business. He came for it, he suffered for, he died for it and he lives for it. He loves to bring Sinners unto himself. And so again, the question is to you, if you have not yet come, will you come the hell?

You see why I love about this passage. How it shows.

But Jesus actually did more than just allow and draw centers to come to him. He did, he did more than that. Our text says that he allow them to touch him and he healed them until this is like a double invitation in this text. My birth state is a wonderful invitation, the great multitude heard that he did great things, many things, and they came and then versus ten-tails us for he healed many. So that as many as had afflictions pressed about him to touch him. My soul with a beautiful picture. This is What a beautiful picture people clamoring to touch the Lord. Jesus Christ, they were tripping over one. Another if you would if you would to reach him and then they were being instantly healed.

All this and their need was great. But they're healing was greater, amen. They had a great need. No doubt they have gone to every physician. There was

But to no avail.

Listen, your need is also great. If you're here and you're lost, you have a great need, but the great position is greater than your need. Hallelujah for that.

Your sin is great. Yes it is. So was mine but Grace is greater than all our sin? And listen to me, this great physician who is greater than your need. This heavenly physician, His present. He is here in the service.

You know, the Bible tells us in Revelation chapter 1, that he is the one who walks about the seven, golden candlesticks walks about the churches.

And to even make it more intimate, he is the one who walks to and fro of the pews in each Church. He walks among the fuse.

Why do you neglect then? This wonderful opportunity to cling to Christ and be saved.

What is keep you? What's keeping you from coming to Christ?

Is it your love for seeing? Your love for being disease, that keeps you from Jesus. For many, that is the case.

But think about this, what Insanity that is to love the very send the very disease that will cast you into Eternal damnation. What keeps you back? What keeps you from coming to Jesus? Is it indifference? Is it? Apathy?

Listen, you may be in different now. You may be apathetic for the things of God now, but listen to me. You will not be indifferent. You will not be a pathetic on the day that you die. even if you have,

Your knowledge and sense. On your Deathbed.

Then, you'll wish. Then you would have desire that you have given up the entire world to find Christ.

It will be too late. On the judgement day.

So, do you see this morning? The pity of Cheese's? Please think about this if you here and you're lost, think about this.

Witnessing to an individual, not long ago. And I was explaining to him seeing and I was planning to him the righteousness of Christ and the importance and the preciousness of his soul. And he recognized that he was a sinner.

And I kept asking him this would you think about this? Think about it. Before you go to bed, I think about this fact of the precious precious moments of your soul is so precious that both in Christ long for it. Precious, it is valuable your soul.

Satan longs to cast your soul into hell. As a mockery to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Listen, you will have no more opportunity to respond. A better opportunity to respond favorably to God's salvation. Then this moment right now.

Today, if you will hear his voice. Come like the multitude came. Come with great fate. Come understanding your need.

And you see the urgency that is always given in scripture concerning salvation. You always had this sense of urgency is as far as the Bible. Speaking about sole salvation, the scripture says today, If you will hear his voice Harden, not your heart. Then it says now is the accepted time to come. And then it also says, today is the day of salvation.

You have the sense of urgency has? Never ate. I just passed White. And you calm when you feel ready to come? You never had that scripture. It's always now today.

Some may say will I send too much? In all of my yesterday's to be saved. Years ago, I was talking to a gentleman about salvation and he said with tears in his eyes, brother Wade. Price. Can't save me. I see in too much. You don't know what I've done. I said hold listen. Christ died to save sinners. A man is right.

Every one of us ought to be saying, amen.

And those who are lost out of this, a hold me. Christ came to save, sinners. I much rather hear a person. Say hi. God. Can't save me. I send to great. Then to hear a person say I'm too good. That needs to be saved. I don't need to be saved.

All listen. Others May say well, I'll start seeking the Lord tomorrow. Tomorrow. I'll seek the Lord but just not quite yet. We've all heard. Are these excuses. But understand this someone has wisely said that the word yesterday has slain its thousands.

My yesterdays are too dirty. For me to come. The word yesterday has slain its thousands. But the word tomorrow procrastination has slain his ten thousands.

I'll come to Jesus. Another time. On another day.

And that day, never comes. Remember this?

Tomorrow space. Is today's unbelief. Tomorrow's. Faith is today's unbelief.

I remember that the road to hell is paved. But good intentions and that's true. Don't listen to me. There's a lot of folks in hell. Not going to get to save tomorrow.

And procrastinated. And put it off. And put it off. And that procrastination is the devil's tool. The damn the soul. But listen to me, here's the good news today, you're alive. Right. You can hear me. You can see me. You have a greater privilege than those. I'm at great crowd that day. Who at the moment could only hear of the things, that Christ it at Christ did in those days. Today, you're alive today. The gospel still comes to you. Today you're still invited to come. All those who are thirsty. Come and let him drink of the Water of Life freely. You're still invited to come to the amazing savior. It's not quite too late for you to come today.

and I challenge you, I plead with you to come today, if you're not saved, Come to him. Like how do I come where you come by faith? You believe. The scriptures. Where the scripture says about Jesus. That's great. You believe the testimonies of those to whom Jesus has changed. That's great. But do you believe in me enough?

The cast, all of your faith upon him and him alone for your salvation. Do you see your need? Do you sense? You're miserable condition of why you need? To come to him.

Listen. As I pray. You pray within the intent of your heart. and you believe, Belief. You follow Christ.

and your Christian, I would say to you

but as I pray, would you? Pray. For at least one individual. To whom, you know. the home, your burden for That's not saved. What you pray for them? As we pray together.

Our great God.

Armada. Father. Father, we

ask your blessings now upon

This really this double invitation this eating through your word. By this great multitude, who traveled so far. Who showed such great faith. To come your son. The Lord Jesus Christ.

Father, I pray that you would please Grant. That same Grace to every lost person that is here.

May all the excuses.

As to why they should not come. The Christ just vanish away. For your beauty. And your majesty and Glory.

and those of us who are say, those of us who have come, Oh Lord, I pray. That we would be fervent to pray for others. To have not yet. Drunk of the Water of Life freely and been saved. Or maybe it's all those have been saved by your good grace. Know we all leave here saying that it's all of Grace. It's all of Grace. It's amazing, grace. Praising God. For the gospel.

I pray the Lord that you would move upon hearts.

And would help us as we partake of this. Lord's Supper. To be specially reminded. Have your a great. Great price and sending us your only begotten son the Lord Jesus. We ask all of these things in Christ name. Amen.

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