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Embracing Your Destiny

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Embracing Your Destiny

Gen 50:15-20

I.                    Introduction

·         The origin of Superman

·         The origin of Batman

Each one’s destiny was birthed out of “calamity

                                    :a disastrous event marked by

 major misfortune

 great loss

 enduring distress

unfortunate suffering

II.                  An introduction to Joseph – The Process/Stages toward Destiny

A.      Favor -  people of destiny usually inherit favor Gen 37:3

1.      Joseph was a son of favor and favored over all his brothers.  This favor was shown in him receiving a beautiful cloak; which later indications shows that he strutted around in (Gen 37: 23), had princely indications.

2.      The coat also signified authority and favor in which Joseph flaunted (Gen 37:4…Joseph knew brothers disliked him and he still spoke of dream and wore his coat)

·         Although the coat was a princely indicator, Joseph’s behavior (flaunts) and age (immaturity) – shows that he was unprepared for – destiny!


·         Joseph was attempting to rule before understanding how to serve!


B.      Dreams – people of destiny are filled with dreams Gen 37:5-7;9

1.      Joseph’s prophetic dreams pointed the way to his princely future(another indicator),

·         Although Joseph was provided prophetic indicators about his future, he used it to gloat before those to whom he was called to serveshowing his misunderstanding of – destiny!


C.      Hater Complex Syndrome – when people see destiny upon you some begin to develop the hater complex syndrome.

1.      Joseph’s brothers envied his favor and his dreams

·         Their envy leads them to despise Joseph’s –destiny!

·         Their spite leads them to plot “death” against Joseph and his destiny



When “destiny” is upon one’s life even death has to wait until that “destiny” is fulfilled


2.      Reuben spares Joseph’s life from the plot of death, but allows him to be thrown into a pit

·         Many times peoples words & action toward you can put you in a pit

D.     The Pit Experience – The pit was usually a cistern were fresh water was kept. If it were an old cistern some water may have been left, but usually it was dark, damp, rocky and secluded.

·         Many biblical terms for “pit” are metaphors for death and the grave

1.      Joseph is stripped of his “princely cloak” and the pit experience teaches him to die to himself (during our pit experiences we are to die to ourselves)

  a place of:

a.      Despair-          loss of hope

b.      Depression-    feelings of dejection

c.      Loneliness-     feelings of isolation

d.      Anguish-         emotionally tormented

e.      Emptiness -     feeling devalued or meaningless

f.      Oppression -   overwhelmed with worry and stress


E.      The Slave Experience – during this new stage of Joseph’s life; he was groomed and tested for – destiny!( Joseph was being humbled)

a.      Joseph Served                         Gen 39:4

b.      Attitude & Conduct (groomed)     Gen 39:1-6

c.      Integrity & Character (tested)   Gen 39:7-12

1.      Notice, he still has the Lord’s favor and he’s successful

F.       The Prison Experience – during this stage of Joseph’s life; he is learning patience, the simple art of waiting on your - destiny! (Joseph’s lowest moment)

·         We don’t have to defend every accusation

·         We don’t have to voice every opinion

1.      The prison is more than simply waiting but it is being in position. Many times destiny appears at our lowest moments, but if we have learned to be patient and wait on God….destiny will find us!



III.                Forgiveness


Finally, after Joseph has come into his destiny those who meant him harm, now seek his forgiveness.

·         When you are a person of destiny those who tried to stop and alter your destiny will often times be the same people you have to minister to, so learn to forgive quickly and easily.




IV.               Conclusion

Through all of Joseph’s calamities, God had to position him in the lowest point of his life in order to elevate him to the highest. They key for Joseph was not to give up.

We must allow God the opportunity to mature us, to change us, to test us and then to position us. If we allow Him to have his way in these areas…. Destiny will come!

And we too will be like Joseph and understand…

….you meant evil against me; but s/God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive.[1] /Ge 50:20


s [Acts 3:13–15]

[1]The New King James Version., Ge 50:20 (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1982).

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