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Matthew 19:1-15 Healing, Test and prayer for the children.

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Matthew 19:1-15 Healing, Test and prayer for the children.
Jesus leaves the region of Galilea and walks towards Jerusalem. Luke: writes he set his face towards Jerusalem! The cross was waiting. As Jesus have told his disciples; he was to be delivered up and killed and on the 3 day rise from death). But before that happens, a large crowd is seeking after Jesus and following him, he is in the region beyond the Jordan PPT MAPs. The people are healed by Jesus.
The other people that seek out Jesus, are a great contrast to the crowd, that trust in Jesus and seek him for healing. The Pharisees want to test Jesus, trick him in saying something they could condemn Jesus for.
Jesus had just been teaching about humility and forgiveness, it is quit the contrast to the attitude the Pharisees have.
We have talked about this before, how do we come to God? Full of spite, wanting to prove him wrong? Because we know better? Or in humility, asking to know Jesus better? If you don’t believe, it is good to check your heart, do I what to know God? Or just argue my case? God is faithful, and if we seek him with all of who we are he will answer. It is good to check our motives, why am I asking the question?
(PPT about what is going on) The question Is it lawful to divorce one wife for any cause? As the slide said, there is not real interest in what Jesus will say, but there is a hope that Jesus will go against the law of Moses and that can charge him. (PPT Mathew Henry)
Jesus like when he was confronted before ask them if they have read the law before? This is fun/ because they are trying to tick Jesus into breaking the law, they think themselves experts in the law, and Jesus ask if they ever read it before… You that are so clever, and are trying to trick me, did you ever read? (Do we? Or do we assume).
Jesus asks if they have never read Gen. 2 where God makes a man and a woman and they are joined together in marriage as one, and God did it, Jesus’ ague then what God has joined together let no man separate.
The objection is why did Moses’ command to give a certificate of divorce and send her away, - well he did not, command them to. It was an option not something you had to do, if some form of sexually sin had happened, not totally clear form Moses, but it was not for what ever reason. But the question still remains, why did Moses give a possibility to divorce?
Jesus’ answer goes to the core, it was because of your hardness of your hearts! You are so full of your self that that God even provide for that, but it was not what was the plan for marriage form the beginning. That you are even thinking this way is a loss.
Jesus explains, no divorce is not the purpose of marriage, and marriage should not be broken for what ever reason, only if sexual immorality has occurred is it possible to divorce, not mandatory. And if you marry another it is committing adultery, you should not divorce, but stayed with the wife of your youth.
We often say how bad the divorce rates are, and they are showing that hearts have not become less hard, but what Jesus said seems to shock the disciples, and they start saying, if marriage it that great of a commitment then it is better not to get married. They have a point, if you are not married, pray seek God, is marriage for me? Jesus will continue and explain.
Not all people can receive this teaching, only to whom it is given… Not all are fit for marriage, some from birth are not made to marry, some because of what has happened in life, and some chose not to marry to focus on the mission. And Jesus like a prophet say let the one who is able to receive the teaching receive it. Are you saying that some people should not marry? YES, well not me but Jesus, does. And for the reasons that he just mentioned. (System 1 2 1 – The first people seeking Jesus, the Parathesis the woman coming with the children).
The children. Good parents they bring the children to Jesus to be prayed for, we should all do that, bring people to Jesus and have him pray for them and us. (We do not baptize children, but we pray for the children and family).
But the disciples did not think it was a good idea, that is kind of fun, because Jesus had just used a child as an illustration, but they send the people away with the children, but Jesus said don’t hinder the children, because to such belongs the kingdom of heaven. And Jesus laid his hands on them and prayed for them. And then he left.
This is again about attitude, are we coming like children and the parents to Jesus, or in pride.
This passage has in some circles advocated that all children belong to the kingdom of heaven, but that is not what the passage said, it said to such. The ones that receive as the children does.
Not to them all as children. It is God’s work, there is not logical reason that all children would be saved, then as they grow, they will be lost? – It must be that we are all saved by grace, via faith in Jesus, that is a gift of God. Is there mystry in how God saves yes there is. But remember that God loves people way more that we do, so when we think God has to do this or this, or that, we could also, say you know Lord, you are the creator the holy one, the one that sends a redeemer. Gospel presentation.
(There is not much about Jesus hanging out with children, when we read the story Sadie said is that it? I think well meaning people try to make Jesus more likable or more like a friend of children, that Jesus would hang-out and play with the children, and play games, but we don’t see that in this in this bible story, - I understand why people might do that, but we have to be clear with what is in the bible and what we make up or what or we think could have happened). (I try to show when I think something or wonder about something, or if it is written in the bible, because our wondering and guesses can be wrong). Let not put thigs in the stories that are not there we do our children and one another a disservice. (There is no donkey!).
Do we really want God, or do we want to be right in our own eyes? When we thing or wonder about God, is it only wonder, if we hold to scripture is it all of it? To the glory of God? What is our attitude? Towards God, our self and neighbor?
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