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Simple Similitudes for Simple People

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Big Idea: Jesus tells a series of stories to help us get our minds around the nature of the kingdom.

I. Jesus has a parable of invasion, the parable of the weeds.

A. Often the parable of the weeds is seen as the church.

B. Jesus is picturing an invasion into Satan’s domain.

C. Two key points to remember, it is not always easy to tell who is who. And impossible to extract us from the world.

D. There is a day coming with a dividing will be made.

II. Jesus tells several parables about not underestimating the kingdom, the parables of the mustard seed and yeast.

A. Imagine being one of a dozen men, hearing about and believing in the message of Jesus and kingdom.

B. It must have seemed to be an impossible mission.

C. Another key to this parable is the inclusiveness, birds will nest.

D. God is going to do great things through His people.

III. Jesus shares parables about the great value of the kingdom, the parables of the treasure and pearl.

A. In these parables Jesus does a couple of things, first he talks about just value.

B. He also addresses how one comes to know of the kingdom.

C. In the case of the field, he just stumbles across it. He is plowing a field, or walking through.

D. In the case of the pearl, he is searching from something. What he finds is amazing.

IV. Jesus finishes with a parable which begs a question, the parable of the nets.

A. This is my favorite parable of this set.

B. It is a story most of his disciples could easily relate to, fishing.

C. It is about sorting the catch.

D. The way it ends leave us with a question, “Which are you, and where are you headed?”

E. Are you in the basket, headed into town? Or, are you in the pile, destined for destruction?

F. It is a poignant moment.

Challenge: Today, I ask the question, which are you? In the basket, or the pile? What difference are you making? What doubts are you harboring? Can people tell us from the tares? Do we really value what we have, or take it for granted?

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