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Prov 3 1 6

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Prov. 3:1-6    EBC  Sunday School   7/26/09

V.1- Keep my commandments- guard, watch over, reminds us the words of the wise were more than opinions or suggestions.  They had a binding quality to them. They were based on Solomon’s observations of how life really ought to be. It is important that we learn God’s truth.  The will of God is revealed in the word of God (Col. 1:9-10). So the only way to know his will is to know His word. It isn’t just enough to carry the Bible in our hands, we must have it in our heart.  Obedience to the word can add years to your life and life to your years. A life well lived is one is one in which our eyes are focused upon the Lord, our ears are open to the quiet voice of the Holy Spirit and our hearts feast on scripture.

V.2- Length of days- length of days to their appointed limit. True happiness in these days.  God doesn’t have to take us home early as in the case of Ananias and Sapphira.

V.3- Mercy and truth (love and truth) should be seen in our outward actions (bind them about thy neck) our actions are a result of our heart and what’s written on our hearts. A satisfactionary  life is one lived in the center of God’s will.

   Where mercy and truth are you will find:

     1-mutual outward help

     2-forgiveness of offences

     3-sympathy towards others

V.4- In the sight- according to the judgment of God and man. A good man seeks the favor of God and others.

V.5-6- Charles Stanley - Trust (to lie helpless, this pictures a servants waiting for the master’s next directive) in God is a foundational principal in the christian life. This principal must be learned and is not automatic at salvation. This means being totally committed to Him. We need to understand that wanting our own way will cause us to miss God’s will for our lives. This doesn’t mean that we turn off our brain but her we trust more our own thinking on things or others thinking of things. The Christian relationship is built on a lifetime of trusting God- how is a good marriage built – on  a lifetime of walking hand  in hand together. There are three truths we must accept:

   1- God is perfect in love - he always does what is best for us. One hallmark of this love is trials and tribulations. He loves us so much that he refuses to leave His plan to make us more like Him

  2- God is infinite in wisdom - The Lord will direct our right path if we will let Him. Sometimes we don't understand His plans and we ignore His commands at our peril.

  3- God is sovereign in control - Nothing can touch us except thru His permissive will.

  How can I walk in wisdom? Charles Stanley gives some insights.

   1- Determination - walking in God's truth doesn't come automatically, it takes determination.

   2- Focus - we must stay on the path of God's will. As we mediate on scripture and absorb God's truth our minds will align with God's.

   3- Spirit sensitivity - We need to become more sensitive to what the Holy Spirit wants from our lives

   4- Trust - Sometimes the Lord's choice doesn't seem sensible. It may seem foolish or require sacrifice. Trusting in His perfect wisdom is necessary if we are to walk with Him.

   5- Courage - Some things God requires may cause us to react with fear. As we grow we will discover the joy of embrancing His choice for us.

   6- Perservance - By depending on God we can persist and choose wisely over a long period of time. Not only do we need to start right we need to end right and we need to be right all the time.

   Wisdom walking requires that we know God, trust Him, listen adn obey. Is this our pattern for living? A lifetime of godliness one choice at a time.

  Charles Stanley - As our faith grows, obedience becomes a cornerstone of fellowship with the Father. Oddly, physical maturity can diminish our obedience. A believer can tell himself that he has learned to live righteously and therefore no longer needs to make a concentrated effort. In a short time he will find himself far off the path God intended wandering around with a pile of rags he thinks is righteous.


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