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Thorns and the Scheme of Redemption

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Based upon article: by Jud Davis, The Splendor of Thorns, pages 63-65 in Answers Magazine, Vol. 4, No. 3.

Theme: The shadowy gospel as seen through the Fall of man.


  1. In our previous lesson we saw just how God used the story of the Fall of man (Gen. 1-3) as a shadowy gospel.
  2. Tonight we look at one other – unlikely – instrument in this divinely orchestrated story of redemption: thorns.


  1. God pronounced a thorny curse in the lives of mankind (and ground) until redemption came through the seed of woman. Gen. 3:17-18
  2. Later, God used a place of a thorny bush – to bring about deliverance (through Moses) yet a law that reminded them of their sins (curse). Exo. 3 (Lk. 20:37; Acts 7:30); Exo. 18-20 (Heb. 12:18ff)
  3. When Israel became a people of God – He had this rebellious people build a shadowy tabernacle – made from all things: thorny wood (acacia) – a reminding bridge between curse and redemption. Exo. 25-30
  4. And, just before entering the Promise Land - God lead his people to encamp at Abel Shittim (Field of Thorns) – seemingly a shadow not only of their entrance from the pain/suffering of bondage into freedom. Num. 25; Josh. 2


  1. With the symbols and shadows pointing toward redemption and our Redeemer you would think that would be enough.
  2. Only with divine wisdom could God have made this cursed use of thorns as He did when Jesus (mockingly) was crowned with it. Jn. 19:1-5


  1. It is one thing to note the various texts dealing with thorns in the Bible.
  2. It is quite a remarkable testament to God’s wisdom that He illustrates sin and redemption with pain and freedom from it, through the unlikeliest of instruments in His eternal plan.
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