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Apart from God - All Is Vanity

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Theme: The end of all worldly goals are empty.


  1. Let’s face it: everything here on earth is vain.
    • If you don’t believe me believe the wisest man endowed by God: king Solomon.
    • Not only was he given wisdom, but wealth beyond measure.
    • This combination, along with the experiments of life, lead to his conclusion: All is vanity. Ecc. 1:1-2, 13-17
  2. Let’s gather together (the very title of the Book: Ecclesiastes) and listen to the preacher as he offers the counsel of eternal wisdom.

All EArthly Endeavors Are Vanity

  1. Wants (pleasure). Ecc. 2:1-11
    • Houses, vineyards (v. 4), gardens and parks (v. 5), ponds for a forest (v. 6), slaves and flocks (v. 7), silver and gold and male/female singers (v. 8). V. 10
    • All was vanity and striving after the wind. V. 11
  2. Wisdom. Ecc. 2:12-16
    • Wisdom excels folly. V. 12-14
    • Even though wisdom excels folly, both end in the same place. V. 15
  3. Work. Ecc. 2:18-23
    • Whatever accumulated things you have will be left behind. V. 18
    • What trust do you have that it (things) are left to those wise? V. 19
    • In the end, such is meaningless. V. 20-23

All Endeavors With God Are Profitable

    1. Those who live to please God are blessed by Him. Ecc. 2:24-26
    • He receives wisdom, knowledge, and joy. V. 26
    • Conversely, to those who do not please Him, what he has is taken away and given to the one who pleases Him. Cp. Matt. 25:28-29

2. We do not know the activities God has in store for our futures. Ecc. 11

    • Therefore, spend your days toiling with a good and noble heart… and enjoy the fruit of your labors before God. Ecc. V. 6-8
    • Children, enjoy your youth. V. 9-10

3. Remember, always keep God in your life. Ecc. 12

    • While enjoying life, do not forget your Creator…otherwise, all your labors are nothing but vanity. V. 1-8
    • Here is the simple conclusion (cp. V. 9-12): fear God and keeps His commandments. V. 13-14


  1. Brethren, consider your labors (wisdom, wants, and works) that all be done to your satisfaction and ultimately, to the pleasure (will) of God.
  2. Enjoy life in service to God, otherwise all is vanity.
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