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Serving God With An Eye Single

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Of all the preachers who ever lived, none was as lauded as was Charles Spurgeon. I found it interesting to note how he responded to the praise given to him. He wrote: "I have found, at times, if I have been much praised, and if my heart had given way a little, and I have taken notice of it and felt pleased, that the next time I was censored and abused I felt the censure and abuse more keenly, for the very fact that I accepted the commendation, rendered me more sensitive to the censure. So that I have tried, especially of late, to take no more notice of man's praise than his blame, but to rest simply upon this truth — I know I have a pure motive in what I attempt to do — to serve God with an eye single to his glory; and therefore it is not for me to take either praise or censure from man, but to stand independently upon the solid rock of right doing."

[Richard Ellsworth Day, The Shadow of the Broad Brim: The Life Story of C. H. Spurgeon. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House, 1934, pp. 214-215]

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