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Dont Rock The Boat Matt 14:25 - 33

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Text is a very famous story is Peter walking on the water and in this text, we learn the lesson that is Peter. If you want to get out of the way out on the water. If you want to get out of that boat, you are going to cause the board to rock. Let's read from Matthew 14:25 to verse 33. It says, now, in the first Fourth Watch of the night, Jesus went to them walking on the sea, and when the disciples saw him walking on the sea, that would trouble saying it is a ghost and they cried out for fear, but immediately, Jesus spoke to them saying, be of good cheer. It is, I do not be afraid and Peter answered him and said, Lord, if it is, you command me to come to you on the water. So he said, come and when Peter had come down out of the boat, he walked on the water to go to Jesus, but when he saw us, he was afraid and beginning to think he cried out, Lord, save me, and immediately Jesus stretched out. His hand and caught him and said to him, oh, you of little faith. Why did you doubt? When they got into the boat, the wind ceased, then those who were in The Boat came and worshiped him saying truly, you are the Son of God. Amen. Rock the Boat. Let's begin about Rocking the Boat.

The disciples are in the part, they just left Jesus. Jesus knows what's going on, but he's not there in the boat with them, and as they travel across the Sea of Galilee, the storm arises, and and seen this before. But they know this is going to be bad. As this is all taking place in that focused on the Storm. Jesus comes walking on the water and he's going to walk by them than they see him and this is incredible story and we know that Peter eventually walks on the water but what I want you to think about is how they're these 12 disciples in that boat. All of them saying I'm a follower of Jesus, I'm committed to doing what Jesus wants me to do but only one of them was willing to get out onto the water and what that reminds us this morning is that it is much easier to stay in the board to get out onto the water 11 out of the 12, chose to remain in the boat. The majority of people, the majority of people who claim to be followers of Jesus will say, in the book, they will remain where it's comfortable, where it's safe, where it's convenient. And I believe that within our church has often that ratio is different, but the vast majority of the Church Road and not out on the water with Jesus. They are not living by faith. They are in the boat with everybody else. And what that means is, if you choose to live by faith, if you decide to get out onto the water, where Jesus is, you will be different. And perhaps, because of that difference, you will experience some friction. They will be people. Perhaps, good people, who remain in the boat, who will tell you? You don't need to go out there. It could be unsafe family, it could be friends. It could be workmates, it could be someone in your church people who feel like it is their place to Enlighten you to the reality that you don't need to believe God. You must understand if you are going to step out by faith, if you are going to do the will of God when you step out of the boy, you were going to cause that boat to rock and people will say to you, just take it easy. Don't be so full on. You're taking this a little bit far. Think about your future. The Bible is filled with people who has stood by gone to do something only to be confronted by others. Saying, don't rock the boat. We can talk about Joseph, God gave this man dreams about what his life would become and we know that perhaps he didn't handle it in the wisest man of telling his older brothers. They were all going to bow down to him one day. But to Joseph, he's willing to believe God and experience. God's will for his life and immediately. He's met with his slap-in-the-face. Don't be ridiculous. That will never happen or we can talk about David went down to the field of battle to take some food to his brothers and he's got food from the old man is going to go and give it to his brothers. And Wally's there he sees what's taking place, Goliath the Giant and he begins to get stuff because this is God's Army and these are God's enemies. And this man is acting like, we have nothing to do. We can, we can confront them. And so David begins to speak like someone who believes gone. We're going to take this booze is gone that we're letting him talk like this when we should be going out there. And taking his head first, Samuel 17 28. Now a lion, his older brother heard, when he spoke to the men and Alliance anger was aroused against David and he said, why did you come down here? With whom have you left those few sheep in the wilderness? I know you'll pride and the insolence of your heart for you to come down to see the battle. Even Jesus, the Bible says, in Mark chapter 3, that he's performing many miracles, he's casting out demons his, Fame was beginning to spread, so that's crowns. Would travel from far and wide to come and see him but his family heard about what was going on, and they thought Jesus is lost it. He's at, he's going to have solutely nuts. We have to go and save him from himself, my 321. But when his own people, his family heard about this, they went out to lay hold of him who they said he is out of his mind. And we see this again, and again, through the word of God, people who set themselves to pursue the will of God to make decisions of Faith, only to experience, pushback from those people closest to them. And it creates this fear, if I believe, God is going to create problems for me, if I lay hold of the will of God, that person say, Because when you get out on the water, it's going to rock the book. Today's media makes people afraid to be different. I have friends in Vietnam though, they're not about Fellowship. They say they want to do something for God, and they have a bakery that they run there and out of that Bakery, they Supply food to a couple of shops that they also are, and it's the retail side of their business. And we were talking one day about, I don't know how we go down to the topic, but we we started to talk about homosexuality. In one of the guys, he just got a little bit little bit edgy about, I didn't see. He said, you don't have to be used on me where it, where on a tennis court when we had this conversation is nobody, there's nobody around anyway, but we say about that topic because we'll get cancelled. That's the price that we all feel in the age that we live in. Don't be controversial, don't say that. Don't do that. Don't speak in tongues publicly. Dard, preach on the street, just win people to Jesus, by giving them time to see that you're different. I remember time we was street preaching and Darwin. And there's a lady who came. She said, you know, I like what you're doing but don't do it like this. You going to turn people off, you just have to win them by your love as if you just people look at you and said that person is love. I'm going to find out a love like that. But what she was saying was Don't Rock the Boat.

As a pasta, there are things that must be confronted. Sometimes there is sometimes difficult conversations, that must be had and I hate those times. You're a sick individual if you look forward to conflict and confronting someone about some issue and so there's always the temptation. Just let it slide. It's not a big deal that work. It out themselves.

I got married young. I was almost 20 years old when I got Yahoo and when I got married I was so young that when I went to the doctor one day to fill out a form that I did put out the put down their emergency contact information, my wife's name and her phone number down. Gave the phone back to the receptionist. This latest little bit older than me. My mother's age and so she looked at the Forum, check out the information and I said exactly my wife. And so getting married, young, I had people say to me, you have your whole life ahead of you. I you sure you want to get married already.

There's a time that had the opportunity to quit my job and go full time in Ministry. My again my manager, just just think about your future, just maybe, just give it some more time to think about and make sure it's all stable. Just think about your future, think about your career, often? These people are, they are they have good intentions often. They're looking out for you, they feel like it's their job to screw. You want some things and they saying just come on. Just stay in the BART. Because people by Nature. Want to stay where it's comfortable. The problem is Miracles that happened where it's comfortable. If you want to experience miracles in your life, it will always require something of you. Namon is the Syrian General who had reputation and fame and victory in battle, but he had a problem, he was a leper. So you went to see Elijah, this man of God that he'd heard about. They could heal him of his sickness and Elijah sent his servant out to the door, to greet him and name and was told go down to the Jordan River and wash seven times in Naamans response. Was that River That's stinking river that we possibly I saw someone watching the dirty underwear on the way here. And I'm going to have to go down there and wash this. So I'm any better rivers in the place where I come from but name and if you want to be here, You going to have to get into that River? And people know this people know that God can work miracles in their life, they've seen it before in their life. They seen it in the lives of others. They know that Jesus is out there on the water, he's calling to them to come out of the board, but they just not willing to get out there. And so some people live their life like this. Jesus is walking on the water. That's amazing. I can't believe. I get to see this and experience this for myself, they come to church, they enjoy the service. They good people. There's an environment where God is moving and people are being saved. The lives of being touched and changed by the spirit of God, but they leave and nothing has changed. Wow, did you see that? Jesus. Walked by what are we going to get for lunch today? No commitments made no Miracle dimension in their life. Nothing out of the ordinary. They witness miracles. But they never experienced the supernatural hand of God at work in their own lies, because they stay in the boat and the Miracles. I never experienced in the boat. Mark tells us that immediately before, this was the feeding of the 5000 5000 men plus women and children fed with Five Loaves and two fish. Know when we were in it with some guys coming along at Five Loaves, two fish feels like a noise like a little snack before the main meal. These 12 disciples had a front row, front row seat to one of the greatest Miracles that Jesus performed creating something from nothing. I don't know what it looked like as it happened, but these men were carrying baskets that never ran out of food until every person was fed. So later, everyone is. What an amazing time and then Jesus tells them to get in the boat across the sea. A storm comes, I see Jesus on the Water Peter calls out to Jesus. Jesus calls him out onto the waves and not one of those 11 other men said, I'm coming too. Because seeing Jesus feed, all those people may include that's great seeing Jesus walking on the water. That's incredible. But me walking on the water also. That's a little bit different. That's a little bit too far out of my comfort zone. I would rather stay in the boat where it's nice and safe. So, who are you in the story? IU, Peter getting out of the boat and onto the waves with Jesus. Or are you one of the 11? We're happy to be part of the group. Happy to be cold a follower of Jesus, happy happy, that Jesus knows who I am. Just not willing to take a step of faith. Let's talk second-lien about a different life. because if you're going to do all that God wants you to do in your life, it means you're going to be different. You're not always going to make the same decisions as everyone else around you. And I believe that I'll text is a reflection of life that if you pursue the will of God for your life, you will be different and you must be okay with that. You might be newly saved. You just begun to follow Jesus? And perhaps you've already experienced what I'm talkin about what God has done in your life is so real, that you'll decided you've decided I'm not going to do the things that I used to do any longer. I'm going to live the life that God has for me. I want the future that he has prepared for my life but people have noticed that you've changed. And not everybody likes it. Do they. My interpreter, his name is Dawn and he was supposed to be with us this week, but Australian government rejected his application for Visa He got saved about 3 years ago and for a while his family didn't know he was uncomfortable about talking to his family about it, but eventually they found out. I just recently, just a couple of months ago, he has his auntie that gets possessed by the spirit of his dead uncle is. So she gets visits his legitimate Wichita, she gets possessed by something. I just don't think it's the dead uncle. And so she her face changes and she starts to, she starts to do this, like stroke, Abby Chain, smoke, cigarettes, and drink alcohol, because apparently, I see what the uncles into. And so when that happens, I gather around all the neighbors Cole for each other. That comment is like the opportunity to ask questions of this this woman as she's possessed with his spirit. And so my interpret his mother was there and she started to ask about him going. And who the who's this, God? That my son is worshipping and this woman I don't know. Maybe your eyes roll back in your head may be a head spun around on the show how it works but she started to talk about how he worships the god of the Cross and she made like a symbol of a cross. And immediately after that he received a phone call from his mother. Is this true? Does this mean you weren't burn incense? For me when I'm dead? Is this menu? What does this mean? You won't Pray For Me When I'm Gone. He had a decision to make. Will I be different? 1st Peter chapter 4. beat it talks about how we as Believers should not give ourselves to the flesh, but to the will of God But then he says in verse for that, they will be people that used to run with people that you used to work. People that you work with family members, perhaps people who will think it's strange that you don't leave the same way you used to. Are you willing to be different? The other eleven is sitting in the boat that I have no desire to move anywhere. Are you okay with not being like everybody else? Number one, sometimes you have to think differently. No, one else in the boat was thinking the same way, Peter was thinking. Now, bear in mind, they are in a storm. So, violent that these seasoned fishermen are afraid. And thinking about is getting out of his normal thing to do is focus. All of your attention on the crisis. Don't consider anything else until this is taken care of. Let's have some people coming to church, isn't it? Yeah, I hear you talk about the will of God and stepping out of the boat, but I've got bills to pay. I've got my own issues to deal with my kid needs braces. My dog is sick with covid-19 Park. So, whatever the latest thing is, I've got bills to pay. My mother-in-law won't leave me alone. I've got move other pressing issues in front of me right now. But sometimes you have to think differently because often it's in the time of Crisis. That Jesus shows up the disciples was so focused on the storm and everything that was happening around them that they missed the miracle that they could have been part of. You have to change the way you think change your perspective when people say the economy is bad you can't afford to tithe. You think differently that my perspective now is God will provide as I trust him financially, when others say this situation is never going to change that person is never going to change. You think differently. When people say to bother with that, it will never work. That, Outreach, ideas stinks, your perspective is different, you have made up your mind, no matter what things look like, no matter what the crisis is, no matter the setback, I experienced. I'm going to think differently. I'm going to believe God. Number to sometimes, you have to speak differently. Peter said something that no one else said, verse 28 of Matthew, chapter 14, Peter answered him and said, Lord, if it is, you command me to come to you on the water. If you're going to do the will of God, your words are going to be different. You'll confession is going to be different. Following Jesus means I'm going to speak differently. The words that come out of, my confession will be different. You going to pray differently you know just going to go into the prayer room and switch on the Old Town Auto Pilot in scroll social media while you speaking a Heavenly language. You going to lay, hold of God. You going to speak the promises of God over your life and your family and your church. The lay claim to those things God has said belong to you. You going to pray specific prayers, you going to ask for ridiculous things because that's what it means to follow Jesus. Why did Jesus invite Peter to come out onto the water with him and none of the other disciples? It's because Peter asked. You have to pray differently, you don't have to speak differently. And thirdly, you must understand. Sometimes you going to be the only one getting out of the boat?

Thank God for the times when I was getting out there with you yesterday. I know what the scene is like, with the big day Iration. When it's a crowd like that, you feel energized. Everybody's in it together. That's fantastic. But it's not always like that. Can you do it alone? Long time ago, there was a man in the doll and cherish that I looked up to.

And I thought I felt like that, I want to have a family. Like his, I want to have Ministry like his going to be out of work with people like he does, but then one day, he left long story, but he was sent out to Pioneer somewhere and just disappeared. I had known other people who had back slid friends of mine that left the church but this was different. Those were my peers. This was someone that I looked up to and I thought to myself if he can't make it. What hope do I have? The God help me and by the grace of God I meant I made up my mind. No matter who leaves no matter what. All this dude, I'm going to do the will of God and so when it was suggested, you're too young to get married. You're too young to be posture. You're too busy. It was. Okay, I'd already settled this. I might be the only one getting out of the boat but that's okay. Because I want to do the will of God. I want my life to please God, and I have learned that I will never be satisfied while I stay in the boat. Even if everyone is in that board with me, I will never be a peace. I will live with this lingering Ford in the back of my head. What could have been If only I was willing to be different. Settle this in your soul sometimes you got to be the only one getting out of the boat. So, let's finish and talk freely about the power of God. So you might be thinking off everything. I've said I don't know if I want what you told me about. It sounds like the board life is more up my alley. But understand something. Not only will you do different things. But you will also experience different things in your life when you decide to get out of the part. Number one, you will experience different miracles. Other than Jesus, how many people can say I walked on water. There's only one and it's Peter. History for all of time. Unless this happens again. He is the only person who can say I walked on water.

For all of eternity is people talk about the Miracles that God did buy their hand raised the dead provided resources for people heal. The sick cost out demons. I know, they won't be like that in heaven, but imagine Peter just sitting there quietly in the corner and listening to everybody talk and brag about their Ministry. And then, just asking the question, how many of you guys walked on the water?

No, we never read of Peter bragging about this. But imagine what this did in his spirit. Imagine the revelation of who Jesus is and what he can do in my life. The laws of nature and physics, submit to Jesus and now because of my faith in him, they submit to me. Imagine Peters mind being born with his understanding. She can do anything. God wants to do an unusual miracles in your life. They are waiting for you as you step out of the boat and think about something this morning, it it's easy to read the Miracles of the Bible, and glossed over them. Because we've heard them so many times before. But consider the fact that for so many of these people, at that time, that thing had never happened before. The sun had never stood still before the Red Sea had. Never parted like that before. Had never come from a rock. We read about Elijah, raising the Widow of Zarephath, his daughter, son, back to life. It's a great story, but that is the first time recorded in the Bible that someone who is came back to life. Imagine the face of this, man. This is never been witness before, but I believe he will come back to life. That same weirdo she met Elijah. When she was getting ready to prepare a loss meal for her and her son and then they were going to die because it was a famine Who ever heard of a jar of oil and a bit of flower that never runs out. But that's the point. When you're willing to believe God, when you step out in faith, God damn it. There's nothing. The God Who does exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ask or think he wants to do on usual miracles in your life. The second thing that you can expect not on these different Miracles, but you can expect different help. Jesus, lifted Peter when he failed. This is a fear. What if it doesn't work out? Jesus will lift you up. I remember the first time pastini lost me. The song Lady, it was an absolute disaster, it was so bad that at the end of the service normally the song leader would would lead a song during the article. It was so bad. The pasta Neil said, this coming, Friday Ulta, and we don't need a song at 3 also this time.

There will be times, it doesn't work out. How you hoped There will be times that you fail. But if you fail while seeking the will of God, what we see now text is that Jesus will be there with you to lift you out of the water. You might think I did it with a good heart, but it was a mistake. There's a supernatural Grace given to those in the will of God. So last year we went into lockdown, it was similar to hear it in that through different stages to lockdown and so when we were still able to go out and move around the Vietnamese government was very paranoid about Cove it up that time. And so how does a lot of contact tracing going on? If you come into contact with somebody they got covid and they want to know where else you'd be in the last few days. And so I went to meet a friend of mine, I had coffee with him and sat across the table from him. I'm literally half a metre away from him and the next day he called me and he said I got some bad news for you. The guy that I live with has cloven, which means I'm if one would it, I can't remember if it means. I'm now in the category that they going to stop asking me. Who am I come into contact with recently as guys? Very is now very sick. This guy everybody he came into the reason he's calling me is because everybody he came into contact with got covid and he's living with the man that I had coffee with later. This guy's brother got sick, other people that work there, they're all getting covid. So when he called me, I was stressed. And the reason why is because it was a Thursday and the night before we just had church and I'm not allowed to do what I'm doing. And so I knew that if this man gets Corvette, it's not just me. But if this man gets who did you see? You'll say, I saw this guy from Australia and I'll come and ask me, who did you see? And I'll have to say, I can't remember what I did last night. And so is this going to cause all kinds of problems? Not only that, but this my friend, he is connected with another church of Al's over there. I was just going to be just going to be dramas. So I'm stressed. Austin, I got you go to try to do something here and said time went by and and he they got taken away to quarantine and he's like sleeping on a steel frame, bed is just horrendous and all the while they testing him, and testing him and texting him, and he never tested positive for covid. He's living with this guy, literally sharing a room with his guy and he didn't get covered. And he said, you know, you've come into contact with this person with covid-19 recently and has put my name, my phone number down there, and gave it to them, and they never called me. A few days later. We had people come to my apartment to test everybody. They tested me and I'm thinking, this is it, this is what I'm going to find out if I've got covid or not and they never came back. So I guess I didn't know that time. But I was so stressed because I thought that was such a mistake. I didn't mean to have coffee with that guy. It wasn't like moving the needle, little with or without church was just, I wanted to have coffee with him. And why did I do that at this time? When lockdown to getting more moist dream? And I was like, this was a mistake.

God help me. There is Supernatural. Help provided for you. When you are in the will of God,

you cannot text. When did the other disciples worship Jesus?

It wasn't so much after they saw, Jesus walking on the water. But it was after they saw how Jesus enabled Peter to walk on the water marks, 651 and 52. Then Jesus went up into the boat to them and the wind ceased and they were greatly amazed in themselves beyond measure and marveled for they had not understood about the lows because their heart was hardened. This was just after the feeding of the 5000, it was at this moment that the disciples finally understood who Jesus was, they have seen Jesus Through Miracles, they had just seen him feed all of these people, but it says, they still didn't get it, but when they saw how Jesus was Peter to walk on water, it's like, that's when the lights came on Matthew 14:33. Then those who were in The Boat the other eleven came and worshiped him saying truly, you are the Son of God. These men knew Peter. Some of them and probably grown up with him. He was a fisherman who just opened his mouth too much but when he stepped out when he got out of the boat, Not only was Peter changed forever but so were the other disciples? And my point is simply this. When you choose to do the will of God, when you make up your mind, I'm going to step out by faith and believe God in my life, it might Rock the BART, it might Difficult. I'm going to be different, I understand that, but when you do that, they will be people whose life, your life will touch people who will see what God has done in you. And they will say, surely, this is the son of God.

James 1:6 I finish with this. But let him ask in faith with no doubting. Be he who doubts is like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind.

James, the man who wrote those words. James was in the boat.

James didn't walk on the water. And now many years later, he writes these words about faith in God and doubt and his challenges simple believe, God ask in faith, step out. Any challenges us to not doubt. And then he uses this imagery that seems a lot. Like he's referencing all the way back to this event and out, text. The man who doubts is like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind. Could it be the James later? Realized I missed an incredible opportunity. Because I doubted God. Because I didn't ask in faith. Don't miss what God wants to do in your life this week. God wants to help you. God will speak to you. God will reveal more of his will for your life. Don't miss what God wants to do in your life. Don't be afraid to rock the boat and then, let's pray. Would you value your head this morning? Going to believe, God to help us. let's bow our heads and

expect God to move this morning.

I'm so grateful to be here. And I'm grateful to see familiar faces people that were here when my family and I were here in Maryland. Thank God. That you still here. But I'm also grateful that I can be here to see. So many new faces also, and so, I don't know everybody here this morning.

Maybe you're here and you're reeling. You, you'll sign you that you haven't made a decision to follow Jesus yet. The Bible is very clear. None of us are perfect. All of sin all have broken God's law. And you would probably say I know that I know I'm not perfect. I know that. I've seen. I've done wrong things, what's the problem with that? But the problem is that this life is temporary. We will all face death at some point or another. We will owe at some point stand before our creator. It is a decision will be made, will you spend eternity in heaven or in hell? The only thing that will make the difference between you spending eternity in heaven Paradise, a place of comfort and peace, and rejoicing and hell. This place of judgment and torment and pain and grief. The only thing that will make a difference.

if you've been forgiven of your sin, Hell is a place with Cindy's punished is judged because seeing is like a crime committed against the holy God, there must be punishment. That must be judgement for wrongdoing because God is just god is perfect. But God doesn't want you to go to hell. God doesn't want you to spend eternity in torment and so he sent his son. Jesus Christ to take your sin to take the payment of your sin, the penalty that we deserved. Jesus, took it on himself on that cross. The Bible says that he took your ass and he took my sin upon his own body. paid the penalty for you so that you wouldn't have to the Bible teaches on the third day, he rose from the dead. Declaring I am God, declaring I have the power to set you free and forgive you of your sin. And because of that you can be forgiven because of that, you can know God is a reality in your life, a simple decision of faith. Faith is simply believing in something that you haven't seen yet. You haven't experienced yet. It takes Faith to sit down on the Bible challenge, a challenge to believe by faith. That Jesus Christ would forgive you of your sin, as you would turn to him, say God forgive me. I'll send an invite him into your life. The Bible says, if you repent as you turn from your sin and turn to Jesus, that you come into your heart, you reserved a place for you in heaven. You can know, God is a reality in your life. You look around here this morning. You wonder why these people so happy why they were to sing like this? Why are they so glad to be in church is because I've experienced what I've experienced, I've experienced what the Bible teaches us that you can be forgiven, you can have freedom and forgiveness, If that's you today, before we go on to other things, we can of the privileged to pray with you to lead you in a prayer to help me pray that God would help you. And you'd be forgiven of your sins that you would like to make that decision this morning to get out of the boat. I want to experience Jesus in my life. I want to be forgiven of my sin is that you while, nobody's moving around and he's looking around. Would you lift your hand? Raised your hand right way you seated while it's in your hand. You if you're saying that's me I need I need God to help me. I want to be forgiven of my sin. I need someone to pray with me. I want to receive God's forgiveness. His Miracle working power, in my life. You live with your hand. I'm not right with God but I want to be this morning. Maybe you were back slider. You've made this decision before but you've drifted from him and today it is an uncertainty in your heart. You're not sure. That way you stand with God. What would happen to you when you die? You make it certain this morning, you make a decision of Faith to come back to Jesus to come back to his forgiveness and his Redemption. Would you lift your hand? That's me. I'm not right with God. I need God to forgive me. I need his salvation in my life. I'm in church WIll for all of us. We're going to be faced with these decisions. We're doing the will of God is going to require me to be a little bit different. It's going to cause me to stand out is going to require faith. I challenge you that you take that step because you only experience Miracles when you do the will of God and you step out by faith and choose to do what he wants you to do. This week I'm not here to bring some Supernatural revealing of this is God's will for your life but I believe that God can speak to you. I believe that God will speak to you personally. Specifically. This is what I want you to do next. This is a decision to make. This is the thing to stop doing. This is the thing I want you to stop doing. This is who I want you to be. I don't want you to be like that, any longer? This is my plan for your life. And you'd respond to say, God I want to do your will no matter what other people are doing. I want to do you. I want my life to please you. You can expect, you can experience different help different miracles in your life and your life would have a ripple effect and begin to influence those people around. You want to give you some time to pray this morning. Before we close out service, I want us to spend some time and pray if God has spoken with you at all. Only invite you to come and find a place that they sought to let stand. We're going to believe, God, to help us this morning. You speak to God, take this opportunity. Say God, I'm going to do your will I'm going to follow you, I'm going to experience your Miracle working power in my life. God, what is it that you would have me? Do where is it in my life that I can step out and believe you? Let me hold of God, believe God to speak to us this morning. Thank God, she's on the robo santara by bazzi.

Hey man. I'm so grateful to be here this week and we can have a good time you come back soon. If you're able to, I'm going to be back here this evening, and I'll preach a different sermon tonight, bring somebody with you. If you can, let's believe God to help us this weekend. Believe that God would speak to each of us. Speak to us as a church. I speak to you personally speak to your family and God will reveal to you. This is what I want you to do with your life. Amen. Thank god. Let's give God. Praise one. More time is Pastor, Johnny Comes

Is God a grateful that Ministry this morning? Thank the Lord for that. You got some flies of are some people have a wonderful afternoon Fellowship when somebody up have some lunch today and told him about Jesus, come out tonight 6/15. We want to pray and me for prayer and I went courage you, if you don't use it, come and pray. I come this way to 5 with the back room there and we lay hold of God, get a hardship upon the Lord. And in time for the preaching and I'll serve as wonderful Ministry salary, plus the ride him and join the three girls. If you haven't yet, met them. Introduce yourself to them. It would have a wonderful week if you decide, I'm in, I'm in price going to go to work this morning, but I've got to help us as we got a man. I can we get a place close to someplace?

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