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Burning Up The Engine

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Dr. Richard Swenson, in his insightful book called Margin, identifies four different gears with which the healthiest lifestyle is equipped.

The first gear is PARK, for the contemplative times. We use this gear for thinking and resting and recharging our batteries.

The second gear is LOW, for relationships, family and friends. We use this gear for conversations and shared times with others.

The third gear is DRIVE, the usual gear for work and play. This is the gear we use to be productive.

The fourth gear is OVERDRIVE, the gear reserved for times that require extra effort. This is the gear we use for meeting deadlines and completing overdue assignments.

The healthiest individuals use all of the gears. Unfortunately, many in our society spend too much time in overdrive and not enough time in park. As a result, just like driving a car in overdrive all the time will burn up the engine, running our lives in overdrive all the time will burn up our spiritual and emotional and mental engines.

[Richard A. Swenson, Margin: Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives. Colorado Springs: Navpress, 1992, pp. 227-228]

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