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Getting Through the Dark Night

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In his book, The North Face of God, Ken Gire deals with the harsh realities of life and the dark nights through which all of us must pass. He raises the question: "How do any of us get through it?" He answers: 'With a lot of praying. A lot of tossing and turning. A lot of shivering. A lot of questions. But mostly with lots of tears."

He asks the further question: "How do we get to the morning, to the sunshine, to the joy?" He answers: "There is only one way. By waiting for it. We can't hurry the dawn, no matter how anxiously we pace the floor or how impatiently we watch the clock. And so the question is not do we wait or not wait, because waiting is all we can do. The question is: How will we wait? Will we wait well . . . Or will we wait poorly?"

[Ken Gire, The North Face of God. Wheaton: Tyndale House Publishers, 2005, p. 99]

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