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Back To The Basics Pt 3

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PSALM 8:1-9            “BACK TO THE BASICS PT 3.”


Nothing much is known about what is/has been going on with David in this psalm, however there is one thing that stands out. In spite of what is going on in our life, we must praise him. (To the Chief Musician)

When we find ourselves in a riot situation, we must go back to the basics with God

I)                   REDISCOVER THE WONDERS OF GOD (VS. 1)

1)      Wonder: to arouse, awe, astonishment, surprise or admiration. To spark curiosity or sometimes doubt. (be honest, there are sometimes when our curiosity or doubt has got the best of us) (however in a riot situation, we oftentimes lose our wonder of God)

2)      David rediscovers God’s wonders by first reciting his name. (O’ Lord, our Lord) (O’ Lord: dual meaning: Real a focus on God’s sure existence and his relationship to his covenant with his people. (in other words, this focuses itself on God’s promises to his people, not his people’s promises to him.

3)      O’ Lord: Jehovah/Yahweh (recited/mentioned 6748 times in the OT) (could it be that the source of our riot is that in our repetition of God, we somehow lose our reverence to him)  

4)      Our Lord: Lord of the whole earth. It speaks of God’s sovereignty and his rule. (it is the process of how God brings things to pass) (bible: his ways are not our ways, his thoughts are not our thoughts)

5)      David, after reciting who God is, now rehearses what he does. (how excellent (glorious/worthy )is thy name in all the earth. (excellent: Majestic (awesome) Mighty: (actions) (when is the last time you recited who God is/what he does.

6)      We spoke about God’s promises (O’ Lord) process (our Lord) but now we need to speak to our priority in God. (David acknowledges that it is God who have set His glory above the heavens. (glory: splendor and authority) ( splendor that must be obeyed.) (not just watched from heaven, but walked on earth. (secret: a lot of us need to rediscover the wonders of God, because we have not seen God work in our presence because we have not obeyed. (the best work that can see God do is not in others, but when he does a work in me. ( when his glory is manifested through me!) (when is the last time God’s glory shown through you?)

II)                RECONSIDER THE WORKS OF GOD (VS. 3)

1)      consider: discern, distinguish, observe, watch, learn about. (to see, but to also take pleasure in what you see.) (do you take pleasure in what you see?)

2)      see what? See what God has ordained. (ordained: set-up) (David now rehearses what God has made, but not only that, but how he has made.

3)      The work of God’s fingers (not his hand) The moon and the stars) (not daytime activity.) ( when you reconsider God’s work, we will begin to realize that God does his best work in riot situations. (Bible: when God created heaven and the earth it was day and night and it was good, when he created man, it was day and night and it was good. But when he desired to bail mankind out of it’s mess, it was night and day and it was good!  (God does his best work @ night!) (is it nighttime in your life, let God work on you in your nighttime situation!)

III)             REMEMBER THE WORTH OF MAN ( VS. 4-5)

1)      Notice the progression here, we must rediscover God’s wonder, reconsider God’s works, then we can begin to remember the worth of man.

2)      David begins to ask questions of the works of God in the life of man.

3)      First he asks, why do you remember man? (mindful: remember. To recall information or events with a focus on responding in an appropriate manner) (Ex: 6:5 I have heard your cry/seen your affliction) (ill: cruise Matre’D ( amazing how much he knew about us, he memorized our information, knew what we drank, all we had to do was show up and sit down. (moral: God is our heavenly Matre’ D and he knows us, he remembers us and serve us in an appropriate manner!)

4)      Secondly, he asks why do you review man? (visited: Pass in review) why does God review us? (ill: pass in review: military event to assess the combat readiness of the troops. (God always knows when we are ready or not? (man: “Enos” Mortal/Weak Man)

5)      David further explains his point in verse 5 ( God gave us responsibility and we were ordained to be his representative (lower than God) on the earth  (crowned us with glory and honor) (why do we rate?) here is the answer to the riddle? ( we are insignificant in creation but yet he cares for us immensely because he remembers us! (we ought to remember God, because he remembers us and that’s how he deals with us. (remembers that we are dust!

6)      Because he remembers us, there is one more thing that David says we ought to do, Rejoice in the wisdom of God! (vs 6-8) 

7)      God had given us responsibility, we were his representative, but we rebelled, and ruined the situation, but God remembered who we were and provided a remedy.

8)      What is the remedy?  God sent his Son to experience humiliation in order to experience exaltation.

9)      When we could not be obedient, he became obedient in our place!

10)  Hebrews says that now we see Jesus who tasted death for our sins. (humbled himself became obedient to death and God has given him a new name and at the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow, every tongue shall confess!

11)   Also in his coming Triumph.  (1 Cor. 15 ) ( what is the triumph, it is victory ( one day the trump shall sound and the dead in Christ shall rise, and we that remain shall be called up to meet him in the air. ( Jesus must reign until he destroys the last enemy death and put is under his feet)

Where do I find that? (Death and hell shall cast into the lake of fire!

We will be together! ( Rev 5: who is worthy to open the seal.

And they sung a new song!

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