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The Power of No Part #1 Drawing a Line Against World-Flesh-Devil 7-5-09

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The Power of No Part #1:

Drawing a Line Against World,

Flesh and the Devil


Summer book tradition

·                    This year—didn’t find

·                    Conference—series—Frank D—piqued interest

·                    Do something different

o       Going to draw from this series

o       SHAPE this for us this summer

o       Feel it is CURRENT/powerful/needful in this season

Preacher disclaimer

·                    We all borrow from one another

o       TG quote ‘Best things I’ve ever preached, I’ve stolen from other preachers’!

·                    Reading books—preach a part of what is said

o       Always preach my own

·                    Sometimes God will give me a word—just from hearing the TITLE of something

o       Kinda what happened here

Heard about this Series

·                    On NO

·                    And on YES

Something stirred in my spirit

·                    In world situation today—

·                    Upheaval everywhere

·                    How are we to respond as church

·                    Need to have a clear sense of our yes and our no

Let your Yes be YES and your NO be NO Matt 5:37 let 5your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No.


We Need that CLARITY—

·                    Because We are a people of FAITH

·                    We have to have clarity of our boundaries

·                    Etc. Develop

Boundary—Ps 16

5     Lord, you have assigned me my portion and my cup; you have made my lot secure.

6     The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance.

·                    PERMEABLE Boundaries!!!  (Relatives??? Certain Friends???)


Gotta know Where your NO IS—where is your YES

Going to START this series – with a look at ‘NO’

·                    Later we’ll get to the YES!

How many know if can’t say NO—overrun!?

·                    When can’t say YES—miss out on right stuff

o       Provision

o       Blessing

o       Faith

FAITH is integrally linked

·                    To our YES—opening the doors

·                    And to our NO—closing the doors—not being ‘too permeable’

o       Some people allow ALL KINDS of things—they should say no to


Going to talk about the word NO, today   

·                    Positive Twist on it

·                    Has an attitude with it

·                    An attitude of ‘no more’, enough is enough, I draw the line here

Wanting to ADDRESS An attitude coming against our lives

Today I’m going to talk about 3 Enemies that come against our LIFE

·                    Cause you have to know what you are going to say no to!

·                    World/Flesh/Devil

·                    World--Disclaimer

o       Has own system

o       Own values—KOG and world values don’t mix

§        World says—grab all you can get—step on others—fight your way

§        Jesus said, ‘Give and it shall be Given’; Greatest-Servant

o       What world would give—does NOT have

o       World might push you into reality that is unacceptable

o       World has it’s own value system

o       Has it’s own way

o       But we’re not of the world

I Peter 2:11 11 Dear friends, I urge you, as aliens and strangers in the world, to abstain from sinful desires, which war against your soul.[1]

o       Children of  Most High God—Adopted—

§        In world not OF the world

o       But world tempts us

o       Romans—need to be transformed by mind of Christ

o       If not careful—mind grabs hold of world’s ways/values/ideas/lifestyle

o       Before we know it—we allow world to press into our lives

o       Start compromising things

o       Pretty soon—can’t see difference between Christian and world

Has anyone here been tempted to be shaped by the world lately?

o       Film/media/writings/ built by something we can’t be a part of

o       For some—ideas—like divorce is an option

o       Not what the Bible says

o       World says—living together—having sex before marriage

o       You have a choice

o       Immorality becomes acceptable

But that’s not what the Bible says

o       Bible is very clear—if you commit sexual sin—there is a judgment on your body

o       But the world says—it’s alright

o       There are tons of examples

§        Develop

·                    God wants to show us WHERE we need to take a NO position w/world

·                    Flesh

o       Disclaimer—physical body Good

§        Bible talks about Carnal nature

§        Nature to do something WRONG

o       Adamic nature

o       Has an appetite for the wrong thing

You know what it’s like to have a natural appetite

o       Ever crave something you shouldn’t have?

§        Just because you crave—doesn’t mean you should get it

o       Appetite of flesh is not the appetite you should live with:

§        Selfishness

§        Self-centerdness

§        Ambitions glories that shouldn’t be lived

§        Lust pleasure

§        Lieing—cheating stealing

§        Flesh has an appetite for living independently

§        Not under authority—live independently

§        Flesh wants to be independent of God

What happens with appetite?

·                    If you feed it—the more you feed  it – the more you want it

·                    Sicker you get—‘way that seems right to man’

·                    Flesh has a proneness for ADDICTION

o       NOTHING really PLEASES!!!!!!!!!!!

·                   Flesh has a capacity for doing things that don’t profit

·                    Devil     

o       Spiritual world

o       II Cor 10:4

4 The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. 5 We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ[2]


·                    Life is more than what you see

·                    There is also another force out here!!!!

·                    Eph 6:10-17 Evil spirits


o       BUT . . . . . .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

·                    Paul fought them—Peter—Jesus fought them

·                    Everyone of them fought what came against this

·                    Spoke to spirit

Jesus Understood Dynamics coming against lives


·                    GREATER is He that is in us than he that is in the World

·                    But, be WISE

In our nation there are evil spirits

·                    Underworld against your life

·                    Evil spirits have a plan for you

o       Scheme—Eph 6

·                    Take notes on your life—outline your week

·                    Find out your weakness—find out back door—what you’re prone to do

They do a study to the place, so they know where to take advantage of your life

·                    You have an underworld power who knows who you are

What I want to get across here

·                    Empowering you to say NO

·                    No to devil—no to world

As I’ve talked to you

·                    Anyone recognize that the world, flesh or devil has been making way against your life?

·                    Anyone see the advantage coming against your life that is taking

I believe that in the cultural shifts in America

·                    In political/moral shifts in the America/world

·                    When economy/philosophy changes

·                    Invasion of wrong thinking/worries

As a church—need to come together—stand together

·                    Together need to say—no way

·                    This is not going to happen to my family

·                    My life

·                    My morals

·                    My

Right now—I’m going to be strong in what we’re going to do

·                    If enemy has had his way in me

·                    It’s time for me to take a stand

Time to wake up—smell the coffee

·                    Wake up—take a pulse of your spirit man and your life

·                    Multiple things


Eph 4:27

*        27 and xgive no opportunity to the devil

·                    Don’t give devil way to defeat you

·                    Check translations

·                    You have responsibility

·                    You have a PART of this equation

If the devil has taken opportunity

·                    You are giving him some room

·                    Don’t give the devil any MORE chance

·                    Want you to do something so that you can make sure you are not opening the door over your life

The word “NO”

·                    Means an emphatic CHOICE

·                    Can be negative—but this is positive

o        We Say NO—we got something Better—Dog-bone-steak

You can be passive—develop

·                    OR you can say, I believe there is MORE to what is going on around me

·                    I’m under attack

·                    You know what, the enemy has been planning this

·                    There is something behind this more than life and self

Conviction—Truth/Value that you COMPLETELY sell OUT to

·                    Declaration of INDEPENDENCE born out of CONVICTION

·                    Strength

Things CHANGE when conviction happens

When there is the LINE drawn—the MOMENTUM shifts

·                    Declaration of INDEPENDENCE—how it changed EVERYTHING

o       History changed at that moment

o       There was a NO MORE, declaration within that!!

·                    That’s why STRENGTH happens!!

·                    CONVICTION vs ‘free floating belief’


o       When get CONVICTION—get a NO  position

o       Easy to say NO when you have a bigger YES on the inside of you!!

·                    !!


·                    Drawing a line

·                    IN sports—when changed—momentum changes

·                    Morals—when line drawn—everything changes

o       Coming out of Addiction

·                    Africa—missionary

·                    Relationship, parenting, finances

What I’m asking you to do

·                    Draw a line

·                    Take a no position – Give no place to the devil

·                    With all the enemy is trying to bring into your life and shape around your life

·                    Set a marker

Today—Is a day when it’s all stops

·                    I will no longer let my mouth run off with negative

·                    I will not do this anymore

·                    Influence people—gossip—dark

Relationship I’m in is wrong

·                    I know that our relationship is wrong

·                    I know it has wrong foundation—feeding on each others flesh

·                    We need to step back

If that happens someone has to draw the line


·                    Porn—one click—look at things—Feed FLESH—SCAR SOUL

o       Praying for LINDSEY BAUM—

o       Remember Jamses Dobsen/Ted Bundy—role porn plays in pedophiles/serial murderers

·                    Illicit relationship

·                    Myspace


·                    Not a wise thing to do

Draw line—no further

·                    I draw the line

Say no to enemy

Give no room for enemy to occupy or find place of influence in your life?

·                    Who influences you the most?

·                    Where is the core of the influence founded upon?

Could be a person who says Christian

·                    Doesn’t love pastors

·                    Local church

·                    Coming against your local church

·                    All of the sudden, their influence surpasses YOUR influence

o       Takes you some place you don’t want to be

o       Is it an influence you can trust?

o       Is it godly?

Need to draw line

When you take a NO position

·                    God establishes BOUNDARY LINES in perfect places

What does a ‘no position’ bring to our lives?

·                    Safety

o       Safe boundaries

o       Peace/safety

o       Nancy/me dating—no seeds of adultery

·                    Clarity

o       Can see clearly

·                    Strength

o       Fulcrum— Give me a place to stand and a lever long enough and I will move the world—Archimedes 200 BC Greek Mathematician—Engineer—Physicist

o       You NEED a fulcrum for things that are TOO Weighty to take out on your OWN!

·                    Freedom

·                    Team

o       God never meant us to take our no position alone

o       God put us in TEAM—in FAMILY—in the CHURCH

o       When there’s a bro/sister standing beside me with the same position—it MULTIPLIES the strength EXPONENTIALLY

o       All boundaries/convictions Operate as we stand TOGETHER as the family of God

o       Don’t have to stand ALONE

o       We got each other’s back

Here’s our no prayer:

·                    Today in Jesus’ name, I take my position of faith and stand my ground

·                    In Jesus’ name, I Make the choice of my free will to Submit to God and I resist the enemy with a definite NO to his invasions into my spirit, soul and body.  I draw a line and give no more opportunity to take advantage. I Draw a Line and say NO to the schemes of the enemy— I say NO to the Lies of the flesh –I say NO to the lies of the World—and I surrender my life afresh to God and  I say YES to Him.

·                    In Jesus’ mighty name, AMEN!

When you take a stand—the enemy takes a stand

·                    Enemy loves the atmosphere of lukewarmness/laxidazicalness

·                    Maybe you don’t need this

But do you know someone else that has been invaded/deceived by devil

How many thinks it’s for me?

(Give Jesus a shout—clap)

And I DRAW the Line and I say NO

·                    This is an attitude message

Normal life—mom and dad—can’t do it

·                    But in this expression

·                    You can say this to world/flesh/devil

·                    Can say like you really believe it

Going to pray best prayer

·                    Going to pray VICTORY

Pray God is going to break ALL grip of enemy


5 Lit. your word be yes yes

[1]The Holy Bible : New International Version. 1996, c1984 (electronic ed.) (1 Pe 2:11). Grand Rapids: Zondervan.

[2]The Holy Bible : New International Version. 1996, c1984 (electronic ed.) (2 Co 10:4-5). Grand Rapids: Zondervan.

x See James 4:7

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