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Challenge To Our Mindset 1

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SERMON:   A CHALLENGE TO OUR MINDSET                                                  

POINT:        NEED TO THINK LIKE BORN-AGAIN BELIEVERS                                                         


INTRO:        We are beginning three lessons on “A CHALLENGED TO OUR MINDSET.” Mindset is defined as, “Habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations. For example  you may be one who, no matter what the circumstance, would not have an abortion. Another may refuse to go to war. Peter could say, “We must obey God rather than men.” All these are not moment by moment decision, but ways people choose to live their lives.

In some cases they are wrong mindsets. One's mindset might not be God-honoring. We have observed recently that many of the things people do in the name of God and religion might not have originated with God at all. So, the mindset is not healthy.

Two things:

1I wish to tell you a little story

2I wish to set the stage for three lessons today.


 A New York City executive decided to try and save himself a few dollars by changing the florescent tube light in his office. He managed to sneak the tube, which was 7 feet long, into the building and make the change successfully. But what to do with the old one?

He remembered a dumping sight near his subway stop in Brooklyn. He carried the long tube with him and as he sat down on the train, he held it vertically. I wasn't long before he realized that another hand was on top of his, then another and another. They were using the old light as support, believing it was a stanchion. His plan changed. When the subway stopped for him he gently slid his hand off the tube and walked away, leaving others holding the stanchion and feeling secure.

Perhaps some of us feel quite secure holding to our “stancions” that are neither grounded on the earthly end to the Bible or to God in heaven.

 We may feel very secure because we have been baptized, or are in the right church, or do not not lie to others or cheat on our income tax, or the fact that we live above alcohol, tobacco and dope.


A“Raised With Christ”-v 1

1He was physically given new life from the grave.

2We were given new life from sin- cf. 2:13,14

3Our baptism was a re-enactment of Christ's resurrection though faith- 2:12

AResurrected People Have A New Perspective-vs1,2

1Ask those who have escaped death or have had near death experiences.

2Ask the man born blind now seeing- John 9

3This is a “if.... then” framework: if=since

a“If raised with Christ [then] seek things above!”

iJesus said, “You are from below; I am from above. You are of this world, I am not of this world.”

iiNow He is back “above” at God's right side and we are too be seek these things.

a“Set your minds on things that are above, not on earthly things!”

1This  truly describes a new mindset, a fresh way of viewing life:

aCol. 1:10- “walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to him, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God."

b Col. 2:6-"Therefore, as you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him..."

A“In Christ” Gives Us New Hope, Expectation, Joy- vs 3,4

1The “hidden” language call O.T. to mind

aFeel the impact of realizing that your life is inseparable from Jesus!

bIs this what Paul was referring to in Gal. 2:20?

1Are you living like Christ now, so you can enjoy him later?

INOW LET'S START APPLYING THIS NEW MINDSET- that of sharing our faith. This is a plea from me to you for us to help each other.

AThe Principles Are Before Us- Colossians 3:

1“Put to death”- 5

2“Put on”- 12

3“Do everything in the name of Jesus”- 17

AThere is nothing logical about  keeping spiritual blessings to ourself.

1Most of  us are generous with help, advice, money. But it is hard to give away our faith

2The most  important thing to all, we keep! Why do we do such a poor job at spreading the good news?

a“98 % of Christians don't do it.”

bWe are overcome with fear of: bothering others, of lacking in knowledge, losing friends, and disrupting families.

cWe do not really take it seriously!!!  ILLUST: Motivation in witnessing Gen. William Booth,  believed if he could hold each of his young Salvation Army officers over hell for a few minutes, he would never have any trouble keeping them motivated about being witnesses to Christ.

dWe believe that spiritual blessings are found outside of J.C.

1One last thought of encouragement for us to embrace this mindset:

aPerhaps we have been lulled into thinking it is for speakers!

bILLUST:  Seen In the Face.  Many years ago some men were panning for gold in Montana and found a small bit. With more effort they realized their find was a huge vein of gold. They celebrated, but had to take a break to get more supplies in town. They made a pack to tell no one and they kept it. However when they were ready to leave, the whole town followed. “How did you know?”We told no one.” “Your faces showed it!”



·How high on the priority scale was sharing faith in N.T. Times?

·Considering all Christian groups as one, what is that which has become their mindset?

·A beautiful case study:

lActs 1:8

lActs 8:1-4

lActs 11:19-21

lII Tim. 2:2

·Fear is the # 1 reason for not witnessing to others. What things might we fear?

·Is sharing all about speaking? What else then?

lI Peter 3:1-4

lDoes this mean we should not speak?

lI Peter 3:15

·Helpful hints:

lRelate & Create

lRelate to others this way:

lS say something

lA  ask questions

lL listen

lT turn the conversation to the spiritual

lCreate an atmosphere of spiritual seeking:

l“Do you have spiritual beliefs?”

l“To you, who is Jesus?”

l “Is there heaven.... hell?

lWho goes to heaven? To hell?

lWhere are you going?

lWhat do you base that on? 

lMay I share what the Bible says about this topic(whatever it is)


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