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0731 A God to Pharaoh

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Exodus 7:1-5
1. Saved by ark
Noah ark, Moses ark, Ark of God. Saved by God!
Devil did not want Jesus to die on the cross…Cross is your ark!
Saved not just from death but into royal family!
TESTIMONY: Raped at 5; 6 siblings from different home, foster homes, drugs, drinking, mom died being pregnant stabbed 35 times at 14…8 months living in cemetery. Homeless 10 years. Sick, no walking, not speaking. Cried for help. Leaders came, she stayed with them 3 months. Now healed and pastor.
2. Walked away from Egypt
It's not achievement that God was looking for but surrender.
It's possible to have all world offers but no yielding to God, be useless to others, and eternally broke, miserable in earth.
Jesus calls not qualified but qualifies the called. Rich ruler verses disciples!
Myth: Once I achieve a lot then I will serve God.
STORY: German shepherd, God can't use you if you are not consecrated!
BOB LARSON FIRST EXPOSURE TO DEMONS: 1967 Singapore, ritual called Thaipusam - no bleed and pain. Met Raja from India whose dad was helped he came to serve, Hindu goddess Kali, she entered him...consecration activates spiritual world.
HENRY LEE LUCAS - claimed to have murdered 600 people. Committed to satan. Murdered mom, wife. Protected from police.
Commitment for 30 years gives you house...Hannah promised a child, Jacob promised to give 10th, Amie McPherson
3. Called to set the people free
Care about what really matters. Lester Samral story, blood on your hands!
Other cares hurt you, this care fuels you!
Winning spiritual war for people's souls in prayer!
I am Lord, making you a god!
Pharaoh did not obey, Israel did not listen, Moses is discouraged!
Instead of giving miracles and speeding the process.
Holy Spirit reveals position Moses has in sbpiritual world
Humble yourself to believe what God says about you
God of Pharaoh...
Then came plagues that crushed gods of Egypt....
Authority must be realized, only then authority be subdued!
Pharaoh will yield to higher power, beg, and drive you out!
King of kings ---
Jack Canfield - money is evil. I am Rockefeller? Life is difficult. 8k a year, mentor said u need to make 100k a year. 4 weeks, nothing - but then idea comes, 400k copies sold...national inquirer interviewed him, he made 92k a year. Next year his publisher wrote him a million dollar check
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