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0684 Favor Ain't Fair

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In this world there is fairness, unfairness and favor!
Two people can be in same situation, one person is experiencing fairness and another unfairness: Jesus and Criminal // Joshua and Samson
- when you are in unfair situation, ask I am in the will of God or running from will of God?
- when you are in unfair situation, is it satan attacking or sin destroying?
- water and alcohol look awhile but they are different
- it's either test or reward; it's either harvest or attack
Two people, can experience same thing, for one person it's fair for another it's a favor: Hagar and Sarah
- What comes naturally for one may only come supernaturally for others (sleep)
- What comes supernaturally for one may come naturally for others (money)
Matthew 20:1-2, 6-7, 13-16
1. People who fight for fairness rarely experience favor (FAITHFULNESS)
Input determines output. Harvest you reap more than what you sow
Work is not your ceiling but your floor. Faith determines ceiling
Natural realm is work; spiritual realm is faith
STORY: throwing away big fish, frying pan was small
Can your dream be accomplished without God? Is God unnecessary?
Nazareth, Jesus could not do MIGHTY WORKS? He was restricted - limited by faith
You are more likely to disappointed by you then by God
Peter fished all night and caught nothing, Jesus told him and caught much
Faith feeds on facts that it's possible. Testimonies inspire or intimidate
Feed with brothers who get hired, not with guys who fired!
2. People who experience favor usually overcome plenty of unpleasant experiences (FAVOR)
Shake off your disappointment don't be imprisoned by it (Mule)
Jesus said shake off dirt from one city - take your peace with you, leave their dirt with them
They did not get paid for working but for waiting also. Blessed for seeking!
To overcome don't be offended at God, worship Him
- Same water that destroyed world to elevate you
- Same fire that killed strongest man can burn your robes
- Brothers wanted to kill your dreams, they became instruments of accomplishing them
- Arrow being pulled back to be released
- Israel received favor after experiencing unfairness
To overcome don't let feelings ruin your favor, rule them
When you let your feelings rule your life they will ruin your favor
To overcome don't be discouraged by seeming delay
Promise has process. Timing is very challenging for many!
God is no imprisoned by time.
God can let your kids help you use up blessing!
Have fire for delay
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