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0681 Soak N Squeeze

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2 Kings 4:4
Serve church, fear God but had problems. Fear God and serve His cause!
What you don't deal with, does not disappear
She goes to prophet, not welfare, billionaire
If problem is bigger than anointing, go to person who has anointing bigger then your problem
Anointing works with what you have. (God and creation; Jesus and bread; new wife - Muntyan)
1. Make an effort to have a miracle in your mind
Oil did not flow on accident and automatically - she played her role
"Opportunity are missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work" Thomas Edison
Every problem is mind problem. Every solution starts with miracle in mind
If you want miracle in mind:
- have empty vessel attitude (be childlike - grown down, student)
- what what you pour into your head (eyes and ears)
God can't change your mind without your permission and submission to his word
2. Work out what God has worked in! (Philippians 2:12)
Salvation and success secret: righteousness is gift and work!
Only time success comes before work is in dictionary
- Deliverance - if you don't work it, it would not work; temptation did not go away.
- Revival - they work with what they have, we at times, pray for more
- Worship songs - wrote but never sing them
Soak N Squeeze
1. When cloth is dry, bucket is empty (Romans 12:2)
2. If you soak but don't squeeze you will get dried (Matthew 7:24)
3. When you squeeze you are ready for more soaking (Matthew 13:12; Matthew 25)
Why should God reveal His specific will when His general will does not concern you
If you did not do anything with what He gave you, why should you ask for more
4. Success is soak your mind with revelation and squeeze your life with application
It's not only putting head in book but also putting hands to the plow (Gideon)
Grave is richest place. Potential unrealized
If you don't work, you should not eat!
1. What is your need? Dream?
2. What are you soaking your mind into?
3. Are you squeezing or just letting get dried up?
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