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0650 The Profits of Prayer

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Alemu Dhaba [Seattle WA] - Very Fine, Happy, Normal Diabetes, Sleep Good
Came on behalf of nephew in Germany, everything is very well now!!!
Marilyn Roach [Massasets] - Sinus problem, constant coughing, mucus, allergies, and runny nose is GONE!
Roman Arir
Traveling to ministerial
Smith wiggles worth prayed
How to pray but we must ask why we should
Jesus continues to pray until now - as our interferes sour
Don't be impressed with of your love for Jesus, depressed with lack for your love but be blessed by deep love Jesus has for you!
Prayer does not bring presence, it makes you aware of it
Matthew 6:6
1. God rewards publicly what's done privately (Achan and Rahab)
Lence Armstrong, Tiger Woods, CIA Director David affair with his authobiagler, secret service scandal in Colombia, Cali governed got child with maid
2. Prayer is seeking God so that things can seek you
God was seeking you your response is seeking you
Seeking is more than just asking {petition, asking, knocking}
When we don't seek we seek things that could seek us
STORY: Farmer
3. Prayer makes a way for evangelism
John G Lake - 16 kids, brother invalid, sister dying of blood issue, another had cancer and others died...he was sick and his wife got sick---at Alexander Dowie, all got healed...his wife got healed, at 9:30am...
Left for Africa got 2k in mail after 4 days, needed 100 for ship, stranger gave him, lady met them on beach gave me house
Prayed for sick, for animals, people sating over at his house, started 100 churches in a year...queen of holland who had 6 miscarriages asked him to pay and said did and she had a child, he out deadly germs on his hands and it would die
When he left 625 churches, 1,250 preachers and 100k souls saved = 5 years
After 100k healing better beure business came to investigate, and they followed up on healings and were amazed - 5 years, Mayoer had special service to honor him
4. Prayer creates an atmosphere for dreams to flourish and bad things to die
Python is demon that kills by squeezing its victim (two boys in Canada)
Snake eggs can't hatch without consistent tempeture...
Atmosphere is why bananas can't grow in Alaska but in Jamacai
Every sin begins with a thought - The greatest battle for your soul is not the war going on between angels and demons; it is the war going on between your ears.
Are you thermostat, or thermometer?
Biggest problem with not praying is it unemploys angels
5. Prayer is to pull down strongholds....THOUGHTS POWER OF GOD
STORY: Bear lived in 12 foot cage…bear walked back and forth / mental not physical
1886 Walter George - 4 minutes 12 seconds
1923 - 36 years to shave off 2 seconds Pablo (31 years)
Two men lived in England, both diagnosed in the same hospital - disease says that they would never walk again….one men accepted, another man did not accept…said I not only walk but also run. After many tr
Iffley Road Track - Oxford England, May 6, 1954
Roger Bannister broke 4 minutes…for first time in human history
3.59 seconds
next 4 years….25 runners broke 4 minute mile
1999 - man broke that record, 3.43 seconds…
Roger was examined - that he had a disease
The other man did not have it, "I am so sorry, you were misdiagnosed"
USA Today has posted this story from a local news station in Missouri, and it’s pretty crazy. Here’s what happened: After rescuers had trouble getting a badly injured driver out of a car at the scene of a horrific accident, she asked them if they could pray together. That’s when, suddenly, an older man wearing clothes like a priest appeared, and prayed with her, anointing her with oil. He then ensured her that a new team of rescuers with the proper equipment was on the way, and that she would be rescued. Here’s where things get strange. When the rescuers and victim turned around, the man was gone. He appears in none of the nearly 70 pictures taken at the scene and at the time he arrived, the street was blocked off for two miles. The victim’s mother told reporters, "I do believe he certainly could have been an angel dressed in priest's attire because the Bible tells us there are angels among us” …
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