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0649 Get Your Ax Back

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2 Kings 6:1-17
Prayer has been stolen and lost!
June 25, 1962 – prayer out of the public schools
“Almighty God, we acknowledge our dependence on You and we beg Your mercy on us, our parents, our teachers and out nation.”
January 22, 1973 – a decree to murder babies in the womb. 4k a day!
People who came out of the closet changed the world!
You have a closet, is it sin there or prayer? {Achan and Rahab}
Disciples spend 10 days in prayer and 10 minute sermon.
Jesus said Pray to the Lord of the Harvest. Become answer to your prayer
The depth of your relationship was good for middle school but not for this stage!
Branches grow, roots shrink [PICTURE]
Responsibility is bigger than relationship
"Take care depth of relationship, I will take care breath of ministry"
It's not about long, loud but deep...bold and big prayers.
Prayer first of all changes you before it changes yours (tomb or temple)
Ballon is big but full of nothing, explodes. Fearful of needles
Bored, busy and blessed. Job makes you busy, Jesus makes you blessed!
What material is your life build with? Gold, silver, previous stones or wood, hay and straw? Some are big, on ground, cheap, can't stand fire (1 Corinthians)
We don't pray because of pride, not busyness!
Everything in the world is Lust, Pride, Greed [Adam and Jesus got tempted with these]
Jesus gives us cure for them in Matthew 6 {giving, prayer, fasting}
Treat your time as you do your money! Treat prayer as tithing!
Sinning man will stop praying. Praying man will stop sinning!
Private life effects public. Public affects private!
When you start praying, you will stop sinning. You stop praying, start sinning!
God rewards what's not in privacy, not publicity
Satan attacks prayer because prayer attacks satan! [Daniel]
Jesus prays for you but can't pray instead of you!
Daniel fought in prayer. Jacob wrestled. Peter slept
How to get your AXHEAD back?
You can live without ax head but we can't build anything without it
You can lose your ax head
Where did you lose it?
Remember where you fell. Repent and do first works!
Ax head is dull, you got comfortable; walk with God, start to run after Him
You are spending time, start seeking Him!
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