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0642 Dividents of Devotion

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Until we experience God there would be dissatisfaction in one’s life.
There are consequences of not knowing God, there are benefits of knowing Him.
This is Eternal Life = know God. I count all things are rubbish.
Everyone has relationship with God...what kind of relationship is the question?
Relationship not just when you are with God but when God is with you!
John 15:8
1. Relationship with God equips me to deal with spiritual world.
Prayer is not for miracles but relationship.
Big miracles required command not fasting…DEEPEN RELATIONSHIP…
Promise land was conquered not by begging but fighting
Talking to God about it - gets Him angry…even though it gets results...
Israel had what they fought for, not what's promised!
House has window & door. (Window to see whats behind, door is to get there)
Windows may have blinds, and they must be opened.
Doors is so that we have authority in the realm the Bible reveals to us.
Catholic priest praying for people.
Bible is not to look at but look through. If door is closed, KNOCK.
84% died not wearing life need light in the dark...
>>Permissive will of God and perfect will of God (Rom.12:2) Permissive - God let Adam sin, Jesus let Judas betray Him, Father let son go, Sickness killed Lazarus...
2. Relationship with God prepares me for eternal world
Don't rejoice that demons know you, heaven knows you
(knowing Someone on the inside - I don’t know you)
You will die. Eternity is not there, but here. Death did not warn my grandpa. “It’s not about the work that we do but relationship we maintain.” People go to heaven based on who they know, not on what they did (Criminal)
Salvation is new birth...marriage...body...not ticket
Three stages of life: womb, earth and eternity. EYES HAVE NOT SEEN!
Is there life after death? Is it better than the womb? Crying! No body returns.
Without God your best life is now...or ahead of you. Without God your worse is behind.
3. Relationship with God changes my inner world
Fruit comes naturally if she abides.
Follow Me - I will make you. Disciples did not work on their character - on relationship
They put all the effort to work on relationship, not their character
They forsook things not to be better people but better followers
We are not called to lead our lives well but to follow well
When you follow Him, you stay in His shadow
Relationships change people, not classes...who made difference teacher or friends?
Teacher imparts knowledge, Jesus imparted life; Teachers shares little, Jesus shared Himself... LOVE IS FRUIT, NOT WORK!!!! Sacrifices made to be closer not holier!!!! Anointing will deliver but relationship will alter character....
Chicken - know the truth
4. Relationship with God blesses my external world
Bored - richest place, disobedience, Joseph, Invitation, WITHOUT GOD
Busy - Martha, stressed, looks like blessed, alcohol vs water, FOR GOD
Blessed - career makes you busy, Jesus makes you blessed
God blessed Adam. God blessed Noah. God blessed Abraham. God blessed Isaac. God blessed Ishmael. Jesus blessed disciples. God blessed Joseph.
Jesus blessed BREAD and it multiplied. Jesus cursed TREE and it withered.
Blessing is on JESUS like Internet - than you connect with IPad
Without Jesus you can have calculator but not internet
Closer to Jesus the better signal and no passport (Lot)
Busy work hard, Blessed grace is working hard...engine or muscles... Lord was with Joseph....
Prayer Points
1. I dedicate myself to relationship Christ.
I remove every hindrance to my relationship with God in Jesus Name.
3. I welcome every blessing that comes from knowing God.
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