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0636 I Am Resurrection

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John 11:25 “Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live.”
Seven “I AM” “Bread of Life” “Light of the World” “Gate” “Good Shepherd” “Way, Truth and Life” “True Vine” “Resurrection”
1. Friday. Ruin. Sin
God did not bring the ruin, sin did God uses our ruins for His glory. Death, sickness, past sin, handicap Stop blaming God for what Satan is guilty of. Worthy? Guilty? Innocent? “Why do bad things happen to good people? It only happened once” It’s not fair that you are paying for Adam’s sin? Or it’s not fair that you are reaping the benefits of Jesus’ obedience? Jesus got what you deserve, so that you will get what you did not deserve.
2. Saturday. Rest. Surrender
After ruin, Jesus is laid to rest (going to work), disciples are forced to rest. Rest is not an option, it was a command. It’s not day off, but day of rest. No other day is even given a name. 3 Sins Punished by Death: Adultery. Disobedience to Parents. Breaking Sabbath. Rest makes you holy. Holiness makes you at rest. (Gen.2:3) Before God can resurrect your life, He wants to restore your soul. (Ps.23:3; 3 John 1:2)
3. Sunday. Resurrection.
Resurrection is what Jesus did for others (3) and for Himself. Martha had a doctrine of resurrection, then she met Person, and had event. Resurrection is an event, doctrine, holiday, but it’s a PERSON. If resurrection is doctrine, then it will happen in future, but if it’s person, it can happen now. You must believe in Resurrection as a person before you experience resurrection as an event. Jesus as a friend can help you get through, or as Resurrection raise things. I know Resurrection as a person, I will see the glory of God, I will see my brother rise, I will see my business bloom, I will see my chains broken, I will see my sickness healed, I will see restoration. THE MOST IMPORTANT RESURRECTION IS NOT JESUS’ BUT YOURS!
Why Good Friday?
Friday is the day when He was celebrated became despised, He was innocent was punished like the guilty, He was the lion was slathered like the lamb.
For pharisees it was premeditated murder, though it was predestined sacrifice. They thought they were taking his life, though He was in fact surrendering it.
Death was their goal, yet life was the outcome. God made one day, effect all of eternity. God turned the wounds of one, into healing for many.
God transformed our worst acts of hate into the greatest expression of love.
When we are talking about the resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ, we are talking of the rare opportunity Jesus has given to all believers, to every Christian, every born again to experience a new beginning.
Dry bones. Rise again.
In the place of anxiety, I receive rest.
In the place of doubt, I receive faith.
In the place of failure, I receive success.
In the place of poverty, I receive blessing.
In the place of sickness, I receive health.
In the place of bondage, I receive freedom.
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