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0591 House The Prophet

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House The Prophet IF YOU ARE NOT A PROPHET, FOLLOW ONE - Friend comfortable with past, mentor with future; ignores weaknesses, removes weaknesses; cheerleader, coach; sees what's right, sees what's wrong; celebrate, correct you - If you reached destiny - MENTOR / if you trying to find it - get one Hardest part is not to reach destiny, but to mentor another generation We learn from mistakes or mentors No one is capable of improvement if he sees no other model than himself Mentor or Tormentor: - Coach has relationship; assumes the best; corrects out of love not pride; earned respect; handles privately; loves through disagreement; should be listened too not ignored - Most of us value prophets when they are dead like Saul NOT PROPHET, NOT FOLLOWER, HOUSE HIM Following prophet is not the only way to experience the miracles Prophet is not without honor except in his own house Single, married; widow, wife; Gentile; poor, rich; barred, child; room, meal; faith and doubt; They lived at different times, different women, different prophets, same Anointing Miracle zone where anointing was - finances - during famine - family - having children, raising them up - faith - salvation - future - direction, guidance Mans cruelty can't stop grace of God on your life When man rejects you, God will direct you. Rejection provokes direction Judas did not destroy purpose but actually only fulfilled it Brothers of Joseph did not derail his destiny but pushed him into it Hot water will not kill but only reveal my true colors Fire killed strongest man, God did not remove flame, promotion Finances in the Famine - Provision came from the place which naturally you can expect nothing Ravens are fed by humans, widows supported by prophets (boy not counted) God uses shovel Adam, manna Moses, animals Jesus - What normally eats your food, can bring your food (instagram / 500 days verses 161 years; mortgage / half spend on mortgage / providing by gathering sticks, rent a space to prophet, his God will pay good rent) - Don't trust in your brook but in God Whatever next God will do will not run out, famine dries up your brook Instead of asking why it happened or rebuking the dry brook, lead me to HOUSE Instead of asking for money, ask for ideas Intern for Will Smith, Assistant....Left...Turn the Page...Company bought by Sony... Some need FOOD, others need FRUIT Barren means, it's normal for others, but impossible for me What's difficult for you is not hard for God Sarah to Isaac. Rebecca to Jacob. Rachel to Joseph. Manoah’s wife to Samson. Hannah to Samuel. Elizabeth to John What's natural for others is miracle for you Don't make fun of people for whom its hard what comes easy for you - Hagar did that Hagar don't forget that you are slave without a husband If you can't give ROOM, don't withhold a meal Don't under estimate the big difference small things make if you are too big for serving you are too small for leading Small stone killed Goliath. Small foxes spoil the vine. Faith as mustard seed moves  mountains. Don't despise small beginnings Great things come in small packages Jesus was born small, and so were you.... SCOTTLAND - "if lad is anything like his father he will no doubt grow to be a man we both be proud of" Graduated from St Mary's Hospital Medical in London. Sir Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin, son was struck with pneumonia (nemonia). Nobleman was Lord Radolph Churchill. Sons name Sir Winston Churchill
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