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0581 Directions to Destiny

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Directions to Destiny IF YOU ARE TOO BIG FOR SHEEP, YOU ARE TOO SMALL FOR THRONE David was not looking for his destiny, destiny found him Shepherding is spiritual because it's obedience to parents It's not reading and praying but obeying that counts Simple obedience is highest spirituality CHARACTER IS DEVELOPED AT HOME NOT AT ALTAR CALL After anointing David joined sheep, not Samuel. Jesus went with PARENTS Character is not build at college, but at home Character is build when your will is broken. Obey cheesy instructions Broken flask releases aroma....broken bread multiples Reputation is who you suppose to be; character is who you are. Reputation is the photo; character is the face. Reputation is made in a moment; character is built in a lifetime. Reputation makes you rich or poor; character makes you happy or miserable THIS WOULD NOT KILL ME BUT REVEAL HIM Only thing is LUST, we fight with it.... Don't fear hot water, it reveals you, not kills you. Boiling water kills, not me KNIFE My sickness is not like others////I'm on cross cause I sinned but cause of will of God I'm not poor cause of curse but cause I'm loyal /// endure hardship GOD ANOINTED YOU TO WIN BATTLES NOT ARGUMENTS Not every battle is worth fighting. Fool is wise if he shuts up When you don't fight giants, you end up fighting brothers Jesus was silent not because He had nothing to say Winning an argument and losing peace You can't beat skunk anytime but smell is not worth the fight REMEMBER WHAT GOD HAS DONE INSTEAD OF WHAT YOU HAVE NOT Faithfulness or faults ? Don't throw your seeds....each miracle is seed for next one When you walk through lowest valleys, pick up stones, set them up IF HE CAN'T MAKE YOU FOCUSED ON HOW BIG HE IS, HE WILL MAKE YOU FOCUSED ON HOW SMALL YOU ARE - don't look back or you be pillar not people - don't look around or you will sink - don't look at yourself When you are aware of your nakedness, you been eating from wrong tree Calling gross what God called good!!!! Fig leaves don't remove problem!!!! I'm anointed to be David not Saul Grow in your grace, instead of competing in the race Being you does not mean you will be popular, or first It's better to be rejected for you are than accepted for you are not Destroy insecurity not David. David is not your problem Being you means not being popular, means being second Comparing is unwise Work on your grass don't spit on it (Rachel and Leah; Abel and Cain; David and Saul)
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