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0578 Thief in the Night

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THIEF IN THE NIGHT John 10:10 1. SIN OF STEALING Everyday, 22k theft crimes are reported. 7 million a year = 5 billion Robbery is when force is used / 500k = 500 million Burglary is when breaking in / 2 million = 3.5 million Idenity theft - 1 out of 4 will be victim We all steal: FIRE MAID FOR TEALING BATHROOM PAPER Employee theft - stealing from office Property theft - ripping DVD Shop lifting - 1 out 11 -- 23 million -- 25kids, 75adult 5% of what spend will cover losses through stealing It's the 8th commandment. comes from heart. Defiles us. Do not enter kingdom Judas was disciple yet thief. Stealing ➡ Killing ➡ Destruction Future of thief is already determined: you get hanged, or you hang yourself One thief found salvation, but another found it avoiding the cross Achan stole what was Gods. Achan was destroyed. First is not yours Tithe is not way of raising money but raising children Short man - don't till you are on cross to seek forgiveness Judas restitution is not forgiveness. Regret is not forgiveness 2. SPIRIT OF STEALING - deal with spirit not sin Lust:computer or demon/ poverty: money or curse/ cancer: sickness or curse It's habit, you don't plan for it. It's who you are not what you do You get lucky, Satan is setting you up for big disappointment You can't quit When it's a sin-repent; when it's a spirit-deliverance Fast on flesh. Word on Satan. Weapons: Word of God, Name of Jesus, Blood of Jesus, Anointing 3. SATAN, THE THIEF There is difference between losing & stealing Deliverance can't fix character flaw To find lost keys, remember where you left them Some sheep are lost, others are stolen It's not lost, it's stolen Stealing is not something he does, it's who he is He can't visit you without something missing You can't have thief around without something disappearing Night helps thief Carelessness helps thief (Alert around thief) Security is needed for valuables. Doors locked
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