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0576 It's An Issue, Not Your Identity

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Faith That Deals With Issues Mark 5:35 Whatever Satan can do, sin can do! Whatever faith can do, God can do Satan can do nothing without sin, God can do nothing without faith Faith acts now. Faith sees invisible. We are household of faith. Hide faith. Let go of sin. Faith is not blind. Faith moves mountains. Fear creates them God speaks faith 1. Issue became your identity Faith separates you from your issue. Weakness but not weak Faith changes your position, then your condition Daughter not woman; faith, not issue Crippled man position was changed ---- it opcovered his condition Sicknesses does not make you SICK....your still healthy..... Doctor does not put health, he removes sicknesses Your not sick, trying to get well but well trying to get over sickness ///faith comes by hearing Hearing will increase or decrease your faith Healing about Jesus, not just healing Please tell me about Jesus....not your drama, not your issues ////faith grows confession She said to her self, but God heard her Don't let your situation dictate your confession Confessing is drawing you closer or further from Jesus Your life will follow in the direction of your confession ///faith touches His garment if it can't reach His hand Clothes - can transfer power. Cover not reveal. Modest. Beautiful. Insecure. She stops bleeding. He started --/God can use any medium....not Jesus but his clothes --/Not everyone who touches Him gets changed. Casual vs faith --/Being close to Jesus does not mean you got faith. Physically seeing Him, did not help  their faith. If Bible can't help your faith, NOTHING WILL ///faith connects you with power to deal worth issue Money does not fix everything. People can't do it either. Time either. People don't satisfy but magnify Jesus promised to weak, uneducated, persecuted believers  - got power 2. Having issues, she had to have FAITH, touch Jesus Having daughter with issue, he had to have FAITH, for Jesus to touch Bail other people out with your faith ---- Currency is faith Faith on their behalf will not save them but bring Jesus to them Faith will remove veil - We believe what we behold We become what we behold
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