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0538 Tent Peg

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Judges 4:11, 15-22
God routed the ENEMY with the EDGE of the SWORD…God’s WORD will mess the enemy God takes side of anyone who takes side of His word
ENEMY fled away on the FOOT…Enemy is defeated and he has to run away, FLEE Barak PURSUED the ENEMY….God’s People MUST resist Run from sin, not run from Satan This is the picture of life for believer
If your FAMILY has a PEACE with ENEMY, ENEMY will knock on YOUR DOOR
If you LET the ENEMY IN, and COVERED HIM, GAVE HIM DRINK, YOU CAN STILL KILL HIM She hid him but unlike Judas She hid him but unlike Achan She hid him but unlike servant of Elisha She hid him but unlike Ananais She hid him but not with the INTENT to keep him!
WEAPONS OF OUR WARFARE ARE NOT CARNAL but it’s TENT PAG & HAMMER – JESUS NAME & FIRE OF HOLY SPIRIT Tent Pag is to hold tent secure but she discovered that it’s also a powerful weapon! Hammer drives the PAG into the GROUND….Holy Spirit backs up the NAME OF JESUS!!!! The name of Jesus can be a what supports your TENT, but also it’s a weapon that kills the enemy in the tent A tent peg is a spike, usually with a hook or hole on the top end, typically made from wood, metal, plastic, or composite material, pushed or driven into the ground for holding a tent to the ground, either directly by attaching to the tent's material, or by connecting to ropes attached to the tent PEG DRIVEN INTO GROUND FOR HOLDING A TENT TO THE GROUND Name of the Lord is STRONG TOWER PROV.18:10 // We are saved by the NAME OF JESUS Acts 2:21 Peter saw this name as WEAPON in the HEAD OF SICKNESS Acts 4:10 DEMONS are subject to us in YOUR name Luke 10:17
Many years ago, when Po Pot ( don't know the correct spelling of his name ) was the wicked communist leader of Cambodia, he began to execute everybody, in Cambodia, that were educated, had money, and/or were Christians. Most of the educated, wealthy, and Christians had fled into the jungles and began living with the tribes people that were already in the jungles.
Po Pot, then ordered his army to go out into the villages and kill everybody that they found. Not just the rich, or educated, or Christians -- he ordered everybody, that was found in the villages, to be executed. The evil soldiers went forth into the jungles and came to a village and began to round up, at gun point, everybody in the village. The soldiers dug a wide and deep pit, in the middle of the village, and then at gun point ordered everybody men, woman, and children to stand at the edge of the pit. Then a soldier with a hand gun, began to walk behind each villager and shoot them in the back of the head; and then each one, as they were shot dead, would fall forward into the pit.
Then, after shooting several people, as the soldier came to a woman and placed his gun on the back of her head, the little lady shouted aloud--- " OH GOD !!! THE GOD WHO DIED BY EXECUTION !!! SAVE ME !!! " Suddenly the soldier lifted his gun off of the little lady's head, put his gun in his holster, and ordered all of the other soldiers back into their vehicles and off they drove, down the road, and never to be seen by these villagers again! Those left standing, at the pit, behind the little lady, who would have been killed next, just stood there in silence looking at the little lady who had just called on the -- " The God who died by execution ".
She had never heard the name of JESUS. She only heard, one time in her life, that somewhere there was a God, who was the real and true God.....AND HE DIED BY EXECUTION.....
These villagers served thousands of gods, and they had never heard of JESUS, except the little bit that this little lady had heard, and she did not know His name.....ONLY that He was --- "The God who died by execution ". Every one of those villagers, left standing at the edge of the pit, then got down on their knees and each and every one called on--- " The God who died by execution ". Well, back up off their knees, they all began to gather up all of their gods and they destroyed them. Their Testimony became --- " We only serve The God who died by execution " ---they still did not know His Name or any more about Him. All that they knew about Him was --- "The God who died by execution " --- and that He had saved all of them from certain execution!
Fourteen years then came and went; and one day a Missionary shows up at this very same village. He gathers all of the villagers into the center of the village and preaches to them a very short and simple message about---JESUS! When, the Missionary got to the place where he told them about --- JESUS DYING ON THE CROSS --- every last one of the villagers fell to the ground WEEPING, SHOUTING, AND CALLING OUT THE NAME OF--- JESUS !!! With tears, gushing from their eyes, they shouted aloud----"Oh God who died by execution !!! Now we know Your NAME !!!
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