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0526 The Well of Water

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The Well of Water
Water from under earth, from the sky – devotions verses gatherings Water Jesus washed disciples feet – when we read the Word, Holy Spirit washes our heart Water Jesus walked on – walking in Holy Spirit is walking in supernatural Water we are baptized in – baptism in water & fire Water flowed out of the rock when Moses hit the rock – salvation flowed from beaten Christ the Rock Water was healed after wood was thrown into it – our life can be healed after blood-cross gets into it. Bitter or better Water destroyed the old world but created the new - God wants to destroy the old, and create a new Water saved Israel but destroyed Egypt – any enemy God is interested in drowning and you saving Water cleansed Naaman – there is cleansing power in the fire & blood of Jesus It quenches our thirst, flows, not stays, satisfies, lasts, not evaporates Dehydration prolonged activity without consuming water in hot environment. About 75% of body’s weight is water
Genesis 26:15, 18
Church is supposed to be a well, not a pool Church has become optional, polluted waters, something for your whole family. You can’t drink it. It’s not enough Swimming gets you in spiritual shape. Spiritual giants.
We are not looking for a bottle but for a well Moses was a well, Elijah had & Elisha had a well. Jesus had a well. Disciples had a well 9 Years Barren. Tubes blocked, touched the screen, 5 days vomit, now has child Twins. Man left. You rebelled. No operation You have thought about accident. Remove that thought, remove accidents Property dispose it. It will double in price. Drums & guitar Kids kidnapped. Barren, root is disowning child. You’re dating two girls, light in complexion is the one. You Received a call…you can’t choose a wife so they chosed it for you A well for the city, community, and a nation….not just your family….house of prayer for ALL nations….
Wells were places where you can meet. Isaac. Moses. Jacob. Jesus. Church
God creates water, we dig a well. God will meet your needs but is not obligated to fulfill your potential
For Hagar (Gen.21), God digged that well, for Isaac, he had to do it himself Previous generation had a well, Isaac had to redig that well
Enemy stops wells; it’s a sure way to kill population & livestock with starvation Dirt kills a well Wells are covered with stone so that dirt will not polluted or kill it. Stones cover graves so that smell will not get out
If a well is dry, it becomes a prison. Joseph & Jeremiah – stagnation – limitation
Cover your life with the blood of Jesus Deeper your relationship with Holy Spirit Ask for gifts of Holy Spirit Your fight is not with poverty or limitation or stagnation but being behind that…don’t fight shadow, fight spirit
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