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0518 Boast About Jesus

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1 Corinthians 1:26-31
Without Christ you are NOT WISE, NOT MIGHTY, NOT NOBLE, FOOLISH, WEAK, & BASE You can’t boast in God’s presence God called you into His presence
You are in Christ now. Jesus became for us 1. WISDOM from GOD – I have access to wisdom of God 5 Wise Virgins & 5 Foolish Virgins. Morality needs Wisdom. Wisdom is carry extra oil with you Wise man build house on the rock. It’s wise to build your house on Rock, even Jesus is building His Wise man came to see Jesus. Wisdom brings us to Jesus Be wise as serpents. Jesus will give us wisdom no man can resist Luke 21:15 Joseph: Faith kept him through trials. Wisdom unlocked his destiny. Wisdom above advisors of Egypt Henry Ford asked Charlie Steinmetz to build generators for his company. For tinkering with generators is 10 bucks. For knowing where to tinker 9,990 bucks.
2. RIGHTEOUSNESS – I have righteousness of Christ My sin was not forgiven, it was paid for. My sin was not ignored, it was punished for. Jacob was not qualified for blessing, not because of his deeds but because of his birth Jacob stole his brothers garment, his older brother didn’t give it to him. Jesus gave us His righteousness God is not old with bad eyes but when He sees blood, He will pass the curse & bless us. You can get blessed today, because you are righteous in Jesus. We are righteous positionally, not conditionally. Right standing, not right doing. Jacob had someone lie to him about garment because of that garment. Jesus is going to speak on our behalf in heaven.
3. SANTIFICATION – I have power to become different Regeneration is nature. Righteousness is standing. Adoption is position. Sanctification is conduct. Righteousness is for, Sanctification is in us! We do right because we are righteous. It’s process. Leave & Cleave. Die with Christ, to be raised with Christ. Separated from Devil to be more Dedicated to God 4. REDEMPTION – I was bought with price, I belong to God I don’t belong to sickness or curse or death or sin. I was bought. Redeemed with not gold but blood. Toyota dealers can’t drive my Camry. It’s mine! My Redeemer lives. From gutter to glory, from rags to redemption, from turmoil to truimpth Sin is not my master. Satan is not my owner. Past I don’t belong to it STORY of black lady being freed by white man.
He who boasts let Him boast in the Lord 1 Cor.1:26-31 All my esteem comes from being in the Lord
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