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0502 Pain Before Pleasure

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Purity is being without mixture. Being dry boat in the middle of wet world. Going into without it going into us When you cease to be pure you don’t only not reach your harbor but reach your bottom Purity is not about how you act but who you are Purity is who you are after the temptation, not before Purity brings God’s invisible influence upon your life – blessing In every chair is three people – who you are, one who you could be, one you would be If we refuse purity, we wouldn’t be like everyone else – we will disciplined because we are children
We seek purity not to be beautiful china but to be filled and poured out Dirty plates need to be washed not thrown away Purity is to please Jesus not to be burned Purity is about not how far but how close you are to your destination Purity is not being parked but it’s pursuit after Jesus. When we stop following, we start disobeying
Hebrews 11:25-26; Psalm 16:11
Sin is pleasure before pain. Purity is pain before pleasure Blood is only the cover for blade. You can’t lick this blood without cutting your tongue. You can’t eat of the fruit without getting ricked out
Purity is investing, sin is credit card. Credit card is NOW. Interest eats our money or we make money on interest. What you want little of? What do you want interest on? (CREDIT CARD) If we would want a lot of pleasure, we wouldn’t settle for sin. Moses wasn’t against pleasure, it wasn’t enough
Satan uses pleasure to hook you on pain, God uses pain to hook you on pleasure BAIT and HOOK You have to overcome pain of discomfort of exercise before you can enjoy the pleasure of health You have overcome distractions in prayer before you can enjoy the presence of God You have to endure the pain of death before you can endure the pleasure of paradise-heaven
In purity you choose the pain, with sin, it’s forced on you Religion is about rules, relationship is all about love. God knows the depths of my heart and loves me the same…love is experience not information…it touches the heart not just brains God gave love and expects love in return…if you love Me, you will obey Me, it doesn’t say, if you obey Me I will love you God loved you after he knew you as sinner…paid the price for my mess, seeks me today…
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