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0487 Dancing Around The Cow

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Exodus 32:1-6; 19-25
Aaron was temporary leader. Jesus is the pastor, builder of the church not you Jesus builds the Church, you are the building not builder Leaders biggest temptation is intimidation - pleasing people 1 Kings 12:25 Jeroboam. God called you not people! God put you there, trust Him to keep you there Please one, you’ll serve many. Please many, you’ll serve none. When you please people, you serve insecurity & fear Leaders follow Christ not sheep. Do you love me more than these? John 21:15-19 Build ministry out of things of underground not off the ground
People run wild when entertainment instead of Holy Spirit is the center of ministry People sit in churches begging for fun, let’s give them vision and they will stop sitting. Want and need! Leaders unable people to live in sin – or walk in holiness. King served God, people served God If want to see how holy you are, look at your people People are craving a courageous leader, not talented one, they will follow Him, God will approve of Him
They were having fun, God was furious They were having great time, but horrible lives Pain was numbed by not cured No one in their right mind comes to WinCo for card rising. No one invites. Bread on the shelves The goal is not to finish on time but to get the job done – war, u finish when you win! When did you have service for long because of God? Prune your services from suckers of Anointing! Ministries where people serve without mike!
Give them party or take them to promise land One had fear of man, another fear of God; one had wrath of God, another had victory of God Never hold people who want to go. NEVER! Jesus didn’t stop the crowd, nor young men! Fell in sin, offended! Put your hands in the stream, and your head in the river. Stream is your occupation, River is Holy Spirit God will work with minority…majority is into the party…minority is into the battle Blow the trumpet – prayer and preaching Broken vessels – brokenness builds youth ministry, unbrokenness breaks it…submission to authority is a must…fight with pastor not against him…youth will not honor you, if you don’t honor your pastor Hold fire – not fun….no sword, no weapons just fire…and God does His work Balance famine with plenty. Feed yourself Delegation – the more control you got the smaller it will be Financial integrity Relational purity
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