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0483 Christmas - Follow the Star

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Follow the Star
Christmas is SUPERNATUAL Angel in the temple. Elderly couple. Angel to Mary. Dream and angel to Joseph. Supernatural birth. Shepherds were notified by choir of angels. Wise man saw something in heaven. Dream warning. Joseph warned again. GOD SPOKE TO PEOPLE WHO WERE CONNECTED TO CHRIST….GOD LED PEOPLE OUT OF DANGER BY SUPERNATURAL WAYS
Matthew 2:9-12
Bible is like that STAR. Full of light. Heavenly – Inspired by God. Serves the purpose.
Star led them to INFORMATION. Jericho Walls – ILLUSTRATION Knowing about Him. Herod protending he wanted to know more. Herod Hypocrite. Religion is place of people who have information….Wise man didn’t stop there….Pharisees memorized it, Wise men wanted to follow it till they meet that man… Purpose is not to know the BIBLE, is to know JESUS. They knew Scripture but were not interested in finding JESUS.
Main purpose of the Bible is not to reveal PRINCIPLES but PERSON Star didn’t lead them to SUCCESS but to PERSON OT – Jesus concealed, NT – Jesus revealed. Jesus is shadow and reality! Bible is like instructions manuel for life – but not really….it’s MORE than that….Manuel about that project, BIBLE is about everything….
Star wasn’t moving, it stood there, they were moving. The closer they got to the Bible, the closer they got to JESUS. You can’t get to know Jesus apart of Bible. But possible to know Bible apart of Jesus. Pharisees killed the Author whose writings they memorized. Purpose of the Bible is so that we meet God and fall in love with GOD….9000 TEXTS – I loved LANA not texting. TEXTING revealed to me her world….Word of God reveals the World of God….31,173 texts…
When you meet Jesus your life will not be the same. Jacob limped, Moses face shown, 3 boys were not burned…Zachaeas was converted – PASTOR FROM UKRAINE!!!!!
When we put Christ in us, God puts Light Over US. When Star is over the house, Christ is inside…..
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