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0448 Temptation of Jesus

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Temptation of Jesus
Matthew 4:1-11
Moses, law giver fasted 40 days. Elijah, chief prophet fasted 40 days. Jesus, Son of God fasted 40 days – be with God
Adam and Jesus: nice garden – dry wilderness; at his best – at his not best; Adam, king – Jesus, king; Adam lost – Jesus won; Adam, brought death – Jesus brought life to us David and Jesus: both came from Bethlehem; both anointed by God; both persecuted, exiled before crowned; Goliath dared Israel for 40 days, Satan tempted Jesus for 40 days; David used one stone out of 5 to attack, Jesus used 1 book (Deut) from 5 books of Moses to attack the devil; David cut off Goliaths head with sword, Jesus overcame his with Sword of the Spirit
TEMPATION 1 At the end of God’s revelation, Satan puts question mark, turn it to exclamation mark Don’t break the revelation from God when you’re questioned by Satan, or tempted. Example of Moses and Eve
“I’m a son because of birth not performance” – Proof is birth and God’s witness Stones symbol of the law – make life out of the law. Law wouldn’t feed you
Slaves were tempted to complain, He was tempted to command We don’t complain about our problems – we are not slaves; we command our problems as directed by Jesus P.S. lawful need with unlawful way. Miracles for others, not Himself
TEMPTATION 2 Tempting God is not trusting God. Tempting God is testing “In all Your ways” God keeps His promise when we keep His ways Satan couldn’t throw Jesus down. Power of choice
Jesus used the Bible when Satan misused it (prosperity, healing, prophecy, Holy Spirit, tongues, giving, Bible, church) Be the real deal if you’re faced with counterfeit (Simon, Magicians in Egypt)
TEMPATION 3 Devil doesn’t keep his promise, God does. He leaves sorrow out of offer of glory Devil is into short cuts. 1st – provision, 2nd – resurrection, 3rd – kingdoms; Satan used Peter to give Jesus short cut
To be tempted is not fall in sin; even Christ was tempted to worship Devil
Resist the devil like Jesus, he will flee. If you don’t resist like Eve, you will flee, and he will stay We run from sin like Joseph, but not from Satan like David with Goliath
As Satan assigns demons to tempt you, God assigns angels to minister to you (both invisible yet real) Angels announce good news, demons bring depression (Egypt & birth of Jesus, Samson, John vs SAUL) Angels warn of danger, demons bring disaster (Lot & Joseph) Angels bring us closer to Jesus, demons drive us away from gospel (Cornelius) Angels deliver, demons enslave (Peter in jail, demon possession) Demons bring sickness (deaf, blind, spirit of infirmity)…angel came to stir waters in Bethesda…
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