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Stages of Maturity Male – Boy – Man – Husband - Father You’re male by birth but man by choice You can’t be a good husband if you’re bad man Jesus was a son of man. David was man after God’s heart
Man take responsibility, boys play blame game (Adam) Man stick with their word, trustworthy (image of God) Man pursue woman not pursued. No means no. Warrior to protect her Man have relationship with Dad. Heavenly Father is perfect. Man have their money under control. Money control them. Prodigal living Man have their hormones under control. Sexuality under control unlike animals
Character Character is what you know about yourself others don’t Reputation is what you suppose to be, character is who you are Reputation is your photo, character is your face Reputation is made up in the moment, character is made in the lifetime Reputation makes you either rich or poor, character is what makes you either happy or miserable Reputation is what man will say on your tombstone, character is what angels will say before God’s throne Reputation is your shadow, character is your tree Gift without character is plane with one wing Your circumstances are as responsible for your character as mirror for your looks – they reveal it Hot water reveals what’s in the tea bag, hot water doesn’t put it there Destiny depends on your character, character on your habits, habits on your actions Character is fruit of the Spirit…it grows with time and with the Holy Spirit Character can’t be created without discipline and repentance
Overcoming Pornography It’s an athlete’s foot, the more you scratch, the more it itches, it doesn’t satisfy but magnifies your epitate If you refuse to guard your eyes the devil will pluck them out (Job, Samson, David) Flee don’t fight (Joseph) Not being productive is dangerous (David and Joseph) Starve what you want to kill, feed what you what live (feed the spirit and starve the flesh) Accountability helps to remove guilt Joseph left the garment…stay away from the cliff..don’t ask if it’s wrong but is it wise Three sources: world – flee, flesh – starve, demons – deliverance Sexuality is not sin. Lust is. Self-control is fruit of the Spirit. There is forgiveness and freedom
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