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0301 Freedom From Slavery

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Slavery was allowed for economical not for racial reasons. One of choice another of chance Israel and blacks was enslaved by race not of choice Jesus came to set the captives free, open the prisons and proclaim the year of the Lord Truth will set you free. Whom the Son sets free is free in deed Sin is slave master, will treat you worse than Pharaoh or white man
2 Cor.3:17; John 8:35
Ears – you can’t hear the voice of God – instead you listen to voice of the stranger. Dumb is someone who has ears but doesn’t hear Eyes – you don’t see the face of God - instead of perspective comes lust of the eyes. Samson’s eyes taken off – no vision no purpose Mouth – you don’t speak to God - instead you complain, lie, gossip, drinking, smoking. Zachariah was mute because of unbelief Hands – you don’t work for God - hands raised against people instead of raised in worship. Criminals hands are bound. No more laying on the sick Feet – you don’t run after God - instead you walk in path of ungodly. You can’t run after God not cause you don’t want to but cause you’re not free
Freedom is not to do what you like but to do what you ought Freedom is not to sin but to run after God What world calls freedom the Word calls slavery “if it’s really freedom then why can’t you stop doing it”
The Spirit of God is in you to bring freedom Commercial: where bugs inside destroy the body
It’s possible to be saved and bound Israel was delivered from Egypt but Egypt wasn’t delivered from them Lazarus was raised from the dead but still was bound by grave clothes Donkey was found but bound with chains
If you don’t allow God’s Spirit to drive out bondage out of your heart then bondage in your heart will drive out the Spirit of God out of your life
Jesus cleansing the temple Jesus was welcomed in the city – Jesus welcomed into your life Jesus went into the temple – Jesus goes into your heart Jesus drove out, overthrown – Jesus in you to drive out things that you’re can’t drive out by yourself Jesus healed the sick – Jesus is in you to heal you of your inner bleedings
Samson delivered by God’s Spirit Samson allowed the enemy to bind him but God’s Spirit delivered him Anointing breaks the yoke Way to freedom is not studying your problem but letting God’s Spirit bring freedom. It’s not by mighty but Spirit God’s Spirit came upon David – he overcame his giant. God’s Spirit came upon Gideon – he overcame his enemy
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