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0292 Tree (Roots - Part I)

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One tree souks in as much carbon in a year as a car produces while circling the globe once. Trees reduce yearly heating and cooling costs by 2.1 billion dollars. Trees lower air temperature by evaporating water in their leaves. Tree cut down noise pollution by acting as sound barriers. Trees provide shelter, shade, paper, and food. Trees are longest (4,600 years – after Noah’s flood), tallest (360 feet – 36 floors) living organism on the earth today. 1/3 of USA is covered by trees. Trees were made by God. Trees were in the beginning and trees will be at the end. Through tree first Adam released sin, second Adam killed sin on the tree. Idols were made of trees. Buildings were made of trees. Trees were used to be set on fire. Wisdom is like a tree where success is the fruit. Phillip was found under the tree – shade. Jesus cursed the fig tree which had leaves but no fruit
Genesis 1:11-12; Psalm 1:3
TREE IS SUSTAINED BY THE GROUND Gold can’t sustain the tree because gold didn’t produce the tree Babies need milk of mom because they came from mom. Babies eating toys but playing with milk Things were meant to be used not worshipped, God was meant to be worshiped not used You are fed by what you worship and love. The greatest commandment is our greatest necessity Love is money is the root of all evil (1 Tim.6:10). Eating of paper is root of sickness and emptiness Trusting in riches (Mark 10:24). Don’t treat God the way you should treating money (dog and spouse)
GROUND WANTS THE ROOT, NOT BRANCHES Ground upholds the tree by having its roots. Ground never leaves the tree What does God wants? God would take anything you would give it to Him Birthday gift revelation - give what they want not what you have. What does God want from child, teenager? Greatest commandment (Matt.22:37). Your greatest commandment is the one you’re scared of breaking the most Heart not income determines life (Prov.4:23). Whoever has your heart has your life Don’t be suspended in the air, immerse yourself in God and watch Him hold your life Don’t major on minors. Modern Pharisee is someone keeps away flies but swallows camels
WATER ASSISTS THE TREE IN PRODUCING Tree soaks up water from the ground. All trees grow slow (Jer.17:8) Water assists the tree in producing green leaves (prosperity) and good fruits (character) Water that revived Ishmael – young man of destiny dying but water resurrected him Quenched the thirst of Israel – Israel on way to promise land received water from the rock Recharged Samson – Samson after great victory received water that recharged him Encouraged Ruth – Ruth while working in the field is strengthen by water in shade Healed Naaman – He send His word and healed them. Just a say a word and my daughter will be healed Pool of Bethesda – Angel stirs up the word that brings great deliverance Saved by water – born of incorruptible seed and saved by hearing the word Cleanses the bride – word of God is shower you need to take daily to wash off worry, fear, guilt, and sin Jesus is that water – Jesus is word made flesh. Whose words are allowing to affect your life woman? If you abide in Me and My word abides you, answer to prayer and fruitfulness (John 15) You will bear fruit in your season. John’s fruit of love. Peter’s fruit of faithfulness. Early days of marriage are sour Your leaves will be green. Whatever you do you will prosper. No excuses for poverty. No apologies for success
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