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0226 Ambassadors Main Duty

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Ambassadors Main Duty
Ambassadors for the Kingdom of God (2Cor.5:20)
Appointed by a king, not voted into position
Appointed to represent the state or kingdom
Committed only to the kingdom’s interests
Totally covered by the kingdom
Is the responsibility of the kingdom
Totally protected by his kingdom
Never becomes a citizen of the state or kingdom to which he is assigned
Has access to his entire nation’s wealth for assignment
Never speaks his person opinion on any issue, only the king’s
His goal is to influence the territory for his kingdom
Roman Empire – The Kingdom Model (Gal.4:4)
Roman Empire was a kingdom not a democracy
Caesar was a king not a president
Roman’s senate was called “ecclesia”
Whoever bore Caesar’s coin image belonged to Caesar
Rome sets up its own governor in countries invaded by their government
Governor is appointed by emperor
Governor ruled with the authority of the emperor
Governor reflected Rome
Roman citizenship was a privilege
The Image of God (Gen.1:26)
Caesar’s image on the coin (Mt.22:15-22)
Whatever had the image of Caesar was the property of Caesar
Your money may belong to Caesar but your heart belongs to God
The worth of the coin is not in its size or color but in its image
Those who belittle others don’t know their own value
The Greatest Ambassador
Speaking with authority on behalf of the King (Mt.7:28-29)
Son can do nothing of Himself (John 5:19; 30; 8:28)
Not only He wouldn’t do/say anything without God but He couldn’t
Dependence of the vine (John 15:1-8)
Vinedresser cuts branches that don’t bear fruit
Vinedresser prunes branches that bear fruit
Vinedresser not the vine is glorified when branches bear much fruit
Ambassador’s Job
“Abide in Me…for without Me you can do nothing” (John 15:4)
Our assignment is to do what we can’t (Mt.10:1-8; Acts 1:8)
How can dirty moon shine?
Ministry that turns into “nothing” (1 Cor.12-15)
No presence equals to no dominion (John 15:6)
Adam had dominion because he lived in the presence
No dominion equals to no presence (John 15:2)
Adam lost presence because he didn’t exercise his dominion over serpent
We need to spend time with our king because:
He is our Father
Our mission is to reflect His kingdom on earth
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